Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Ugliest Gun In The World!

POTD: Pumpkin Glock 19 - The Firearm Blog:
While I was pulling up some information on the Glock 19 for the review we just posted, I stumbled across this monstrosity. The pumpkin pie Glock looks to be a rather well abused Gen 3 gun with one of the worst stipple jobs I have ever seen, or are those teeth marks?
The author apologizes for being "a bit harsh" in his criticism.

I say he didn't go far enough.

I've always contended that a Glock was the ugliest gun in the history of gun-making, but this goes FAR beyond!

And I live in a town where the College Colors are "Orange and Black"!

New Jersey: "You do what I say you do!"

NJ holding police depts hostage to push 'smart guns'... - Gunmart Blog

I'm not sure that the mayor of Newark has the power to dictate to Major Firearms Manufacturers.

If the police departments in New Jersey require firearms which are "Dependable", rather than "Politically Acceptable ... aren't the police the people who are putting their lives on the line?

Shouldn't the police, who live or die by the reliability of their firearms, be the people who are defining the specifications for "acceptable weapons"?

Perhaps not:

(Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka demands:)

Surrounded by clergy and bi-partisan groups on the steps of Newark City Hall Thursday afternoon, Baraka called on all New Jersey mayors to convene before purchasing additional weapons for their law enforcement agencies and create a list of manufacturers who are listening to their concerns, chiefly: safer gun distribution practices and technologies.
"We put our money in places, with people who support what we think is right for our community," Baraka told NJ Advance Media following the press conference. "You're talking about over 560 municipalities in the State of New Jersey. If we can get a quarter of them to say, 'Look, we agree with this, and we're not going to purchase bullets, guns or whatever from these four or five manufactures until (they) do what we ask them to do.'"
Is this guy requiring smart guns?  Or has he made under-the-counter deals with a few manufacturers just for the badda-boom?

Is it all about the money?

Is that what it's all about?  Where the mayor of Newark wants to put his money, determines what quality of firearms are distributed to the police, who need to defend their lives every day?

"You do what I say you do!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Not "carry friendly"? Texas has an AP for that!

Personally, I don't know if this is necessary.  But Texas is a big state and it would be a disappointment to travel a way to get what looks like a good deal only to find the business doesn't support your 2nd Amendment  rights.

Texas Phone App Shows 'Second Amendment Unfriendly' Businesses Near You:
(October 11, 2016)
Gun advocates and licensed to carry holders can search for and add businesses to the interactive website or use the iPhone and Android apps for free. The founder of the website, Russell Jones told Breitbart Texas, “This is not a for-profit venture. We are in it to help the community because it’s important to know both who supports the Second Amendment and who allows us to protect ourselves and our families.” The website has almost 11,000 registered users and 9,200 updated entries.

I am fortunate that I live within walking distance of a Kroger store (Fred Meyers).   They don't post rude signs on the door, and they have a corporate philosophy that CHL folks are their friends and neighbors ... and darned good customers.   (Now they have a gas station in town, so they even get my business there,)   I purchase most of my 'consumables' there, but they don't have much of a sporting goods department.    So I just go to Bi-Mart for those items, (including ammo in calibers I don't reload) which is another business without rude signs on their door.

Why give your money to a business that doesn't trust you?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Debate doesn't talk about gun control? Good choice!

Personally, I don't believe either Presidential Candidate understands either the Constitution or the "common man".   So when they are asked to address the Second Amendment, both are thinking about their bodyguards ... they're not worried about you and me.

Gun-control groups fume over debate omission | TheHill: The bipartisan Open Debate Coalition posed a series of questions Americans voted to ask the candidates.

The most popular question: “Would you support requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales?” The second-most popular question: “How will you ensure the Second Amendment is protected?” 
Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, briefly spoke about guns without being prompted by the moderators.
"I respect the Second Amendment, but I believe there should be comprehensive background checks and we should close the gun show loophole and close the online loophole and we should try to save as many lives as we possibly can,” Clinton said toward the end of the debate, according to the Brady Campaign.

It's not reported here whether Ms. Hillary addressed the second-most popular question".  As far as anyone can tell (and we're just guessing), she has absolutely no intention at all of protecting the Constitutional rights of Americans.

PS:   There are no loopholes.  There are merely constitutional rights which Hillary doesn't like.

Mexico moves to arm private citizens..... legally!

A Mexican senator has moved to allow citizens of his country the legal right to "keep and bear arms", using the U.S. Constitution as an example.
(NOTE: Quotes in this article represent automatic translation from the original Spanish.  The sometimes labored translation is a computer feature, not an attempt to make the language sound less comprehensible.  It's my fault, I can't speak Spanish!)
Preciado is by law to arm citizens, evokes amendment 'flag' Trump | Excelsior:

Rodriguez ruled that this initiative demarcation of their obligations to the authorities responsible for providing security to citizens; in this regard, he considered that this measure will help to assist the state in this issue. He asserted that the Mexican State has failed in its duty to protect citizens from crime, since in the United States, where it is allowed to carry firearms since 1789, the homicide rate is 4.7 per hundred thousand inhabitants, while that in our country the average is 21 homicides per hundred thousand inhabitants; and he pointed out that in states like his native Colima, or Guerrero, the figure is 56 homicides. He explained that this initiative seeks to prevent crime, since a criminal will think twice before attacking a house or a business.
Preciado is generous in recognizing that the rate of homicides in Mexico exceeds that in the United States by a factor of over 4 times as many murders per 100,000 citizens.

Personal opinion:  As is the case in America, the high "gun-violence" rate in Mexico is driven by gangs and drugs  (ie: cartels).

Unlike America, the average citizen in Mexico is unable to legally possess a firearm.  Which makes them victims of the criminals (back to the drug cartels) who do not fear the legal consequences of having been found to possess a firearm.

(The Cartel members just shoot the Federales and impose their own laws on what they consider their own private turf.   Oh, and they own the judges ... except for the few who are used to 'set an example' by killing the honest judges and their families, in horrible ways.)

I think it's about time that Mexico chose to allow private citizens to keep arms in defense of the criminals, which are the underground government by virtue of the fact that they are armed, and most law-abiding citizens are not.

Since the police and the army are also owned by the cartels, that puts the honest, private citizen in the position of facing hundreds of potential attackers with nobody watching his back.

As unpopular as it will probably turn out to be, Rodriguez is trying to keep his fellow citizens from being nothing more than targets that can't shoot back.

Viva Zapata!