Friday, January 09, 2015

Oh, I was the incentive for him to become a MULTI-BILLIONAIRE ...

... so I expect a billion dollars as my 'found money' during our divorce.

Billionaire’s ex-wife cashes his $975M check | Fox Business Video: Sue Ann Arnall, ex-wife of Harold Hamm, cashing a $975M check from him after initially rejecting it.

Oh yeah.  I'm thinking she was a significant asset in his financial serendipity.

The FRENCH: and Why I Ain't Been Talkin' to Y'all Lately

The world is full of bloggers.  Oh my yes, Lots and Lots of folks tabbing between Fox News and CNN just drooling over the Story De Jour.

Today?  French Marxists Muslims Islamic People who kill people for no reason related to their religion at ALL are killing people by the dozens in Paris

Parse THAT, Cambridge Scholars!

I don't want to talk about it.
But I will, anyways.

Monday, January 05, 2015

"Fight on Guns" ... 'they' don't understand why, but they don't like 'em

The great service that Op-Ed columns provide to their readers is that they provide every ignoramus a venue to vent their spleen even though they don't know a thing about their subject:

"The reason for all those guns is not for self defense, not for hunting and not for sport. The simple reason is that so many Americans are obsessed with guns and gun ownership."

Fight on Guns Is Being Taken to State Ballots -\

 Closing loopholes on background checks for gun owners is an area Americans support far more than steps like curbs on assault weapons or limits on magazine sizes. A recent Pew survey, for instance, showed that 52 percent of respondents said they believed it was more important to protect gun ownership rights. That figure was up from 29 percent in 2000. Still, in a 2013 poll, Pew found that nearly 75 percent of respondents supported background-check expansions.


(author: "Tom"): 
I despair that this nation will get a grip on gun control or gun safety anytime soon. The reason for all those guns is not for self defense, not for hunting and not for sport. The simple reason is that so many Americans are obsessed with guns and gun ownership. Contrast this ethos with that of other, similar cultures around the world and see what I mean.
So until the gun ownership mania goes away, guns won't go away, and the associated violence and mayhem won't either. What would cause the mania to go away? I haven't a clue.
Of course, gun advocates tell us that "guns don't kill people, people kill people." That's right. People kill people. With guns.
 Deep in the heart of Texas 3 days ago

Actually, Tom is almost half right.

Guns won't go away:

For hunting, for sport, for defense, and to protect the rights of The People;

Even to protect the rights of "Tom". Whether he likes it or not, the 2nd Amendment protects his First Amendment right to spout liberal tautology.

Respect The Gun

The hardest hardest lesson to teach "new shooters" is to RESPECT THE GUN.

When I teach people how to safely compete in IPSC matches, there all-too-frequent moments when the class members get distracted by secondary considerations, and seem to forget that they have a gun in their hand.   The muzzle of their gun may end up pointing in any direction, and they are unaware of just WHERE it is pointing.

Many people who attend gun safety classes consider themselves to be skilled, experienced  gun persons with good judgement.  They are often wrong in their self assessment.   They are not adept at "multi-tasking", which includes the ability to hold a loaded gun in one hand while fishing for a reload-magazine.

The most important lesson for them to learn is that they are holding a deadly weapon, and they alone are responsible for handling it safely; any other consideration is secondary

When they forget this lesson, their troubles multiply instantly.