Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rogue Gun!

Boulder deputy shoots self during handgun training:
(September 10, 2015)
BOULDER - A deputy with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office was injured while participating in the department's handgun training Thursday morning. The deputy was on the firing line at 9:40 a.m., when he drew his weapon and shot at a target. When he was holstering his weapon and turning to the range training deputy, he said he shot himself in the leg.
Who knew?  I thought they were a safe, Democratic State!  They still let their cops carry guns?

Since the deputy was obviously a Highly Trained Peace Officer, the blame can only be directed to the gun.  Um .. pistol.  Handgun. Whatever.
(Hat Tip:  David Codrea)

This incident should be reported to the Brady Campaign To Prevent Handgun Violence * Center  so they can readily identify the self-serving handgun and put it on trial. Or in jail.  Whatever.  And take it off the market, and out of the hands of improperly trained professional peace officers in order to preserve public safety.

Well .. maybe.  Cops are still okay.  Let them have it .. they can handle it.

Handguns which jump out of their holsters and shoot their owners in the foot leg whatever should be reported to the responsible authorities *(see above) and removed from the market.   Totally BANNED!  And from whatever private ownership.  Well, perhaps not from the ownership of the totally responsible, impeccably well-trained ranks of Law Enforcement Officers (and military), because as we ALL know  LEO and MIL are The Only Ones sufficiently well trained to handle handguns safely.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Well .. perhaps not:

* Brady knows what's right, because a man named Brady was shot while someone was trying to kill a President, but he shot a Press Agent instead.  Insidious people, these gun folks!  Who KNEW that this Brady guy would get the totally inept Reagan guy re-elected?  And, get a lot of totally effective Gun Control Laws enacted!


Anonymous said...

You are correct. It must be the handgun's fault. One solution is the NY+ trigger. A minimum of a 12# trigger pull reduces the chance of a pistol deciding to discharge itself.

Archer said...

Another solution is the so-called "smart gun". A gun too "smart" to discharge itself...

... or reliably let anyone else discharge it, either.

Anonymous said...

If the police were limited to carrying only their batons and MACE, think of all the lives that would be saved.