Saturday, August 11, 2018

Society's Child

Politicians want to solve "The Gun Problem" by penalizing legal firearms owners; but these are not the people who are are using firearms to commit crime.  The people who intend to break the law ... and eventually do the crime ... are often juveniles or adolescents who have no recourse but criminal activities to feed themselves and their families.

They have no job skills.  They have no future.  The only thing they know that they are GOOD at, is crime.

So that's what they do.

They rob, they steal, they take away from others who have money; because those people have a good job and lots of money, so they won't miss the little that is in their pocked when they are mugged, assaulted, attacked.  Violence is often necessary to establish dominance of the "robber" over the "target".

The victims are usually the robber, not the muggee; although that is not obvious to the person who gets his pocket picked and his face bashed in during the process.

But Politicians promise faithfully every election year to "clean up the neighborhood", and "Stop Crime!".

For the zillionth time ... politicians cannot reduce crime by penalizing the underdog.  They can only do so by recognizing, addressing, and solving the societal problems which lead young men to a life of crime.

If the politicians would find/create jobs, grow the economy, make crime a less attractive alternative than being able to support self and family through social programs which bring pride to a young man and a living wage for his family ..... who wouldn't vote for them?

But the (PTUI!)  politicians all want to be "Crime-Fighters".   And they can't be crime-fighters if there is no crime.  So they choose the easy way, by passing laws which don't help anyone but DO make it harder to be a "young man trying to find his way in a complicated world".

King County Gun Safety Action Plan

Seattle, Washington (located in King County, Washington)  has floated an "Gun Safety Action Plan" which promises to undermine the ability of firearms owners to defend their family, themselves, and their property.    The "County Council" has also suggested that the State Legislature allow municipalities to over-ride state limitations on ban on confiscating firearms.  (See below)

What this means is ... yes, they DO want to "take your guns away from you"; it's an open door to confiscation of private property and an imposition on the right to sell or transfer private property.

This isn't a "Safety Action Plan".  It's a blatant attempt to deprive the citizens of King County of their Second Amendment rights.
King County Gun Safety Action Plan: King County Council Chair Joe McDermott introduced the Gun Safety Action Plan, a King County initiative to protect our residents from gun violence. He also called on the Washington State Legislature to lead or lift the ban imposed on local jurisdictions prohibiting local governments from enacting laws that might limit the sale or possession of firearms in Washington State.

Friday, August 10, 2018

When the guns come out

Worth the read.   American Shooting Journal dot com

Gunfights that Changed LE Tactics: The following are compilation of Police Mag interviews with LEO trainers, firearms experts, and tactical instructors to assess the lasting impacts of these events on patrol officers. As noted by Massad Ayoob, former director of Lethal Force Institute, in addition to horrific circumstances, these incidents contain plenty of bravery by law enforcement officers. “One thing you take from all of these is the tremendous courage of cops fighting against the odds, for their brothers and for the public they serve,” Ayoob says. “It’s inspiring.”

Michigan State student steals identities to buy weapons parts,...

I'm not sure about the question of "full-automatic weapons", but I'm certain that identity theft is not the best way to support your political agenda:
Michigan State student steals identities to buy weapons parts,...: EAST LANSING, Mich. - A Michigan State engineering student is heading to prison after officials said he became an identity thief to buy weapons parts and create illegal machine guns.
However, we are assured of his devotion to the truth when he vows to go straignt:
Elliott said he will never touch a gun or steal from anyone ever again.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Stop Digging!

When you find yourself in a hole, and you don't know what to do, the first thing is to STOP DIGGING!

Unfortunately, the good citizens of Chicago seem to be "unclear on the concept".  They've been electing Democrats to leadership positions for so long, they apparently aren't aware of that their ballots have both a right and a left side ... they just automatically put a checkmark on the Left side. One wonders if they are even aware of the names by the box ... let alone the history of malfeasance and chicanery of the Leftist candidates.

(Or perhaps that is a prerequisite for appearing on the ballot?)

I'm not a Chicagoan,  so perhaps I am just ignorant of their thought process, but many of us who are casual observers of the workings of Bizzaro-Land  sit by in casual wonder of a people who seemingly delight in electing the most malignant politicians to represent their city, their county, and their state.

Here's the most recent news from Bizzaro-Land:

IDIOCY: Out of ideas, Chicagoland Mayor Emanuel BEGS violent gangs to cut out all the murder and mayhem:
After yet another highly publicized and very deadly weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanual has come up with a plan to finally address the rising gang-related violence. Sort of. He’s essentially asking gangs to cut it out.
That's what I call "Leadership"!

Oh ... sorry, I lost my mind for a minute.  That's actually what I call ... um .. INANE?

Think of the most simple-minded soap opera on television, and double it.  That's the best view from afar that you can imagine of the historic Democratic leadership of Illinois in general, and Chicago specifically.   Are you people all suicidal?  You actually vote for these people?

Are you all on The Dole, and do Democrats decide who gets their welfare checks depending on how they voted last year?

I don't mean to be critical of Chicagoans, but .... gee, it's hard not to.  You keep voting the same crooks, idiots and Democrats (sorry to demean crooks and idiots by conflating them with Democrats) into leadership offices, and apparently nobody cares that their elected leaders are sucking on the public teat and you don't even get what's left when they're through.

