Saturday, September 12, 2015

Not everyone finds it difficult to decide that a woman is misogynist

University of Oregon Professor Calls Female Pro-life Rep a ‘Misogynist Liar' - Cortney O'Brien:

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) is a former nurse and a staunch pro-life advocate. As you can imagine, she is not a fan of Planned Parenthood. She authored the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015, which would place a moratorium on taxpayer funding for the organization for a year until a congressional investigation is complete. On Friday, House leadership announced they would bring the bill up for a vote next week.\...University of Oregon Professor David Fowler was not impressed with Black’s pro-life agenda. In a personal attack against the legislator on Twitter, he posted the following hateful message:
@obrienc2 @RepDianeBlack You are a twisted, sickening misogynist liar. You should be ashamed of yourself and the harm you do to women Diane

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rogue Gun!

Boulder deputy shoots self during handgun training:
(September 10, 2015)
BOULDER - A deputy with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office was injured while participating in the department's handgun training Thursday morning. The deputy was on the firing line at 9:40 a.m., when he drew his weapon and shot at a target. When he was holstering his weapon and turning to the range training deputy, he said he shot himself in the leg.
Who knew?  I thought they were a safe, Democratic State!  They still let their cops carry guns?

Since the deputy was obviously a Highly Trained Peace Officer, the blame can only be directed to the gun.  Um .. pistol.  Handgun. Whatever.
(Hat Tip:  David Codrea)

Corn maze honors 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle | Fox News

Corn maze honors 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle | Fox News: The owners of a small Georgia farm took a tractor, a global positioning system and seven acres of corn and created a masterpiece made of maize last month honoring American sniper Chris Kyle.  “I felt like we needed to do something patriotic,” Misty Duren told me. “It hit me one day that it would be great to honor Chris Kyle.”

Personally, I thought it was pretty impressive.  I just finished watching the move, and I had already read the book.

Chris Kyle was a warrior.  We need men like him to defend our country, and our freedoms.  And we need the mind-set which creates warriors like him to protect American Freedoms against all the radicals who would undermine our civilization.

Okay, this may seem "hokey", but I think it's fine.  Damn fine.

Oh, those krazy Muslim Fanatics .. what will they think of next?

Al Qaeda Mag Urges Attack on Koch Brothers, Buffett, Bloomberg - NBC News:

The goofy al queda guys are threatening not only Christians but now "entrepreneurs" as victims to their religious extremism.  (No, it is not politica.)

The article says the "economic personalities" and "wealthy entrepreneurs" can get off the list by withdrawing their money from U.S. banks, investing their wealth outside American soil, and denouncing support for Israel.

Wait .. what?  They don't hold Capitalists responsible for their vile sense of 'honor', but Jews?

Damn.  All this time we thought they were seeking economic and political goals, but now it appears that all they want to do is to kill Jews?

Who knew?

Hmm .. I think I read something like this before.  not sure where, though; the MSM isn't paying much attention to the concept that muslims hate Jews more than they hate "The Great Satan" ... (that would be US!"

Why would that be?

No, not RELIGIOUS differences!  That would be just .... trite.

Never mind.  After the Muslims convince the Christians to kill off the Jews, then they'll shift their emphasis.  Christians may not be NEXT on their Hate List, but they're close to the top.

If it's not you and your spouse, in 10 years it will be your children.    Just be patient.  If Jews are Number One With A Bullet, can Christians be far behind?

Terrorists don't run out of energy.  And they don't run out of targets.  Nor do they run out of patience.

They just run out of reason, when they're looking for their next Hate Day.

Got an old gun to sell? Maybe you should just give it to somebody you don't like

Kaine Gun Bill Reflects Opportunistic Deception, Not Public Safety - Shooting Sports News:

“It looks as if the only way to shield yourself from criminal liability is to put the prospective buyer through a NICS check, but doesn’t make the NICS system available to anyone new,” Hofmann remarked. “Talk about a Catch-22.”


USA – -( “Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) is looking to crack down on gun dealers that sell firearms to criminals,” The Hill reported Tuesday.  “The Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act introduced Tuesday would hold gun dealers liable for sales made to people who are prohibited from owning guns.”
But not just dealers:It would apply to both federally-licensed gun dealers and private sellers.What the guy wants to do is outlaw private sales.  What he wants to do is everything he can to prevent all sales. And destroy some people who don’t vote for him in the bargain.
{emphasis added}

I haven't bothered to research to this article, it's from a "Trusted Source", although it is admittedly "single-sourced" at this time.  But on the surface it appears that gun-grabbers are making an even more concerted effort to convert honest, sane, legal gun-owners into criminals.

