Thursday, February 23, 2017

",,, and where it fell, I know not where ..."

This story is perhaps a 'warning shot' to those who would follow the advice of our beloved VP, who suggested that we could protect ourselves by firing "warning shots" .

(We should never, ever, ever accept firearms advice from a no-nothing Liberal!)

Morrissey: Victim of Ashland Walmart shooting was killed by errant bullet | Crime |
The defense attorney for the Mechanicsville woman accused of fatally shooting another woman at the Walmart in Ashland late Saturday said his client did not mean to kill the victim and that she was being teased by two men for being a lesbian and responded by firing a warning shot into the air. It was that bullet, fired by Brittany Lashea Wiggins, that incidentally struck and killed Ashley Fricke, a woman who was not involved in the altercation and whom Wiggins had never met, defense attorney Joe Morrissey said in an interview

(HT: War On Guns)