And they are never through'   they just keep on sucking, and you keep on voting for them!

I probably won't actually PUBLISH this article; it's mean, and dismissive of people in Chicago, and if I lived there I would be very offended.  So I apologize for even writing it.

Still .. have you no pride?

Mistakes were made; people died! Now, it's time to blame the innocent

The 2017 Texas Church shooting was a tragedy which shouldn't have happened.  There were people who knew (cough the United States Air Force cough) that the maniacal attacker should never have been allowed to purchase a firearm, but someone dropped the ball. 

And people died.

IN THE SEARCH for someone to blame (someone who was not dead, and so they could be sued), a Texas couple have chosen the sporting goods store who sold the gunman the firearm used in the shooting.
Academy sporting goods chain sued by couple wounded in Sutherland Springs church shooting | Courts | Dallas News: AUSTIN — A Texas couple who survived the Sutherland Springs church massacre last year have sued the sporting goods store that sold the gunman the firearm used in the shooting.
It's difficult to adequately assign the blame for the acts of a madman, but there's always someone who is willing to accept the challenge.   Usually, the target is someone with "Big Pockets", and so the survivors have chosen to attack the sporting goods store which sold the gun to a man whose record was crystal clear.

His record should not have been so transparent; his employer (United States Air Force) declined to report him as a "domestic abuser", so his application to purchase a firearm was not challenged.
But it's very difficult (and expensive!) to bring suit against an arm of the Federal Government ... but shouldn't the victims, and their families, have SOMEONE to blame?    So the survivors chose the least responsible, but most vulnerable, corporate identity in the BIZARRE chain of events: They sued the store that sold the gun to the man who shot the innocents even though his employer  (the Federal Government) knew he was irresponsible ... a "Domestic Abuser".

The store was not irresponsible; they followed the rules, and the rules required that they perform a background check.  They did that.  They found no reason to deny the purchase, on the federal database of "Bad Guys/No Fly List/Whatever!":

The problem was; nobody who was responsible survived!

Still, the survivors had a right to sue for damages (something about "denial of filial relationship", etc; .. I'm not a lawyer)   But they knew they could never be able to fund a suit against the Federal Government of the U.S. Air Force. 

So they sued the store who (entirely legally) sold the gun.   I don't blame them.  Someone had to pay.  The problem is ... nobody who was responsible

You can write the rest of the story.   You've read it all before. Plaintiff loses the case and is fined court costs plus legal fees.

NOBODY wins in this tragedy.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

VPC claims hundreds killed by Licensed Concealed Carriers

The Violence Policy Center (an anti-gun group who has no dog in this fight at ALL and therefore has no reason to cook the statistics) claims* that owners of Concealed Handgun Licenses are "responsible" for hundreds of deaths "... not involving self defense...".

One needs to read carefully when evaluating claims from this source.

Since the article doesn't provide links to the "websites" which 'offer details', it's impossible to confirm or refute their claims.

As for their assertion that these killings were "not involving self defense", one wonders how many deaths were deemed necessary due to defense against other violent crimes, or in defense of other persons (including family).   Nor does the article provide information about whether the shooters were charged with a felony ... let alone tried, or convicted. 

Are they lazy?  Do they have any facts to support their message?   Or are they just liars?

Blanket Charges such as this are typical of VPC screeds.   Unsubstantiated by reputable third parties, their so-called statistics meet the lowest level of believability; "if they say so, it must be true".

I call this innuendo; an obvious distortion of facts offered to convince the already convinced anti-gun crowd which has declared it's intention to delete your 2nd Amendment rights from the Constitution.

As a counter to their charges, read the Pew Poll recently posted from Ammoland.

(It is telling, to compare the sourced claims of Pro-Second Amendment websites to the unsourced  claims of the anti-gunner websites.)

* In case  VPC deletes their egregious statement from their website, the link and full text is printed under the fold.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Goblin Count

Col. Jeff Cooper, writing a regular column in a popular gun magazine (I believe it was "Guns and Ammo"),  published a running count of the number of felons who were taken down during the attempted commission of violent crime.   The defenders were armed private citizens.

(Cooper's column was titled "Cooper's Corner".)

He called each successful defense an increase of the "Goblin Count" ... the Goblins being the bad guys, the count was the death of the goblin.

Cooper is gone now, but Goblins are a self-renewing resource.    Here's the latest incident:

Police: Armed bystander takes down gunman at Titusville back-to-school event | WFTV:  August 7, 2018   TITUSVILLE, Fla. - An armed bystander shot a man who opened fired on a back-to-school event at a Titusville park after a fistfight, police said.  The shooting occurred at Isaac Campbell Park on South Street shortly after 5:20 p.m. when the shooter, whom police have not identified, returned to the park after a fistfight and began firing, investigators said. 

The Colonel would certainly counted that engagement as "Goblin: 0, Good Guy 1"

Sunday, August 05, 2018

California has officially become a "NICHE" market for Firearms Manufacturers

California's new "Bullet-Stamping" law serves no useful crime-solving purpose, because it's prohibitively expensive and ineffective even if it were technically and economically feasible.  Which, as of this date, it is not. It only serves the Leftist agenda of making it more difficult and expensive for law-abiding citizens of that state to purchase  new semi-automatic handguns.