So yes, the only way you can protect yourself from this kind of litigation is to confirm the buyer's eligibility to purchase a firearm by referencing NCIS; but no, you as a private citizen do NOT have direct access to NICS.

It kind of sucks to be you, doesn't it?

The Sun Has Set on England

Irons in the Fire: From the GFW land where Great Britain used to be:: “
Internal police documents seen by UK Shooting News have revealed that police firearms licensing employees want to ban: .22 semi-autos; magazine-fed shotguns; all 50-cals; section 2 certificates; free 1-for-1 variations; old spec deactivated firearms; antique firearms; and appeals to courts against police decisions.
Oh ... these are "police firearms licensing employees" who want to mandate draconian restrictions on their fellow Britons?  Not elected politicians?

How typical.

Eight years ago I held an extended dialogue with a "British bobby" who identified himself as the "ASBO King:"

 (ASBO is the short version of "AntiSocial Behavior Order", by which British police identify young men behaving badly, also known as "YOBS".}

His contention was that by issuing a citation to YOBS, his department  focused their public shame on their behaviors, without needlessly involving the court system ... which was already swamped with arrests for assaults, home invasions and robberies.  He was VERY proud that he had issued more ASBOs than anyone else in his department; he seemed that he had performed a very positive effort which would successfully reduce the number of assaults with bodily injuries in his area of operations.

  He was unable to provide statistics to the effect that ASBOs reduced violent crime.  He was just proud that nobody got killed, even thought they all lived in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

Essentially, the judicial system could not contend with they overwhelming traffic in assaults and non-fatal injuries, so they decided to just issue a citation.  It's a "three-strikes-you-are-out" kind of thing, which means the YOB could get three ASBO before they were arrested and incarcerated.

My argument was that the arrest absolutely identified the YOB as a violent and unrepentent adolescent who knew that he could weather being unformed on by three of his abused victims before self-promoting himself to more sophisticated criminal activities.

His argument was that they identified the bad boys and 'made them think twice'.

Yeah ... ASBOs make YOBs be even more aggressive and violent, so they could intimidate their victim neighborhoods more thoroughly.  The YOBs know that they have nothing to fear from "law enforcement".  (The consequences of an ASBO is ... laughable, and does not strongly encourage a change in behaviour.)

Since Britons cannot legally own firearms, their citizenry is subject to rule by the strongest; the average citizen is even STRONGLY discouraged from resisting a home invasion by such crude armaments as a cricket bat or a bread knife.  (Their attackers expect no penalties at all,)  And God forgive you if you use a firearm to defend your self, family, home or property; because the British Court certainly will NOT!

In the past seven or eight years, the situation has not changed to the advantage of the individual citizen, nor for the YOBs.  Innocents are still subject to being beaten on their doorstep by young thugs, and said thugs still face no greater threat than a citation.  

Welcome again to the land which once proclaimed that "the sun never sets on the British Empire!"

It has set in England.

And John Peel is still rolling around in his grave, muttering under his non-breath:  "WTF?"

In the meantime, America is setting its hopes on a "Universal Background Check", which criminals will ignore   (and even most honest citizens will ignore, because it is unconstitutional.)
And politicians in America sleep well tonight knowing that they have done something to preserve their political career.
Fuck the American people and their safety ... there are enough American single-mothers pumping out enough Democrats to keep their political selves in office until America looks like England, without the charming accent. 

They have nobody to blame but themselves.  It may be that their sole purpose is to serve as a bad example to the rest of The Free World .. which has deteriorated to one half of one country, out of 187 countries world wide (so far)..

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Investigation After Gun Went off Inside High School |
(February 15, 2015)
SOUTH CANAAN TOWNSHIP -- A school police officer is off the job after his gun went off inside a high school in Wayne County. Even though no one was hurt, that man's actions are under investigation. Parents of students at Western Wayne High School got a call Wednesday night telling them about that morning's incident at the high school. Now a veteran of law enforcement is suspended without pay while investigators determine whether he should be charged after his gun went off inside his office. "At approximately 11 a.m. our school police officer, while in his office, inadvertently discharged his firearm," said the recording of Western Wayne Superintendent Clay LaCoe.
That man is an idiot.   He claims to have been cleaning his gun.  Likely story .. chances are he was f*cking around with his gun instead of keeping it in his holster where it belonged.

The word "inadvertently" is worse than "accidentally".  An accident is marginally acceptable, but "inadvertently"???  As if, there was NO way that this could not have happened?

