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Top 25 Most-Stolen Passwords of 2015

See the Top 25 Most-Stolen Passwords of 2015 |

Here’s DataSplash’s top 25 stolen passwords of 2015 (change from 2014 noted in parentheses):

1. 123456 (Unchanged)
2. password (Unchanged)
3. 12345678 (Up 1)
4. qwerty (Up 1)
5. 12345 (Down 2)
6. 123456789 (Unchanged)
7. football (Up 3)
8. 1234 (Down 1)
9. 1234567 (Up 2)
10. baseball (Down 2)
11. welcome (New)
12. 1234567890 (New)
13. abc123 (Up 1)
14. 111111 (Up 1)
15. 1qaz2wsx (New)
16. dragon (Down 7)
17. master (Up 2)
18. monkey (Down 6)
19. letmein (Down 6)
20. login (New)
21. princess (New)
22. qwertyuiop (New)
23. solo (New)
24. passw0rd (New)
25. starwars (New)

 (H/T: New York Post)

Assault on the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act ... worth the read

Democrats attempt to set legal framework to sue the gun industry out of existence  
(January 21, 2016)

Interesting read about the PLCAA: worth the time.

Well, most of the Democratic 2016 field supports this, as do anti-gun activists, so it’s no surprise that some members of Congress are trying to gut the 
Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act  in 2005 (via the Hill): Hot Air

... ask rather what you can do TO your country ....

Senator Wants To Avoid 'Constitutional Arguments' On Guns | The Daily Caller:

Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski said at a Senate hearing Wednesday that she wanted to avoid getting “involved in constitutional arguments.” The only problem is that the hearing in question dealt with President Obama’s recent executive actions on guns, which many believe infringes on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.
“I look forward to…listening to the attorney general and listening to this wonderful panel that you’ve invited to participate today,” Mikulski, a Democrat and ardent supporter of gun control, said in her opening remarks ahead of a Senate Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Subcommittee hearing, which heard testimony from Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “So let’s solve the problem,” Mikuski urged. “Let’s not get involved in constitutional arguments, and let’s help our American people be safe and secure in their home, their neighborhood, their school and their house of worship.” Earlier this month, Obama announced that his administration will force more gun sellers — even low-volume sellers — to obtain licenses and to conduct background checks. The initiative, which was developed in part by Lynch, expands the category of gun sellers considered to be “in the business” of selling firearms.


The Walrus is Paul

5.11 Releases Tactical Yoga Pants | Armory Blog:

Yoga pants are among the greatest inventions of all time, but what could make them better? Tactical versions of course! 5.11 released their own line of tactical range capri pants. They include wide belt loops for tactical belts and abrasian panels to protect against wear. Now I know what the get the misses for Christmas.
Please.  No.
Not now.
Not ever.

Shop in a "Gun Free Zone"? You may have legal options in case of injury:

Bill allows suits over gun-free zone incidents:

Sponsored by (Tennesee State) Sen. Dolores Gresham, R-Somerville, Senate Bill 1736 has a very specific purpose. “It is the intent of this section to balance the right of a handgun carry permit holder to carry a firearm in order to exercise the right of self-defense and the ability of a property owner or entity in charge of the property to exercise control over governmental or private property,” the bill states. 
 To accomplish that goal, the legislation allows any Tennessean with a valid gun permit to sue a property owner in the event of injury or death provided the incident occurred while in a gun-free zone. The legislation places responsibility on the business or property owner of the gun-free area to protect the gun owner from any incidents that occur with any “invitees,” trespassers and employees found on the property, as well as vicious and wild animals and “defensible man-made and natural hazards.” The bill does not define defensible man-made and natural hazards.
(NOTE: Also cited by bloggers "Conservative Tribune" and "GunsnFreedom", both of which  deserve credit for originally referencing this article.)

The legal option (in this unique Tennessee Bill) to sue only applies to legal gun owners who have a carry permit and were prohibited from carrying on the premises because of the property owners' posted restrictions.

I'm of two minds about this.

First, I rarely patronize any business which has a "no guns" sign posted;  if they don't trust me, I don't trust them.  Their business, their choice.  My money, I get to choose to whom I give it.   So, generally speaking, I don't care.

Second, this establishes an aggressive response to gun-free businesses, and because I'm a mild mannered person I choose non-aggression whenever I have a choice.

On the other hand, I don't patronize their businesses, I have no say in their business decisions, and I've already voted against them by refusing to do business with them.   Well, perhaps a certain degree of passive-aggression in that I respect their decision and take my business to people who trust me.


