Thursday, September 10, 2015

Got an old gun to sell? Maybe you should just give it to somebody you don't like

Kaine Gun Bill Reflects Opportunistic Deception, Not Public Safety - Shooting Sports News:

“It looks as if the only way to shield yourself from criminal liability is to put the prospective buyer through a NICS check, but doesn’t make the NICS system available to anyone new,” Hofmann remarked. “Talk about a Catch-22.”


USA – -( “Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) is looking to crack down on gun dealers that sell firearms to criminals,” The Hill reported Tuesday.  “The Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act introduced Tuesday would hold gun dealers liable for sales made to people who are prohibited from owning guns.”
But not just dealers:It would apply to both federally-licensed gun dealers and private sellers.What the guy wants to do is outlaw private sales.  What he wants to do is everything he can to prevent all sales. And destroy some people who don’t vote for him in the bargain.
{emphasis added}

I haven't bothered to research to this article, it's from a "Trusted Source", although it is admittedly "single-sourced" at this time.  But on the surface it appears that gun-grabbers are making an even more concerted effort to convert honest, sane, legal gun-owners into criminals.

So yes, the only way you can protect yourself from this kind of litigation is to confirm the buyer's eligibility to purchase a firearm by referencing NCIS; but no, you as a private citizen do NOT have direct access to NICS.

It kind of sucks to be you, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

It is based upon good federal logic, reasoning and practice.

Archer said...

Didn't the new Oregon law, SB 941, remove the immunity granted to private sellers whose buyers submit to voluntary background checks?

Providing the approval number used to be an "affirmative defense" that the seller did his/her due diligence, in the event the buyer used the gun in a crime. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore, and the seller can be charged for providing a firearm to a criminal (who at the time of the sale had a clean background).

#WhateverItTakes to get as many people in jail on specious charges, I guess.