The three (or four) basic rules of gun safety don't apply to a sworn officer in a school building?

Who will guard the guardians?

Taurus Curve .. POS Recalled

BREAKING NEWS: Taurus Curve Already Recalled? - The Firearm Blog:

I bought one today. Dealer was unaware of a recall. And yes, the caliber was not stamped on it. No official comment has been made by Taurus about this apparent recall. All firearms imported into the United States are legally required to possess caliber markings stamped or etched into the barrel to a depth of at least three thousandths of an inch.
Hard to believe that the announcement of  Taurus Curve was greeted with such an atmosphere of disbelieve.

Okay, I'm a Dedicated 1911 fan, and as such I look upon such abnormalities as if they are the Spawn of the Devil.  (Much like FaceBook.)

But I had no idea that they were so out-of-mainstream that they didn't even carry serial numbers!

I'm feeling vindicated, and just a little bit smug.


Because they're not a 1911-style pistol, and as such not as good as they can be.

Yep.  I said it.  Why settle for less than the best?

An Open Letter to mario Cuomo, governor of the Great State of New York

Cuomo talks gun control after lawyer shot before parade - NY Daily News:

The governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, speaks to us.

“We passed the toughest gun control law in the the nation, called the SAFE Act and I am proud of it. Anyone who doesn't believe we need to do something about gun control is delusional. We can protect the Second Amendment and legitimate gun owners, but we also need to protect people. How many young innocent people need to die before this nation comes to its senses? And this is a terrible terrible painful loss, and all unnecessary."
Dear Mario;

What are you, crazy?

Governor Cuomo, maybe you and your fellow NY Politicos are looking at the Yak through the Ass, instead of in the eyes.

You think that the way to prevent gun violence is to keep your citizens from the rightful heritage of the Second Amendment, which acknowledges all rational, law-abiding citizens to be armed.

Instead, you have continued the New York Madness which insists that honest, rational, law-abiding citizens to be disarmed.

What, are you crazy?  Nobody thinks that disarming honest citizens reduces crime;  it's the criminals that have the guns.  You know, the ones who don't obey the law?

Why the hell are you continuing this numb-nutz fantasy that disarming honest people has any societal benefit except that it turns good folks into victims?

Which states have the most crime?  New York and California, right?

Which states have the most stringent gun-control laws?  New York and California, right?

Which states have the most out-of-touch governors?

California, right?  (Can't be New York, 'cause you're him and we all know you're freaking perfect!)

So I gotta ask you, when your anti-gun laws keep honest people from being able to defend theselves, who profits?  Not the honest people;

No no no, it's the criminals.

Criminals don't obey the law.  It's that thing they do, y'know?

Honest people obey the law.

So when you make laws that keep people from having guns to .. like .. "defend themselves"?  Who profits?  Not the honest people.  The CROOKS LOVE IT!

This isn't Rocket Science. This is Plain Dealing 101.  Whatever you make illegal, the crooks are going to love it!  Remember Prohibition?

Your gun control laws have had two effects:

  1. you have created a market for under-the-covers guns
  2. you have ensured that crooks can intimidate unarmed citizens
I know that you didn't start this whole 'Gun Control" crappola, but you sure as HELL have promulgated it.

So whaddya say, Mario?  Maybe you should give the Little Guy a break?  

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Can Gun Control Work?

I've been reading this book for the past week, taking it slow because there's some thought provoking information to digest.

It's an 'old' book (2002), and while much of the discussion relates directly to the BRADY law  ... both BRADY I (1993)and BRADY II (1994), there are other restrictive laws defined and examined:  GCA 1968 (Gun Control Act of 1968) and GSAA (Gun Show Accountability Act of 1999) mostly.

It's worth the read if only because it provides a good reference to some of the (most comprehensive) national gun control laws, and the tweaks made in them by 'frustrated' legislators.

While the author (James B. Jacobs, who has also published books discussing drunk driving and hate crimes) makes an effort to remain neutral, neither advocating for or against the concept, there are so many circumlocutions it's obvious that he has little expectation that gun control laws perform any greater service than to inconvenience honest, rational citizens.

He cited a couple of studies which were interesting.  Especially ...

The Cook & Ludwig Study:

Professors Phillip Cook and Jens Ludwig in 1997 sought to test empirically the impact of the Brady Law by comparing gun crime trends  in the 32 states where The Brady Law (I) ["treatment" states] was effected vs those 18 states where it was not effected (because their state gun laws were already more stringent than Brady) ["control" states] .