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Too Serious: Need ... Comic .... Relief!

I've been concerned that my recent posts have been so frigging NEGATIVE, serious, and no f*ing fun at ALL.

JUST when I thought I would have to make something up, Clayton Cramer came along and saved my soul.  (Thank you Kind Sir!)

Clayton Cramer.: More Reminders That Our Public Universities Need Some Serious Oversight:

A teacher at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro requires students in her class to write an 8-page commitment to social justice — pupils who take her class because it’s a required course to earn a K-12 teaching credential. An assignment in instructor Revital Zilonka’s “Institution of Education” class tells future North Carolina teachers that “by the end of the semester, you are required to write your own personal/professional commitment to social justice,” the syllabus states. The class mandates a list of feminist and Marxist readings, and students’ “commitment” is expected to be up to eight pages long and delve into how they plan to advance social justice “given the new understanding you have by now about society and education,” the syllabus adds
"Institution of Education" .. man, I wish I had been able to take THAT class back in the 60's!
It sounds like an "Easy 'A'", if you can suck up to the prof!

(On the other hand, it might be less demeaning to just stand on the corner under a street light and solicit lonely men who can't get a date.)

A "commitment to Social Justice" is probably exactly what it sounds like:
You Will Commit To The Party Line, Or We Have Ways To Make You Talk!

  Zilonka’s undergraduate class is one of seven sections of “ELC 381, The Institution of Education” taught at the public university this spring. The course is required for students seeking to earn a K-12 teaching credential, but additional professors teach it besides Zilonka, and scholars can shape it toward their specific interests. Zilonka’s syllabus also tells students to Like on Facebook a slate of secular-progressive pages, such as the pro-LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign, Feministing, Million Hoodies for Justice, and the Brown Girl Collective. If you live in North Carolina, you might want to ask your legislators if this sort of indoctrination is an appropriate use of state funds.

Okay, *-I-* thought it was funny!

Fast and Furious .. The final chapter? Probably not!

Judge rules against Justice Dept. in Fast and Furious fight | Fox News:

A federal judge has rejected the Justice Department's claim of executive privilege used to withhold documents tied to the Fast and Furious "gun-walking" scandal from release to a congressional committee.

Just thought you would like to know.

That is all.

The Melting Pot: The Rant

Katie Pavlich: What real rape culture looks like | TheHill:

“A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation. ... Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that females are being described as ‘wild game’ fighting off Muslim male predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent, social workers say,” Gatestone Fellow Soeren Kern wrote. “At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.”

Pavlich, after quoting that statement from the Gatestone Institute, added her own opinion:

In Norway, The New York Times recently reported on government-funded classes being held for asylum seekers. The classes are being held in an effort to teach men new to the country that rape is wrong and unacceptable in their new culture.
“ ‘The goal is that participants will ‘at least know the difference between right and wrong,’ said Nina Machibya, the Sandnes center’s manager,” the paper reported. “A course manual sets out a simple rule that all asylum seekers need to learn and follow: ‘To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person.’ ”
As I’ve said before, if you have to educate an entire influx of Muslim men about how rape is wrong, you probably shouldn’t be letting them into your country at all. 

I've talked about the bowlderization of America before, although not under this kind of hashtag.

But obviously it isn't "just" happening here, but across the national lines of Civilized Europe as well.  Well .. perhaps we should consider The Mother Countries to be "Not-So Civilized Europe" now.

gunbloggers dot com

It's about that time of the year when I make my annual post about GUNBLOGGERS. is an amalgamation (can I say that here?) of posts from a plethora (I know I can say THAT .. I can even spell it!) of people who blog about firearms.  In includes ... oh hell, me and Ammoland and David Correa and John Lott and a bunch of other folks who have interesting things to say.

Okay, so I don't always have something interesting to say ... but I always have something to say anyway.

So if you're tired of trying to page through this blog every few days looking for something (anything!) of substance, you should go there first.

I'm there, because sometimes the good folks at GBDC (I made that up just now) experience a slow news day and they'll grab anything that might remotely be of interest.

This is where I go first when I wake up in the morning and want to see what's going on in the world.

Note:  Sometimes it's kind of scary.  Welcome to America in the 21st Century!

No Problem; We have an APP for that!

NY school says offer to 'change' student grades made to protect kids | Fox News:

A private Jewish school in New York got bad marks from online critics after sending home report cards - along with a letter offering a rosier set of grades for kids' eyes only.
School officials at Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island say the Jan. 8 letter was not an offer to change real grades, but simply an option for parents to show their youngsters a more encouraging set.

