Saturday, June 17, 2017

Assault Pistol?

SF Police: Shooter Armed with Assault Pistol | | Police say the shooter who opened fire at a San Francisco UPS warehouse Wednesday morning was armed with an assault pistol when police found him. Three people were killed as well as the shooter in the incident. (June 14)

Sure wish I had me one of them Assault Pistol thingies!   It sound like it would be ... say, just what the heck IS an Assault Pistol, anyway?

Is it a long barrelled handgun firing a medium range cartridge with selective fire and a bayonet (optional at extra cost for the civilian market )???

Put SF together with AP and you get F-SAPs.   They don't know what they're talking about, but they speak with complete confidence that they are always correct.

see AP's "Smart URL":

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effing bunch of tards, all of 'em.

Oh, see also

Friday, June 16, 2017

Relaxing Michigan gun restrictions is part of a national trend

It's amazing that Michigan, once one of the most restrictive states in reference to firearms carry laws, has made a 180 degree turn in respect to acknowledging their citizens to exercise their Constitutional Rights!

They're naturally concerned about the consequences of trusting their citizens to carry firearms; they haven't previously "ALLOWED" Michigans to exercise their constitutional rights, so this is a HUGE step forward for them.'

They have some concerns, of course.

They've given up the "State Boards:" who have historically determined which individual 'should be allowed' to carry a firearm.

They have eased the restrictions which would "disallow" the issue of firearms carry permits.

And even more important, they have eliminated "Local Ordanances" which might restrict the free exercise of the 2nd Amendment of their citizen.


That's a gigantic kudo to their free citizens, and a great step for the state which now has decided to trust their citizenry not to shoot  each other!

Michigan .. welcome to the Twentieth Century!

This is the year when we do NOT assume that our citizens are craven lunatics or incipient rebels.

This is the year when we understand that the Constitution means exactly what it says:
"Shall Not Be Infringed". 

And this is the year when we acknowledge that the Republic is the servant of The People; not the other way around.   The people want to make their own decisions whether to go armed in public, or not.  It is not within the purview of The State to make that decision for them.

Not everyone understands that.

More important, the people who would undermine the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens are the same people who want to force YOU to live under the standards which THEY determine.

That's not freedom; that's Tyranny!

Welcome to America, Michigan!

This is (in the words of that famous American, Robert Heinlein):
Freedom Hall!
Where you can spit on the floor, and call the cat a Bastard!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

"We didn't do NUTTIN' to him!"

Naw, honest, officer.  We didn't do NUTTIN to him!
We wuz just out here playing a little B-Ball, and this white dude just started to AK us.   We never seen him before, we don't even know why he even be here.
Me and my bro's just wanted to catch a few rays and get in a little practice.  We got a big game coming up wit' other guys in da hood, you know?  Alla sudden this honky asshole dude starts blazing away ...  we dint know who or why, we jest hunkered down and tried to get small behind the fence.  One of my homies got shot in the ASS, y'know?
We in the PARK, y'know?  Ever'body knows you don't mess wit' folks in da PARK!
Lucky t'ing, one a the guys had his homies wit him?  And they started blazing back at the honky wit' the AK.  Y'know?  Dat honky gots what he deserved, y'know?  We got RULZ in dis hood, the park is whatcha call it ... off limits, y'know? 
Yeah, I glad they nined his ass.   He got no RIGHT   Y'know?

Could of been worse.  The assailant might have attacked U.S. Congressmen.

Imagine how fraught with political implications that would have been.

Why ... something might even have been done!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

And - it's a Whole New Ball Game!

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum today (cultural refernce)

National politicians at play were shot at by some nut with a gun
(I can say that ... I am a gun nut, so it's like blacks can use the N-word between each other.  Otherwise, it would be a Hate Crime.)
Reports are still coming in, but most correspondents seem to agree that at least one politician was shot in the ass hip.  I'm not going to suggest that the shooter was an expert marksman, or that this might be the largest target in a retreating politician, but I'm sure we can all agree to be thankful that no fatal wounds were delivered by the assailant, and that he was quickly and efficiently disarmed and arrested (after he was killed) by Capital Police before he could  brain-damage any more politicians.