The effect of the Brady Law was to add a waiting period and background check to those 32 treatment states,

Paraphrasing Jacobs:  Cook and  Ludwig compared the rate of change in violent crime in the Brady ["treatment"] states to the rate of change in the "non-Brady" ["control"] states.   Their study was based on the hypothesis that "... the trends in firearm homicides and suicides in both treatment and control states  during the 1990 - 1993 Pre-Brady period ... would be expected to continue on a parallel course unless the Brady Law had a significant impact".

(Jacobs notes that the rate of violent crimes in America had been declining for most of the century.)

The results of the study included a startling statistical truth.

Quoting the Jacobs text directly:

There was no difference in homicide and suicide in the Brady and control states. although the rate of suicide by handgun in the Brady states among persons 55 and older decreased in the treatment states ...
Nevertheless there was no difference in total suicides in the treatment and control states.
Apparently, if suicidal people in the Brady states were unable to obtain firearms, they found other ways to kill themselves.
(emphasis in the original)

I rather liked Jacobs' conclusion; probably because he agrees with me on that point.

Jacobs concluded this section by observing:

"Because there was no significant difference in homicide or suicide trends, the  authors rejected the hypothesis that a waiting period reduced handgun homicide and suicide.  This finding is consistent with most previous evaluations of state-level background checks and waiting period laws."

So we're still left with the question, can gun control work?

Well, if enacting new gun control laws provides steady 'work' for lawyers with an inclination to be elected to the legislature ... sure.  They work just FINE for law makers.

They don't do much for the rest of us, though.

Monday, September 07, 2015

"..A sensible dialogue on guns"

We need a sensible dialogue on guns |
(September 04, 2015) ... H/T: The Gun Feed

 As the state lobbyist for the National Rifle Association likes to point out, it’s the illegal possession of guns that kills people. But what solutions have the NRA and other gun organizations offered as helpful resolutions to gun violence — outside of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill?
Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson seems, in her short (but not short enough, considering the lack of actual content) editorial opinion piece, to be putting the NRA on the spot.  She thinks that "they" (NRA et al) should be the source of "helpful resolutions to gun violence", but offers little in that arena herself.

This letter to the editor shouldn't be considered an attempt to establish 'a dialogue', let alone an attempt to offer a 'solution'.    The fact is, this is an area where the Senator has no opinion, no expertise,  neither compromise nor solution.    She just has a footnote to her next re-election campaign.  The letter is something that she can point at and proudly proclaim that she has tried and failed to establish a dialogue to resolve the problem of gun violence.

Let's count the talking points.  She has not defined the "problem", nor has she offered a 'solution'.

She has identified The Bad Guys (who are, surprisingly, not the people who constitute the 'problem' by attacking innocents with guns, but rather those who have been very clear that "the only defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun").  That's all she has.

She's an archer with an empty quiver, but she doesn't care.  She got her name in the newspapers. and surely it's a talking point for her next re-election campaign.  She has identified a problem, and she has pointed the finger ... at someone else.  Hopefully, someone with tuggable purse strings.

She doesn't have a clue about the genesis of the problem.  She doesn't have a solution.  She just has a straw-man to put on the spot.  And her name in the newspapers.

Hmmm ... would it be too easy to suggest that the Honorable Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson might just possibly be a Democrat?

The Naked President

Obama warns Republicans to avoid 'unforced error' of government shutdown | TheHill:
(September 07, 2015)
President Obama accused Republicans Monday of playing games with the federal budget, warning them that threatening a government shutdown over funding for Planned Parenthood or ObamaCare would be “completely irresponsible.”

"Completely Irresponsible" is a good description of ObamaCare ... which would be entirely funded by 'the next generation' ... under threat of government sanctions of those who refuse to sign onto Obamacare because they have nothing to gain from it.
 Speaking at a Labor Day event in Boston, Obama said Congress should work to approve federal spending bills that end across-the-board funding cuts rather than wage policy battles over healthcare that could risk a shutdown at the end of the month. “So far, at least, instead of hearing about how we can move together, what we’re hearing from [Republicans] is threats that they might shut down the government over things that don’t have anything to do with the budget,” he said. “Try to stop the budget in order to force us to do something that would restrict women’s healthcare, for example. That’s not a good idea.”
Not a good idea?

Trying to force one generation to pay for their grandparents' health-care expenses sounds fiscally irresponsible to me.  And I'm the Generation who is hoping that my grandkids can pay for my lung cancer treatments, after I've been smoking since before their parents were born.

