Sunday, January 01, 2012

Blogging will continue: official notice

Retirement from the work force has had a negative effect on my blogging volume ... and in the content of the few articles I DO write, and the interest generated by those few articles.

New resolution:

I either need to rediscover my interest in ranting, or to close this morbid website so my few frequent readers don't waste their time stopping by from time to time to see if I'm awake. Or alive.

This blog was started in December of 2004. During the past seven years, I've often presented boring or incomprehensible trash, but there have been some themes which were actually interesting to many readers.

Not recently.

Since my retirement I've lost interest in the "outside world". Not to put too fine a point on it; I've become bored. And I've become boring.

During the past year I've spend a huge amount of time reading, and very little time writing. The reading has not sparked my interest in anything controversial. It has been a waste of my time.

And this blog has become a waste of your time.

I'll give it a month to see if I can reconnect with the outside world, and take an interest in the many things which I find interesting. Where lately I've read and said "Hey, this would make a great (or interesting, or at least 'not boring') article" without following through --- I'm going to see if I can get that spark back and rediscover the fire which originally forced me to find an outlet.

When I retired, The Hobo Brasser told me that I would wonder how I managed to get so much done with all the free time I now had. That I haven't experienced this wonder leads me to wonder whether I am an essentially lazy man, or I have outlived my sense of wonder.

I'm not sure which I hope to find, but I know that over the past couple of years a lot of blogs which I once eagerly anticipated on a daily basis have just ... folded. The wonder I felt then was "Why did these terrific writers quit writing? I LOVED his stuff!"

Time for me to rediscover my "stuff".