Friday, September 27, 2019

Midnight at the Oasis

It's 2am in my quiet little college town.

I'm tired and I want to go to bed, but I'm heading out to "the Smoking Porch" for a last cigarette before I go to bed.

I've got a Marlboro, a Lighter, and a pistol.  The cigarette and lighter are for a "Last Smoke of the Night", and the Pistol is so  .. if I am interrupted by an interloper, I need not be uncomfortable about smoking alone on my patio in the dark of the night.

No, I'm serious.

I would feel vulnerable standing in the dark behind my patio fence; if someone were to barge in on me, in my pajamas, I would be defenseless.

I live alone.  I have nobody to call to for help.  Knowing that I can defend myself isn't a lot better than having a "back-up", but it's better than nothing.

Yes I feel silly standing alone on my patio with a gun in my pocket;
but it's at least better than standing alone on my patio feeling entirely defenseless.

I sleep better at night, knowing I'm safe.


Mark O said...

I never go anywhere woithout a pistol in my pocket. Should we write a little ditty about our pistols? :-)

Anonymous said...

At night, a pistol at hand in a violent place is comforting.

Jerry The Geek said...

"Is that a pistol in your pocket? Or are you just glad to see me?"

Sorry, I stole the quote from Mae West.

Anonymous said...

Is Oregon getting smoke from the Cali. fires?

Jim Price said...

Why would you feel silly for having a gun in your pocket? Do you feel silly when you put on the seat belt in your car? Even if there's only a slim chance you'll need either, when/if the SHTF you're screwed if you aren't prepared.

Anonymous said...

Boy Scouts' motto "Be Prepared".