Isn't my cancer MY problem?

 When Congress returns this week, Republicans are expected to launch an assault on federal funding for Planned Parenthood in light of undercover videos accusing it of illegal activity. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said last week that the Senate will vote on defunding the group when lawmakers return, though he acknowledged Obama is likely to veto such a bill if it were to pass. Democrats have said Republicans risk another government shutdown if they push the issue too far. 
Some people actually think that Planned Parenthood is a conspiracy to deprive Negroes (there, I said it) of their reproductive rights.  Whatever the hell that is.  Oh, and also that Planned Parenthood is a bunch of con artists who actually do more harm than job ... which (if they are right), the anti-P.P. folks are performing a public service by identifying a charade.

But Obama is trying so hard to be a leader that he's ignoring the back-issues.  Yes, he is black and so is his family.  Which suggests that he's not trying to find the best solution for the nation, but for his political position.

Obama also needled Republicans for forcing votes to undo ObamaCare, a failed effort that lead to the 2013 government shutdown. “Everybody says it’s working,” Obama said. “It’s working better than even I expected, and costing less, and they’re still talking about repealing.” Obama plugged the state of the U.S. economy, saying it’s performing better than in other parts of the world and warning that a shutdown could threaten that status.
I don't think that "everybody" says it's working.  Everybody says it's a piece of shit,and nobody wants to sign up for it because the P.O.S. factor is so high that we just can't afford it.

Oh, and there's also that "... if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan" thingie which moves the bullshit-o-meter from "do you really think we would believe this?" all the way to the "lying sack of ..... " peg.

Plus the economy, "Performing better than in other parts of the world"?  Could you please be more specific?  Your Vice President, Joe Biden, thinks that "Something Is Wrong With the Economy".


 He compared a potential shutdown to an “unforced error,” and made reference to the infamous Bill Buckner error that helped cost the Boston Red Sox the World Series in 1986. “It’d be like a ground ball slipping through somebody’s legs,” Obama said, cheekily, to groans from the Boston crowd. “You guys have won a couple since then, so I can make that joke,” he said. “If you hadn’t had so many World Series, I wouldn’t make that joke.”
You're wrong, Mister President.  WE made the joke when we elected you. Twice.

Even new housing sales, which have been robust for a while, are beginning to slide;  price cuts are becoming more common.

Would a shut-down of the government really be such a bad thing for Americans?  At the least, it would take away your pen and your phone for a while.

And that's a "The Emperor Has No Clothes" moment.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Let Us Prey

Letter: It’s time that we say ‘enough’ to gun violence:
(Opinion Piece September 05, 2015: "Greenville News", Greenville, South Carolina)
To those who would say that if we couldn’t get it done after Sandy Hook it can’t be done, you’re part of the problem. Sensible gun legislation and a change in our culture that fetishizes guns will happen when the rest of us who don’t think guns belong in every corner say, “Enough!
Demand a change. Vote for candidates who support change
(emphasis added)

The author of this opinion  piece doesn't define "CHANGE".

We all understand the frustration of those who watch their friends and families and neighbors  ... and even total strangers ... die in the "Gun Violence" milieu which they perceive from a skewed aspect.

My aspect is equally as skewed.  I think that human violence will continue until the end of times, and the only hope that the weak (weaker than their attackers) have is to find a weapon which will allow them to defend themselves.

The author's perspective is that guns are only violence-generating weapons of destruction, and that if only we could pass enough laws, the guns would go away and there would be no more violence perpetrated against innocents.

And the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb.
And there will be peace in the valley, for you and for me.

Isaiah 2.4:
And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

"Ain't Gonna Study War No More"

And muggers will become Community Exemplars and pass UNICEF cups among their neighbors to benefit the starving children.  

And their neighbors will drop their Cocaine habits so that they can find well-paying jobs in the Public Sector so that they can donate their paychecks to UNICEF.

Unfortunately, there is a word which the Wolves in this world use to describe those who think that this Eden is a possibility.

They call us .. PREY.

Cooper Video

Misfires And Light Strikes - Guns are the new Harley Davidson.:  *
This is where it all began, folks. This is like having video of Moses writing down the Fifteen Ten Commandments. When it comes to practical pistol competitions and defensive firearms training, this is the Magna Carta, “Maybelline” and “View from the Window at Le Gras“, all rolled into one.

Thirteen minute video of Jeff Cooper.  Worth bookmarking, or downloading, or whatever you wish to do to save the Colonel.

* Tnx for finding the video!