Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kahr Notes

I submit this in the most exposed candid mode possible; it is an email which I received recently, and I offer it here with NO expectation about its veracity. I have neither requested, nor received, permission to quote it directly. My expectation is that it has become 'generally available' across the internet by the time it reached me. And you.

I've included as much of the source data as has been made available to me. If you have information which conflicts wit that which is here presented, I hope you will do me the courtesy of providing the information in the COMMENTS section and reserving any condemnation for the original source.

I don't know if this is true; You'll have to work that out for yourself. (Imagine, a blog which asks you to think for yourself!)

Subject: [Dtiquips] Watch These Experts!

12 Dec 11

Impossible Demand?

NYPD, after requesting of Kahr Arms that they dramatically increase the trigger pull-weight of their Kahr-9 Pistol (a nominal seven pounds to thirteen pounds!), is now ordering its officers not to carry Kahr Pistols.

This all came about as a result of a number of recent NDs (no fatalities, but some resulting in personal injury, mostly self-inflicted) on the part of NYPD officers with Kahr pistols.

The Kahr-9 is an extremely popular concealed-carry/backup pistol, because of its high quality, reliability, and compactness. For regular concealed carry, it is hard to beat. I own and habitually carry several. Like most modern pistols, Kahrs are drop-safe.

But, as with all guns, you have to keep fingers off the trigger during those times when you don't want it to discharge!

A thirteen-pound trigger on a pistol that small would make it virtually impossible to use for any serious purpose by many officers, particularly those with small hands and limited hand-strength.

In general gun-commerce, Kahr could not give away such a pistol!

Once again, personal carelessness and poor training are being excused/covered-up by shifting blame to gun manufacturers.

Once again, truth is the first casualty when embarrassing events take place within police departments!

Once again, the Second Amendment is blamed by politicians and the media for all the ills to which flesh is heir!

"Same routine- same results! Loosely translated: 'When you keep doing the same old thing, you'll keep getting the same old results!'"

Dave O'Young

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