Saturday, November 10, 2018

Alleged intent of gun control vs. actual observable goals

They say that we peace loving Americans shouldn't have guns because of public safety ... but who will take guns away from those who threaten us with violence?

This is one of the best written, and most understandable articles on Gun Control I've read recently for a LONG time!  It starts out like this:
Alleged intent of gun control vs. actual observable goals -
 Pushers of gun control state the disarming the population is necessary for the safety of that same population. The punitive measures they are willing to employ to make that hypothetical safety happen look a lot like “he beats her because he loves her”. Or, as the old Soviet joke went: “We will fight for peace so vigorously that there’s (sic) won’t be anything left standing.” Gun control can only be enforced with other guns, so it’s all about concentrating military power in the hands of a small group that would keep others down forever. While some gun control supporters may be honestly deluded, many are lying from start to finish.

Read the whole thing.

If you think you need a gun to protect your self/family/home ... can you explain why?

If you don't accept the right to keep and bear arms as "legitimate", perhaps you can explain why not?

Friday, November 09, 2018

Gun Control via "Tracking Devices"? Nyet!

Is it possible to prevent school shootings by knowing when a gun owner nears a school?
The Russians think so:
Gun Control: Russian Police Proposes To Outfit All Civilian Weapons With Trackers -The Firearm Blog: the Russian Police Institute, responsible for research and development of specialised (sic) equipment and communications, proposed to outfit all civilian weapons with trackers. So when a gun owner is in close proximity to a school or university, there would be an alarm in the local police station and a SWAT unit would go out to arrest him for coming too close to an educational institution.
That wouldn't work here.   Not for me, certainly.

I live in a "college town". I have a Concealed Handgun License. This kind of extreme law would make that license worthless.

"Back in the day", I was a student here and a member of the (Gallery) Rifle Team.  I owned my own competition rifle.  That wouldn't be possible today, under such laws, without setting off alarms.   The University has 'outlier' facilities covering several square miles, and I live within a mile of the main campus.   If such a draconian law were to be imposed in my state, I couldn't even go to the grocery store ... three blocks away ... without setting off an alarm. 

Of course, the Russians don't care about freedoms; they just care about control.   There's a lot of folks in America who have the same kind of "control issues".

There's a fine line between "reasonable" and "unworkable" gun control laws.  Most folks who are champing at the bit to control guns are perfectly willing to sacrifice their freedoms for a little ... mostly elusive ... safety.

Benjamin Franklin had something to say about that.