Saturday, July 14, 2007

Multi-Gun in Oregon

UPDATE July 10: Weather for the weekend - mid 80's, partly cloudy. Dress in light-weight, light colored, loose clothes. Drink lots of water and keep that sunblock handy!

R&R Racing NW Multigun Challenge
July 14 - 15 at Albany Rifle & Gun Club. (Directions to range)

See the details at:

Cogito Ergo Geek: Albany Oregon Multi-Gun Matches

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot July Blogmeat

It's hot. Too hot. (Well, Al, it's HIGH SUMMER!) And I've been overwhelmed with the desire to complete editing videos from the Area 1 Multigun match.

When Bad Bloggers get bored, they resort to writing about what OTHER people say and do. Here in Geekistan, we call that ...


July 10, 2007 - (WND) - Anti-gun Activist Makes Illegal Gun Purchase.

John Rosenthal (you remember him? "Stop Handgun Violence" (SHV), "American Hunters and Shooters Association" (AHSA)), admitted on a radio talk-show that he had made a "straw purchase" of a firearm in a state in which he was not a resident. He apparently enlisted the help of Boston Globe reporter Steve Bailey, which included both the funds for the purchase (courtesy of the Globe) and an in-state resident ("a prison guard") who made the actual purchase.

Is this not cause for prosecution? Not only is it a deliberate, flagrant violation of federal law, but also a conspiracy to violate the law. An internet search does not disclose a story of Rosenthal, Bailey or the 'prison guard'. What are the chances that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will follow up on this? None? Right!

At the SHV website, under "Learn" / "Gun Laws", Rosenthal boasts that:
Stop Handgun Violence was the lead agency in a coalition that came together to pass the Gun Control Act of 1998 (Chapter 180), the most comprehensive gun legislation in the nation.
Yet Rosenthal has conspired to violate the current law. How disingenuous, John.

The AHSA website claims:
AHSA vigorously defends the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, promotes safe and responsible gun use, and supports reasonable public policies, so that all Americans can enjoy the benefits of this crucial and historic liberty.
... yet their website also cites the long-disproved (by Dave Kopel, among others) "43-to-1" Kellerman assertion that "a firearm kept in the home is 43 times more likely to kill a family member than an intruder". The context is cleverly hidden (as are all the gun-control messages here) under the cover of saying "Yes, we think you should be able to keep a gun in the home for self-defense, but consider this".

How disingenuous, John.

In a shocking revelation (which will NOT be picked up by AP, Reuters, CBS, MS_NBS or most of the other MainStreamMedia), the Houston Chronicle reveals that not only is Katrina Hurricane not the most most damaging hurricane in American History in terms of damage or lives cost, it is actually just one of many similarly powerful weather effects during the past 110 years.
Under the new analysis, which adjusted for inflation, population and coastal development, Hurricane Katrina and its $81 billion cost ranked second to the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926, which caused damage estimated at almost $140 billion. Another Galveston hurricane, in 1915, ranked fourth with $57 billion in damage.
Alert Readers will note that the key years 1926 and 1915 occurred well before the common ownership of automobiles and the proliferation of atmospheric petrochemicals (and Carbon Dioxide) caused by the Evil Internal Combustion Engine.

Yet the Global Warming Wombats continue to blame all the ills of the world on Henry Ford and his Affordable Automobile.

They might pay a little attention to the "Live Earth" concerts just concluded, and poorly attended.

The "Live Earth Johannesburg officials blame climate change for poor turn-out".
Organiser John Langford believes extremely cold weather in the region - it snowed last week for the first time in a quarter of a century - kept people away from the concert, which starred Joss Stone, UB40, Angelique Kidjo and Baaba Maal. Speaking before the event, Langford said, "We're expecting 10,000 here tonight. It's a bit chilly, and we've had a strange winter... is it climate change? We had snow in Jo'burg last week for the first time in 25 years." But critics have blamed poor publicity for the weak turn-out.
On the other hand, apologists for the London "Live Earth" concert contend that the concert was under-attended because the weather was too warm, and potential attendees opted to go to the beach.

Our thought is that the Global Warming crowd is prepared to credit "Global Warming" with whatever warming upsets their plans. If it's too hot: Global Warming. If it's too cold: Global Warming.

It seems as if the Scientific Method is entirely too passe these days.