Saturday, January 09, 2010

National Public Radio To The Rescue!

Worried about whether you should be concerned about President Obama's "Public Health Options"?

Fear no more!

National Public Radio (the folks who exist on the sufferance of Your Tax Dollars) to the rescue.

NPR has published a satirical video which performs a much-needed public duty: poking fun at "Tea-Baggers" .

Tea-Baggers are the sadly mis-informed and mis-lead (by the damnably obstreperous Anti-Obama Racists) pawns of Conservative Scallawags conned into believing that Our Dear Leader would or could ever support a multiple-trillion dollar public program which offers nothing but benefits to the National Health for any purpose but to help American Citizens who cannot or will not purchase Health Insurance out of their own pockets.

And Dear Leader is ready to fine us Big Bucks if we reject his generous offer, you betcha!

I'm sure you are all as happy as I am to learn that America's Public Broadcasting System is willing to go full-out to support Dear Leader's Policies.

And remember, they do this not because they receive much of their funding from Your Tax Dollars, but because the care enough to research the issues and determine which side of the argument (Hah! Like there is another side in legitimate opposition to Obama!) is right for you.



Obama's newly appointed OSSHE may find himself in the enviable (in the eyes of some people) position to sabotage your 2nd Amendent Right to Keep and Bear Arms without running afoul of the constitution.

He doesn't need to convince legislatures to pass new laws, all he has to do is to declare them "unsafe within the workplace environment" and that will make it illegal (in a manner of speaking) to possess a firearm within the venue of a place where people are hired to do work for money.

David Kopel speaks up against this potential bureaucratic infringement on your constitutional rights, but I'm not sure anybody is listening.

Certainly, The Obama hasn't provided any reassurances. But surely he stands ready to protect The American People against any excesses perpetuated by one of his Czars, right?

Otherwise, we would find ourselves worrying about (the new appointee as the "director of the office of safe and drug free schools") Obama's Education Czar, for example, had a history of teaching about Homosexual practices to school-kids. And that would be Just Wrong, right?

I mean, we certainly shouldn't be concerned about "safety in the work place" in the context of our children in their schools, should we?

Oh, wait. We can't talk about that. It's entirely "Too Much Like Bush!"

ennui: Lack of a Sense of Outrage

I think I've lost the Edge which allows me to be an entertaining Blogger.

It's not that there aren't outrageous events occurring around the world. It's just that I don't care enough about it to react.

Look at the list of things I could be writing about:

In a world obsessed about Global Warming, Britain faces temperatures as cold as the South Pole. But do I care? I do not. Let them eat cake. They're big in Copenhagen, let them go back to a coal economy and choke in the out-gasses of their effluvia. If they were serious about the Kyoto Treaty, they would do the world a favor and just freeze to death. It's all the same to me.

In Virginia, a man assaults his fiancee and whacks her sister with a Samurai sword. Ordinarily, I would consider this an argument for Samurai Control, but today ... who cares? Sure, it slices and it dices, but can it make Julienne Fries? No? Then who cares?

Twenty-seven years ago, someone murdered 7 people by substituting Cyanide for the contents of Tylenol Capsules in the store, and now he has been arrested. Has anyone heard about this? No? I thought not. But the guys who use guns as an instrument for murder of a lesser number of people populate the headlines of newspapers around the world. Is the Mainstream Medai biased toward using Gun Crime as a case for Gun Control? Yes. Do they ignore non-gun murders? Yes. Who cares? Certainly they don't, and Fox is about the only media who bothers to report the potential end-game for this particular Mass Murder. If the MSM doesn't care enough to report it, why should I care any more?

A Maine woman shoots her husband as he sleeps
. Never mind that he has been abusing her (and their daughter) for years, it's still a "gun crime". But there may have been some justification, it may actually be an argument for firearms ownership, in that other than pouring gasoline over him while he sleeps is historically the next-best way to rid one-self of an abusive husband. But do we hear about this in most MSM venues? No. The Burning Bed gets a lot of publicity, but this does not. Who cares? Certainly not me. (PS: She was absolved of any criminal act and allowed to go free ... as if it matters, right?)

And that "Several States Ease Restrictions on Gun Laws" also goes generally unreported. Is this important? I guess not. And the reasons why these restrictions are 'eased' -- and more important, the fact that the results are that less crimes are committed in states with fewer restrictions to firearms ownership, doesn't seem to be publically accepted as significant must mean that most people just really do NOT care. So for once, I find myself with the (supposed) majority on this issue. Because you know what? I don't care.

What is important?

In England, it's important that "Tommy the Tank" books (a child's storybook about a steam engine named 'Tommy") is sexist, and "Demeaning to Women". But if we refer to an individual woman as being 'built like a tank', we're sexist and demeaning to women, to. You can't win, so why bother trying?

And in case those of us who call America 'home' are feeling just a little smug, because stuff like that just can't happen in American, please be advised that New York has declared war on "realistic-looking Toy Guns". But I don't live in New York, and I have no idea how big a problem this is, so while I may conceivably care ... I'm in no position to criticize them, either.

So "I Don't Care!"

I'm not saying that my Lese Majesty attitude is the right way to live, all I'm saying is that if we pay too much attention to the MSM while trying to determine what is societally and culturally important, we're bound to get it wrong every stinkin' time.

So why should we care?

Darned if I know.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Back Again

I have been remiss in blogging for far too long. I'll try to do better in the future.

In the meantime, I do hope that you have spent your time as wisely as I believe I have.