Here's a thought.  Is it going to be a traumatic event for your child to receive the grade she or he actually deserves?

If you sent your child to the 'right' school, they'll send you a phony report card so that the lousy student looks really good, even though the  whole "education" thing isn't working.

What's more important? Should kids get an education, or should their ego be boosted even though they CAN'T LEARN SHIT?

(Note: this is not a test.  You are an adult, you can read the facts and make up your own mind.  Unfortunately, 20 years from now ... your child can not.)

(Note #2:  remember Democrats think we are stupid?   Just saying ....)

Democrats think we are stupid

John Lott has a new article at National Review today, which demonstrates the perfidy of Democrats in their never-ending story of trying to remove all Second Amendment rights from the American Public.

Democrats’ Semi-Automatic Gun Ban Is Clueless:
In the New York Times this month, Thomas Friedman called for “bans on the manufacture and sale of all semi-automatic and other military-style guns.” The city council of Lexington, Mass., is seeking to “ban the ownership of semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons able to hold ammunition clips containing more than ten rounds.”
 Well over half of the guns sold in the U.S. are semi-automatic. And, if a gun can accept a magazine, that magazine can be of pretty much any size. So the “ten round” rule is meaningless. So, with the exception of a few specialty guns, these rules would in effect ban all semi-automatic guns. This Democrat goal is nothing new, of course — in 1998, Illinois state senator Barack Obama supported a “ban on the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons” — but for years, gun-control advocates wanted to ban guns based on appearances. Now, instead of arbitrarily going after guns because of how they look, Democrats are at least being logically consistent and talking about banning guns based on how they function.
Go, read The Whole Thing.

Oh, and just in case you think that Revolvers are "less dreadful" than semi-automatic pistols, in terms of rounds fired downrange per second:

Introducing Jerry Miculek

O'Malley for president to "rebuild the American Dream!" (WTF?)

O'Malley uses Iowa gun show to call for reforms | The Gazette:
*(January 09, 2016)
CEDAR RAPIDS — Standing in front of one of the largest gun shows in Eastern Iowa Saturday morning, presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley called for gun safety legislation, saying such venues are the easiest places terrorists and criminals can obtain firearms.
The former Maryland Governor picked the three-day Hawkeye Downs gun show as his backdrop for a news conference to demand gun control, standing in freezing temperatures and praising President Barack Obama’s executive orders, but refused an invitation from event organizers to tour the facility. (emphasis added)
O'Malley's talking points are:
“You are standing at the easiest place in America for a psychopath, a murderer, or a terrorist to purchase a combat assault weapon, and that is a gun show in the United States of America,” he said, adding that ISIS tells its recruits gun shows are prime opportunities to score guns easily.
As gun show attendees drove behind him to enter the event, O’Malley promised that as president he’d build upon Obama’s recent gun control actions with a ban on combat assault weapons. Among other things, Obama’s orders require businesses that sell firearms obtain licenses to do so and conduct background checks on all potential buyers.
Okay.  So we have a Presidential candidate who is against guns, gun shows, firearms ownership and the Second Amendment in general.
Sounds like a "Shoo-in" to me; he's got MY vote!


Well ... at least he's not a Hypocrite.

Tragedy in the home

Grandmother arrested in east New Orleans toddler's shooting death |
(January 20, 2016)
A 42-year-old grandmother has been arrested in the shooting death of her 3-year-old grandson, killed early Wednesday (Jan. 20) inside her eastern New Orleans home. Investigators think Deonca Kennedy was sleeping in a bed with the toddler when a gun beneath her pillow discharged, striking the boy in the chest, the Police Department said.
This is an awful tragedy.  (Oh, damn .. is there any other kind?)

I can't imagine how the family is dealing with it.
The information available at this time is not sufficient to understand what happened.

But the way the story is presented, one can only assume that someone grasped the gun ... perhaps in their sleep ... and pulled the trigger.

(OR the gun "just went off" without the aid of any human intervention.  Which obviously could not be the case.)

There is a moral to this story, and that is that we who keep firearms in our homes need to be exceedingly careful about safe storage when children are present.

The "Gun Control" people are right about this.

Our children are too important.

And we are responsible for both our actions, and our "inactions".