On June 14, 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia, James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois attempted to assassinate several Republican members of Congress and their staffers, who were practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game scheduled for the next day. A ten-minute shootout ensued between Hodgkinson and officers from the Capitol Police and Alexandria Police. Hodgkinson shot five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and the two Capitol Police officers assigned to protect him; one of the officers shot Hodgkinson, who later died from his wounds. Authorities have not commented on Hodgkinson's motivation.
Scalise is the first sitting member of Congress to be shot since Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in 2011.

Think of the calamity which would befall our country if sitting Congressmen were unable to sit for days ... weeks ... MONTHS.    They would be unable to pass any more laws which only they can understand (because they are obviously smarter than the people that voted for them!)

Pelosi on Shooting: 'On Days Like Today, There are no Democrats or Republicans' - Breitbart:
But it was Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) whose Twitter comment accompanying her official statement set the tone for the California delegation:  “On days like today, there are no Democrats or Republicans, only Americans united in our thoughts for the wounded.” She also stated: “This morning, the U.S. Congress suffered a despicable and cowardly attack.  My thoughts and prayers are with Whip Steve Scalise and the others wounded, Capitol Police and staff, and their families. “We are profoundly grateful for the heroism of the Capitol Police, whose bravery under fire undoubtedly saved countless lives.  On days like today, there are no Democrats or Republicans, only Americans united in our hopes and prayers for the wounded.”
Nancy ("The Thing That Goes UP!") Pelosi should be grateful; if she were shot in the ass hip, it might have been a fatal wound.
On the other hand, she wouldn't be caught dead on a baseball diamond.
(Sorry ... entirely inappropriate choice of words considering the circumstances.)

No word yet on whether President Whats-his-name will declared a national day of mourning.


Governer Terry McAykuffe blames "Too Many Guns In America", adding "We lose 93 million Americans a Day due to Gun Violence"

(In the immortal words of that great politicians, Ronald Reagan:  I think he may have "miss-spoke" himself.)

"Oh, Lah ... See How Diverse We Are?"

London Police Chief: Terror Victims Show How Diverse We Are | The Daily Caller:
London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick touted the diversity of the London attack victims in a Saturday interview with the Associated Press. “It’s desperately sad and poignant but among those who died is someone who’s British, there are French, Australian, Canadian, Spanish,” Dick declared.“We believe of course that that’s what makes our city so great,” she continued, adding “It’s a place where the vast majority of time it’s incredibly integrated and that diversity gives us strength.”
Yes, well, your vaunted diversity includes terrorist bombers, doesn't it?

You know what would make your city really great, Ms Dick?

If you could protect your citizens from these unknown and undocumented murdering asshats  your country admits EVERY DAY!

You won't even arm your First Responders, you blathering blob of British Political Correctness!

PC should stand for Police Constable.   Or hasn't anyone bothered to explain that to you yet?


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Speaking of "Say Uncle" ...

This is a mildly interesting article in itself .... but oh my the comments section is on fire!

SayUncle  Where Great Britain Used To Be:
Americans Reveal The Terrifying Things They Keep In Their Pockets Also, a police commissioner there suggested that civilians with gun licenses could help defend against a terror attack, a true statement. The higher ups did not approve. Share

I guess it had to happen sometime ....

I use to say that IPSC was safer that High School Football.

I guess I can't say that any more.

Vancouver man dies after shooting himself in Kamloops pistol contest | Vancouver Sun:
 June 12, 2017 
 In an extremely unusual tragedy, a man fatally shot himself by accident during a pistol competition in Kamloops on Sunday. The 50-year-old Vancouver man died shortly after arriving at the hospital in Kamloops. “It’s rarer than getting hit by lightning, you got ‘er,” said Jim Sloper, president of the 132-year-old Kamloops Target Sports Association. “I’ve competed around the world and I’ve never come across it. Injuries are unheard of, let alone fatal shootings.” 
Damn!   I can't imagine how his friends and family are dealing with this tragic loss.

Now IPSC is only slightly safer than high-school football.

