Friday, August 22, 2014

Whose line is it?

AP Reporter Slams State Dept. Claim That Journalist Beheading Was 'Not About the United States' | NewsBusters:
(August 21, 2014)
During a press briefing on Wednesday, deputy State Department spokesperson Marie Harf condemned the beheading of American journalist James Foley by Islamic terrorists while adding that the threat posed by the terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) “is not about the United States and what we do.”
The AP reporter (Matt Lee) took Harf to task about the statement, but Harf stood fast.

One wonders whether AP Reporter Matt Lee really thinks that ISIS is slaughtering Iraqis ... muslims and christians, and anyone in between, because of American policy?

Could it be that they (ISIS) is composed of EVIL people who will commit any crime, kill anyone, perform any insane act, in order to intimidate their opposition?

Al Sharpton: No ‘Circumstances’ Would Require Officer Wilson To Fire Six Times

Al Sharpton: No ‘Circumstances’ Would Require Officer Wilson To Fire Six Times | NewsBusters:
Now with Alex Wagner
August 20, 2014
4:08 p.m. Eastern          

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SHARPTON: Well it should be America's agenda to preserve and protect the civil rights of people. You've got to remember that there's no question Michael Brown had the civil right to not expect to be killed or shot multiple times. There's no dispute about that by police when he was unarmed and there was no life extenuating circumstance here. I mean, we're debating on whether he moved forward or not with the policemen, and most eyewitnesses say it didn't happen. But are we serious here? He never had a weapon. There was no life extenuating circumstances that anyone can figure out that required six bullets. So you at least need to have this brought before a court of law because there's probable cause.
IF the policeman in question was, indeed, physically assaulted by the "Gentle Giant", and the circumstances are as he described ... I can think of one reason why he shot his assailant six times:

He ran out of ammo.

NB:  Anything that Al Sharpton is against, I'm for.   Anything he's for, I'm against.
 The man is a congenital liar ... has been all his life.

Two words:  Tawana Bradley

Oh ... and about the thought that Michael Brown had a  "... civil right to not expect to be killed or shot multiple times..."?   That civil right doesn't apply to violent felons.   "As you reap, so shall ye sow".

And that's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Can we belive this statement?

DeAndre Smith clarifies his looting remarks : Stltoday:

Video of DeAndre Smith, 30, justifying the looting in Ferguson went viral earlier this week. In a less animated interview Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, Smith said he wanted to clarify his remarks.

At about 00:26, he licks his lips.  That's a signature of lying.

There are also plenty of nonverbal cues to lying, though the authors say that averting eye contact, often thought to signify evasiveness, isn’t one of them, since many of us look away during conversations. More telling: hiding the mouth or eyes, throat-clearing or swallowing, biting or licking the lips, and what the authors call “anchor point movement,” shifting weight and position around the body at rest as a way to reduce anxiety, like fidgeting in a chair. 

There are other "tells in the video .. body movement, for example.

Database: Police equipment search by state/county

Database: How many grenade launchers did Michigan police departments receive? | Detroit Free Press |
 More than $43 million worth of property has been transferred to law enforcement in Michigan from January 2006 through April 23 of this year. Nationally, more than $4.3 billion worth of property has been transferred to law enforcement since the program’s inception in fiscal year 1997, according to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which oversees the Law Enforcement Support Office (or 1033) program out of its office in Battle Creek. More than 8,000 agencies participate nationwide. • Related: Do police need grenade launchers, other military weapons? Officers say yes Use this database to see where the military equipment is going by state and county and the type of items being received, The listed value of the items is what it would cost to buy them if they had not been donated.
According to this, (#) County in my state has received X M4 rifles valued at $449 each, and Y 7.62mm rifles valued at $138 each.  (The scopes, though, are in the $10,000 range.)

Lane County has two 'vehicles' valued at about $200,000 each.   Must be pretty nice RVs, huh?

(Hat Tip: Gun Free Zone)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

There's nothing new under the sun

Barmore shooting: 'Justified' - News - Rockford Register Star - Rockford, IL: By Chris Green Posted Dec. 23, 2009 @ 12:01 am Updated Dec 23, 2009 at 10:23 PM ROCKFORD — Justified.
Four months after two Rockford police officers pursued 23-year-old Mark Anthony Barmore into a day care inside a church and fatally shot him, a grand jury ruled Wednesday officers Oda Poole and Stan North were justified in using deadly force.

"Unintended Consequences"

I finally found a copy of "Unintended Consequences" (by John Ross) on Amazon  ... in the "paperback" (mass market) version ... for under the $100 + price which has long been the standard for the ground-breaking novel.

The cost was $39.95 + shipping and handling.

That was last week.  This week, I checked again and the lowest price for the same book was $50.

If you're looking for a copy of the book, and can't really afford to spend 'too much', you'll must have to do what I did:  keep looking until you find someone willing to sell it for a decent price.  (I went through the same process trying to find a copy of  Col. Jeff Cooper's "The Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip: Volume I" a few years ago.  Note that Volume I, II and III currently sell starting at $40 and go UP!)

The book is almost 800 pages, and I'm taking my time going through it.  Although I do reread my favorite books frequently, I don't yet OWN all of my 'favorite books' --- and the county library is disposing of 'old books' because nobody is reading them anymore;  ref: Phylip Wylie's "Generation of Vipers" and "Tomorrow", and everything by Robert Ruark.

Running With Scissors

Homemade .410 Revolver Carbine - YouTube: Published on Jun 6, 2014 Episode 10: Homemade .410 Revolver Carbine Review Thanks for watching!

A highly imaginative (that's a compliment) young man built his own "Revolver" Shotgun.

The thing works pretty good, no criticism for the crude design and construction.

[Hat Tip to "Say Uncle: "But Gun Control Will Work"]

Here's the down side:


The kid is shooting his .410 shotgun at targets from a bare handful of feet away, and those targets are often staged on metal objects (oil drum, dumpster bin) which can bounce those pellets right back at him..   And he isn't even wearing safety glasses.

I would like to think that he will someday look back on this video and say: "Damn!   I can't believe I was so stupid!"

Makes you want to say: "Geez, kid, does your mom know you're doing this?"   But actually, in the comments to the youtube video, people suggest the danger of injury.    He just laughs it off:

Thanks. I'm glad you think so haha. I simply forgot to bring my glasses to the range, and by the time I remembered, it was too late. Thanks for your concern tho

Words fail me.