Thursday, June 09, 2011

Amazing Products We Don't Need: Pistol Bayonet

LaserLyte : Rear Sight Laser : Laser Gun Sights : Laser Bore Tools : Pistol Bayonet

"Haven't you always wanted a Becker Tac Tool for your gun?"

"Quick detachable, looking good on your gun. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Even comes with a polymer sheath".

They don't saw what the "both worlds" thingie means. Nerd and Non-Nerd?

The time was, the concept of a "pistol bayonet" was a joke. (I've got a picture here somewhere ...)

In my mind, it still is. And that's not just me.

UPDATE: June 12, 2011

... and an alternative to the Pistol Bayonet: The AR Chainsaw Bayonet!

Athena Lee and the 2011 Double Tap match (Shooting Wire/Youtube)

Athena Lee can be seen in the video below, shooting all 12 stages to win the Women's Open title at the 2011 "Lost/Atlantis" Double Tap match in an extremely close-run race for the title.

You can see this video, and several other similar videos of the 2011 Double Tap Championship, starting here.

These videos are especially helpful to competitors because they demonstrate how to handle difficult challenges such as retreating uprange, safely (with out sweeping yourself) opening both doors and 'windows', shooting "off balance", and the value of timely and reliable reloading of magazines.
Comparing the videos of Athena's performance vs 2nd place Valerie's demonstrates how a bobbled reload (stage 3) and a jam or two (stages 8 & 9) can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Athena was shooting Minor power; Valerie was shooting Major. The Athena won the match by lest than 0.98 points.

Get more information on this match, and other recent (June 08, 2011) Major Match information from "Between the Berms" thanks to The Shooting Wire.