Saturday, December 12, 2009

SWMBO report, December

If it ain't one thing, it's another.

Sound familiar?

When SWMBO was released from the hospital at the end of November, her oncologist didn't send her home with a prescription for antibiotics. Reason? No bacterial infection was detected in her lab tests.

But she still had the sharp, burning pain in her side, which did NOT go away after several days at home. The doctor had prescribed a powerful pain killer, but she couldn't take enough of it to get her through the day ... it was only 8 pills a day, because it contained Tylenol and the doctor was worried about liver damage. (NOTE: Tylenol contains acetaminophen which is counter-indicated for certain people, especially those with existing liver problems)

She had an appointment with a G.I. specialist on Wednesday, and he tentatively diagnosed her with 'ulcerative colitis' which is serious business ... and for which there is (according to the Mayo Clinic) no known cure.

But there are treatments for the symptoms, among which are ... antibiotics.

She came home with a one-week prescription ... four pills a day. The first night she couldn't sleep and spend the night sitting up on her couch, and sometime in the night she was overcome with nausea.

Thursday she cut the ingestion of antibiotics back by one pill, and was able to sleep through the night.

Friday she was feeling better, and this morning she was resting comfortable. Her voice is now stronger, she can concentrate on paying her bills, and her eyes were bright and shiny again.

I've been staying with her most of the past week, which has been good for both of us. I can help her get through the days and nights, which is a much more positive thing for me to do than staying at my home and worrying about her.

The short term looks good. I don't know when her next doctor appointment is, but hopefully she will by then be able to deal with the symptoms and the doctors can get a better understanding of what is happening to her.

Other than some 'helpful' medications which she can take at home, there's not a lot of treatment being directed toward her Cancer. Instead, they're treating the side-effects of the medications, and the side-effects of those medications.

But she's coming back, regaining her strength, and her quality of life is much better than it was this time last week.

Hopefully, we'll both be back on our feet next week and we can pay more attention to our normal daily activities.