Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Sun Has Set on England

Irons in the Fire: From the GFW land where Great Britain used to be:: “
Internal police documents seen by UK Shooting News have revealed that police firearms licensing employees want to ban: .22 semi-autos; magazine-fed shotguns; all 50-cals; section 2 certificates; free 1-for-1 variations; old spec deactivated firearms; antique firearms; and appeals to courts against police decisions.
Oh ... these are "police firearms licensing employees" who want to mandate draconian restrictions on their fellow Britons?  Not elected politicians?

How typical.

Eight years ago I held an extended dialogue with a "British bobby" who identified himself as the "ASBO King:"

 (ASBO is the short version of "AntiSocial Behavior Order", by which British police identify young men behaving badly, also known as "YOBS".}

His contention was that by issuing a citation to YOBS, his department  focused their public shame on their behaviors, without needlessly involving the court system ... which was already swamped with arrests for assaults, home invasions and robberies.  He was VERY proud that he had issued more ASBOs than anyone else in his department; he seemed that he had performed a very positive effort which would successfully reduce the number of assaults with bodily injuries in his area of operations.

  He was unable to provide statistics to the effect that ASBOs reduced violent crime.  He was just proud that nobody got killed, even thought they all lived in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

Essentially, the judicial system could not contend with they overwhelming traffic in assaults and non-fatal injuries, so they decided to just issue a citation.  It's a "three-strikes-you-are-out" kind of thing, which means the YOB could get three ASBO before they were arrested and incarcerated.

My argument was that the arrest absolutely identified the YOB as a violent and unrepentent adolescent who knew that he could weather being unformed on by three of his abused victims before self-promoting himself to more sophisticated criminal activities.

His argument was that they identified the bad boys and 'made them think twice'.

Yeah ... ASBOs make YOBs be even more aggressive and violent, so they could intimidate their victim neighborhoods more thoroughly.  The YOBs know that they have nothing to fear from "law enforcement".  (The consequences of an ASBO is ... laughable, and does not strongly encourage a change in behaviour.)

Since Britons cannot legally own firearms, their citizenry is subject to rule by the strongest; the average citizen is even STRONGLY discouraged from resisting a home invasion by such crude armaments as a cricket bat or a bread knife.  (Their attackers expect no penalties at all,)  And God forgive you if you use a firearm to defend your self, family, home or property; because the British Court certainly will NOT!

In the past seven or eight years, the situation has not changed to the advantage of the individual citizen, nor for the YOBs.  Innocents are still subject to being beaten on their doorstep by young thugs, and said thugs still face no greater threat than a citation.  

Welcome again to the land which once proclaimed that "the sun never sets on the British Empire!"

It has set in England.

And John Peel is still rolling around in his grave, muttering under his non-breath:  "WTF?"

In the meantime, America is setting its hopes on a "Universal Background Check", which criminals will ignore   (and even most honest citizens will ignore, because it is unconstitutional.)
And politicians in America sleep well tonight knowing that they have done something to preserve their political career.
Fuck the American people and their safety ... there are enough American single-mothers pumping out enough Democrats to keep their political selves in office until America looks like England, without the charming accent. 

They have nobody to blame but themselves.  It may be that their sole purpose is to serve as a bad example to the rest of The Free World .. which has deteriorated to one half of one country, out of 187 countries world wide (so far)..

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Anonymous said...

The French may have overtaken England as the dominant power and culture in Europe (excepting the Germans). The British sun has set and the French sun is raising.