Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lightningwear Deep Concealment Holster

Lightningwear Deep Concealment Holster:
 As you can see from the video below, holsters of this type are basically a hi-tech padded pouch that holds your weapon securely about 3"-5" below your belly-button, right at your center of gravity. The Lightningwear holster has a wide, adjustable, velcro strap across the back, and double bands of elastic on both sides, evenly distributing the weight of a weapon across your back and both hips. Because it is self-supporting, it puts NO extra weight on your belt, and can be worn with a wide variety of clothes (like jogging wear or beach wear) that don't have a belt. Have back problems? The Lightningwear holster is the BEST holster for back problems, and can often be worn when any other holster would cause back pain!

(Go to the website to watch the video)

There's a blurb on the website saying:
all of your questions are probably answered here

My (unanswered) question is:

How do you pee?