Saturday, January 13, 2018

Listening to "The Lizard Brain" will get you killed.

In this video, the man was confronted by "polite police", and then it went bad.   It's usually not a good idea to wave a gun at the police when you're outnumbered and being arrested

Teen's Friends Claim He was "Executed" by Police. Then the Cops Release the Dashcam. [VIDEO] | Tribunist

Folks will say all kind of shit make bizarre statements to excuse the actions of their friends.  But your friends aren't listening to you; they're listening to "The Lizard".    That's the back-part of your brain which causes you to react emotionally rather than with reason.  You know ... the Mini-Me.

Here's the five-minute video: if you don't want to watch somebody being shot, don't watch it.

Referencing the comments to the original video, someone said "he tried to cock the gun" (racked the slide on his semi-auto pistol); nobody can figure out why that comment was made, because it has no bearing on the consequences of the (ineffective) resistance shown here.

"there would be no need to cock it now"
That's true, but irrelevant.  In times of stress,  even experienced shooters will do dumb things.

Example: in training for pistol competition (IPSC or USPSA ... look it up) people who are familiar with their pistol, but not experienced in the time-pressure of competition, often "rack the slide" after performing a reload ... even though they "know" there is already a round  in the chamber.   This wastes precious time and does not reward the shooter.  That's what is happening in the video.

But The Lizard Will Not Be Denied.

The "Lizard Brain" instinctively over-rides the "Primate Brain" because the shooter desperately wants to know that there is a round in the chamber, so he does the one thing that he knows will chamber a round.   This is a waste of time, in a moment when survival depends on Correct Decisions made in a matter of  micro-seconds.   If these people were capable of Correct Decisions, they would have found a more demanding, but safer, line of work.

People have died from this instinctive inability to correctly prioritize response to aggression.  As you see here.

When considering a life style which includes firearms, Training and Practice can imprint more productive instincts, such as always knowing how many rounds are left in the pistol and whether a reload is necessary.

Criminals who are accustomed to using a firearm as a means of intimidating a victim are not likely to have sought training, nor have they practiced to establish "correct actions" in their Lizard Brain.   "Correct Actions" are foreign to them, as is retrospect and comparing the rewards of their actions vis a vis the potential dire consequences.   They are merely thugs, and bullies. To them, a gun is not an instrument of survival; it's just a tool, which they consider needs no more expertise  than to know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of.   Crime is easier than work; that's all they know, and all they need to know.

We are fortunate that thugs and bullies are so arrogant that they don't even bother to learn the nuances of their tools; they are too lazy to learn a productive skill.  If they were not thus, they would become carpenters and live a long and (ultimately) more productive life.

And they would not resort to common thuggery if it were not so easy to do; they might find it a difficult lifestyle to survive in a nation of armed citizens.

Liberals, of course, do not acknowledge this lesson.   They find it "uncomfortable" to be critical of their philosophical brethren.