Saturday, January 11, 2014

Obamacare hires new wetbsite contractor.

Obama administration to end contract with CGI Federal, company behind - The Washington Post:
(January 10, 2014)
The Obama administration has decided to jettison from the IT contractor, CGI Federal, that has been mainly responsible for building the defect-ridden online health insurance marketplace and has been immersed in the work of repairing it. Federal health officials are preparing to sign early next week a 12-month contract worth roughly $90 million with a different company, Accenture, after concluding that CGI has not been effective enough in fixing the intricate computer system underpinning the federal Web site, according to a person familiar with the decision who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss private negotiations.

Too little too late. but it's significant that the obvious takes far too long to become apparent actionable to Obama.

Wonder where this story is going to go?

Police: Man stopped for speeding in central Ohio had dozens of bombs, remote detonator | Fox News: LONDON, Ohio – Authorities say they found nearly 50 bombs and four guns inside the vehicle of a man stopped for speeding in central Ohio.

‘I feel my whole body burning'

‘I feel my whole body burning,’ says Oklahoma death row inmate during execution | Fox News:
A man has been executed by lethal injection at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary almost 20 years after orchestrating the brutal assault and robbery of his co-worker at a Tulsa convenience store. Michael Lee Wilson, 38, was convicted in the killing of Richard Yost, 30, who aspired to one day manage the Quiktrip store. Wilson, who was convicted of first-degree murder, was the third person executed for the February 25, 1995, crime; the fourth defendant is serving a life term.
Welcome to Hell, Michael Lee Wilson.  It wasn't your departure from this plane of existence you felt, but your arrival at your next (well deserved) plane of existence.

Before the crime, the men loitered nearly an hour while waiting for customers to leave. Once they were gone, they struck Yost with an aluminum baseball bat 54 times in 131 seconds. They jostled a safe while removing it, but Wilson posed as Yost when a security company called to check an alarm.
And to dampen suspicions among middle-of-the-night customers, Wilson put on Yost's uniform and worked the cash register as Yost lay dying in a pool of blood, beer and milk behind the cooler doors.
The state Board of Pardon and Parole last month rejected Wilson's clemency request on a four to one vote. Ahead of the hearing, Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Miller told the panel that Wilson knew Yost had to die so he couldn't identify his robbers.
Four men had planned the murder for a couple of weeks,  they beat the victim for over two minutes with one or more baseball bats.  This ... monster then acted as the victim to the security company and subsequent customers in the store to cover up the crime.

What did they get out of it?  A couple of bucks and some sneakers.

And now the murderer (who has had 20 more years of life than his victim did) is making a last-minute plea for sympathy because he feels a few moments of discomfort.

As far as I am concerned, this is full justification in favor of the Death Sentence for Capital Crime.  Why shouldn't the inhuman, unfeeling killer feel some pain at the end of his life?  We can only imagine .. but I hope we don't have to ever feel .. the pain his victim felt at the end of HIS life.

True justice would be that the murderer would feel the same exact pain that his victim felt.   I know, that would make us no better than him, that we would wish to exact that sort of vengence.

But it isn't so much vengeance as it is  a desire that every violent felon would be expected to experience the agony of his victims.  Justice isn't retribution as much as it is punishment.   And it is supposedly intended to dissuade others from following same unfeeling, uncaring footsteps of the  murder and mayhem that they read about in the media.

Why shouldn't this man person thing feel pain when he dies?

The best purpose in his short, unhappy life may be to serve as an example to others of his vicious bent.

UPDATE: February 03, 2014
Feminist Tammy Bruce seems to agree with my personal opinion on "coddling murderers" with a 'painless death'.

In a Fox News Opinion article, Bruce suggests that the death penalty be imposed by the Firing Squad.

As long as we are agreed that some people just should not continue to pollute our atmosphere, because of the enormity of their murderous choices, and as long as bleeding heart liberals are with-holding the chemicals which might provide a 'painless death' to convicted murderers, perhaps it's only just that we .. the public upon which they preyed .. quit trying to "go along to get along" and just shoot the murderous bastards.

At least they won't have false expectations that we 'respect' them.