When your kids and your guns are in the same room,
 you don't need sleep!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This is "Totalitarianism":

Inside Fallujah: ISIS-held ghost town ruled by fear, paranoia as battle looms | Fox News:
As in other parts of ISIS' sprawling caliphate, women suspected of adultery are beheaded and men believed to be homosexual are thrown from atop buildings. “All they need is for two witnesses to testify and say that this person has done something wrong and they get killed,” he said, adding that the accusation of adultery against a woman results in beheading. “So two bad people can make something up and have a person killed.”

Wow!  This is horrible!

Thankfully, this can NEVER happen in America!
We have a CONSTITUTION to protect us from The State.

Or do we?

In parts of America (notably California) gun owners can be "denounced" by family members, friends, acquaintances and even total strangers --- people who say that this person is a danger to himself or others and should not be allowed to purchase (or perhaps even possess) firearms.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy "Confound Terry McAuliffe Day"! (sign here please)

Folks in Virginia are just as outraged by their state leaderships' arbitrary decision to NOT recognize out-of-state CHP holders as ... well, as you would be.  But there is a way to help them.
(BTW, this original post was published December, 2015 ... but there's still time to act!)

First, I’d like to offer an apology to our fellow CHP holders from the 25 states that are about to lose recognition from Virginia on February 1st 2016.
(There's still time to make your voice heard.)

Virginia Advice for Out-Of-State CHP HoldersYes, McAuliffe will probably veto it, but with your help, we will work to get as large a majority as possible to pass it. More on this in future legislative updates in January. In the meantime, here is a link to the bill:
  There is a petition you can sign. Yes, Herring will ignore it, but it will make a great PR item, when I say something like, “X thousand of people signed a petition against Herring’s actions.” 7,283 have signed it so far and you guys are just learning about it! 
Here is the link:    <;.... clicky place

 I am personally delighted to help inform pro-gun people how they can help defeat the EEEEVILE anti-gun movement.

That it would help confound Terry McAuliffe is just like getting Ice Cream on my cake.

Happy "Confound Terry McAuliffe Day"!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Brian Levin: Why the Oregon standoff matters - NY Daily News

Brian Levin: Why the Oregon standoff matters - NY Daily News: It is, and that’s what makes the anti-government Patriot movement to which Bundy and his adherents more menacing than it may at first glance appear. Anti-government extremists are emboldened by confrontations when the response is too lax, and enraged when met with force. For now, however, law enforcement is using the most prudent method to de-escalate — by waiting a bit. Ammon Bundy, who happily took over half-a-million dollars in loans from the federal government, was in an armed standoff in April 2014, along with “militia” supporters who blocked a state highway and confronted rangers enforcing a federal court order against his father for years of trespass on government land and refusal to pay grazing fees. Ammon also kicked a police dog and was tasered, while armed supporters pointed weapons at federal and local law enforcement. Two anti-government Bundy supporters, who were booted from the ranch area by the family, later went on two kill three, including two ambushed Las Vegas police officers. Ryan Payne, who boasted of coordinating snipers against law enforcement in the 2014 standoff is currently holed up with Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan, along with firebrand John Ritzheimer. Ritzheimer, who belongs to a militia support group 3 Percenters, was kicked out of the far right-wing Oathkeepers after he announced his intention of arresting a U.S. senator for treason. Ritzheimer, who staged a large mosque protest and sometimes sports “F--k Islam” t-shirts, was the subject of an FBI warning to police. He had posted a video with a gun in which he stated he was going cross country to confront Muslim columnists who insulted him. RYAN BUNDY SAYS LOCALS SUPPORT OCCUPATION IN OREGON Whether or not the Oregon occupation fizzles, far-right-wing domestic extremism still represents a threat to the United States. Their insurrectionist view of the Second Amendment holds that an armed citizenry is honor-bound to violently overthrow the government when it becomes tyrannical, and they believe it has. Unfortunately, mainstream politics assist them by tolerating extremist conspiracy theories that previously would not see the light of day.

The right to "Feel Safe"

Joe at The View From North Central Idaho  posted another article from a momma's boy who wasn't willing to defend his family, and didn't want anyone else to do so, either.   The quote included:

I am officially beyond a place of wanting to find a compromise with those who want to argue for the right, or the need, of citizens to arm themselves with guns.
I looked at the Declaration of Independence, which (among other things) said something more important:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
Read the whole thing.   I couldn't find anything in the Declaration of Independence where it said that (a) you have a right to FEEL safe, or (b) anyone else has a duty to make you FEEL safe.

The Constitution, however, has this thing which acknowledges your right to defend yourself, but the momma's boy rejects it because the whole thing is distasteful to him.  After all, what are we spending our tax dollars on if it's not to make the momma's boys of the world FEEL safe?  (I ask you!)