*(H/T: Say Uncle)

[NOTE: Apparently, he dropped his loaded pistol ... and tried to catch it.  You try to tell people not to do that, but it's instinct.]

Dog vs Cop ... Dog Loses. (Nothing Good Can Come Of This)

(5) Cop kills dog: Police body cam shows officer shoot man’s pit bull after false alarm - TomoNews - YouTube: Published on Jun 12, 2017 PAHRUMP, NEVADA —

Two months ago, a man in Nevada opened his front door to find his 6-year-old pit bull twitching in a bloody heap. The dog had been shot by a cop who immediately claimed the dog was charging at him.

 On April 10, Gary Miller was at his home when he accidentally triggered his house alarm by sitting on his keys. The home security company called him to confirm a breach, and he responded saying there was no problem. Deputy John Tolle, who was responding to the call, claims he did not get that message, and showed up at Miller’s residence. In the backyard, Gary Miller’s pit bull, Blu, heard Deputy Tolle entering through the front gate, and sprinted out to investigate. When Deputy Tolle heard the dog barking and saw the dog running toward him, he immediately grabbed his gun. What happened next was captured on the officer’s body camera. The footage was released to the public on June 10.
I'm not a "Dog Person", but I admit that when I'm confronted by a dog, I tend to shout and growl back at it.  That usually gives the dog a moment to re-evaluate the situation.
(Maybe he isn't the biggest dog in the pack!)

I understand that police tend to categorize "aggressive behavior" as a Threat.   I get that.

Still, I can't help but wonder if this Law Enforcement Office might have over reacted.

As for the "false alarm" (see the video) ... there's enough blame to spread around.  The homeowner felt he was threatened, called for the cops, and later called back to identify his initial call as a false alarm.

The deputy didn't get that information, and he was keyed up for "whatever happens:"; meaning that he wasn't privy to the details of the call.  

Not making excuses, but for all he knew, the dog may have been the problem.

 (see: CUJO)

Welcome to "The System"; you are a prospective felon

(I have a hard time responding directly to posts on this "... The Porch ..." blog, but it's a serious gunblogger site and deserves serious discussion: this is the best way I could find to initiate a dialogue.)
View From The Porch: Cooldown Period.:
As far as Universal Background Checks, here's the correct and constitutional way to implement those: Since the right to keep and bear arms is a civil right, the default setting is that everyone has it. If someone becomes a felon or is otherwise debarred from arms, then make a NO GUNS ALLOWED black mark on their DL/ID/passport/whatever. Show me an ID without that disclaimer, and you'd be good to go, no background check necessary. And you'd be good to go in all 50 states, at that. I'd trade that for moving suppressors to Title I, repealing the Hughes Amendment, and interstate handgun sales. Hell, I might throw in a 3-day wait on sales from FFL dealers for that package deal.But that's not what the other side means by "compromise".

I may not go quite so far in an attempt to establish a quid pro quo ... but most of the issues you cited are already haunting us, so it's not as if you're being so obdurate that Brady will be able to say:
"The Right Is Not Willing To Negotiate!"

But this negotiation needs to include one single, and essential, change:

Background Checks are supposedly established to determine that the purchaser of a firearm is not a "forbidden person".  (Felon, convicted felon, drug user, madman, alien, etc.)  The intent is all about the purchaser, right?   The manner in which this "PERMISSION" is established, is important, but not critical.

But I do have one question:

 ... why does the form to vet the purchaser require the details of the firearm in question?  Including the make, model, caliber and SERIAL NUMBER?  

The ATF does not NEED this information to confirm the validity of the exchange.    The firearm is blameless; it has no past, no future, and it has never (intentionally) brought harm to any living creature.

The only reason for requiring the (unique) serial number, and the rest of the details about the firearm, is to establish a tracking mechanism as that firearm is exchanged, from one owner to the next.

 And that AFT has a record of every single transaction; firearm, seller, buyer and date.


I've often said: "Love your Country; Fear your Government".

This is exactly the reason I say that.

Using the thin cover of vetting the buyer of a "used" gun, the Feds have established a method by which every honest firearms owner (past and present) has self-established a trail of ownership.

The only people who aren't in "The System" are criminals, who acquire their firearms by theft or 'black market' transactions (often supplied by theft).

The thing is, eventually every firearm which has been legally sold will be in "The System", and if a couple of steps are missing ... that only serves to provide evidence to a prosecutor that the 'last seller' is probably  may perhaps be a thief.

Not ... necessarily; he may be a person who has held onto the firearm since before this egregious new set of laws were enacted.  Even so, he's still in Deep Doo-Doo because he may not be able to provide a 'chain of ownership to prove that he is the legal owner,.

(Do NOT make the mistake of assuming that just because he's innocent of any wrong-doing, he doesn't need to find a lawyer who asks more for one day of litigation than an entire month of house payments ... and probably car payments, too!)

Love your Country; fear your government.

Monday, June 12, 2017

NC Cops Oppose Constitutional Carry ( they might have seen it coming)

Fraternal Order of Police opposes NC gun permit bill | CHARLOTTE, N.C.
(June 08, 2017)
New North Carolina gun bill will allow concealed carry without a permit.
But perhaps .. not just now.
(FOP Spokesman): "I just feel like it's going to put a lot more guns on the street readily available that is really not necessary ..." 
The officer may be correct in any or all of his objections; but here's the root of the problem:
 Permits are currently granted to legal gun owners 21 and up, but the vetting process can take months.   (emphasis added)

MONTHS?   What's so hard about a simple NICS check?

So ... these guns will be on the street eventually, right?  So why bitch about the legal process?

Question: What's so special about North Carolina, that they are so slow to respond to a simple background check?

Answer: Any Honest Citizen will revolt against this administrative delay, and refuse to abide by it.

Translation:  they will ignore your silly-ass regulations and do what they think is necessary..

This new bill will allow NC citizens to carry without the delay of applying for a Concealed Carry License.  Which benefits the citizens, but the NC Police are reluctant to resist opposing the movement.   Which may, in part, explain the months long delay in granting Concealed Carry licenses in the past.

NC is not serving the interests of their citizens. 
 They get money for processing applications!

Any state must accept that if a citizen is not dis-allowed from purchasing a firearm, they are also not dis-allowed from a Concealed Carry License.  If you can buy a gun, you should be free to carry it.

 It's in the Second Amendment ... you can look it up.
 "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
Notice that "KEEP" (own) and "BEAR ARMS" (carry) are equivalent.

But it takes NC "Months" to process applications.

North Carolinians,  already frustrated by their attempts to legitimately purchase a firearm, are once again frustrated by the states refusal to promptly vet their right to bear those arms.

It may be that the citizens of the state of North Carolina have lost faith with their 'protectors', and decided to take matters into their own hands.   It's "The American Way", and perhaps part of why the Democrats among us distrust gun owners.
We don't fit their ... whatchamaycallit?  
(Someone please fill in the word; I can't keep up with current liberal hatespeach)

If The State does not trust its citizens, then why should the citizens trust the state?

I don't have and answer to that question.  

Do you?


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fake News of Tom Cruise; Despicable!

Tom Cruise snapped in Queenstown while in New Zealand for Mission: Impossible 6 - NZ Herald:
Tom Cruise has been photographed at Queenstown Airport while in New Zealand filming part of Mission: Impossible 6. The movie star was snapped earlier today when the helicopter he was travelling in landed at the airport to refuel, said the photographer, who didn't want to be named.

Fake News!

The headline says "Tom Cruise Snapped", but it didn't mean the movie star "Freaked Out".
It just means someone photographed him.  "Snapped", as in photo, rather than "Snapped", made irrationally angry.

Thus was 'non-news' ... a boring means-nothing publicity article ... elevated to the Fake News implication that there was an angry altercation involved.

Just one more example of why, when you read news articles, you need to bore down to read the details before you make a value judgement.

I wouldn't have mentioned it, but lately we have experienced far too many instances where Flaks (political publicists) have used misdirection to draw attention to their paymasters, for no better reason than to get their name in front of the public attention.


(By the way, I've added a new category of posts: "Fake News".  It categorizes news reports which distort the "news" for selfish purposes which are NOT intended to further your understanding of otherwise-not-newsworthy events.)