Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thank GOD no guns were involved!

Attack in China leaves 15 dead, 14 injured | Fox News: BEIJING –
(November 29, 2014)
Chinese state media say 15 people have been killed in an attack in the country's troubled western Xinjiang region. The official Xinhua News Agency says 14 other people were injured in what it said was a terrorist attack Friday in Shache county. The Tianshan news portal said Saturday that the attackers used vehicles, knives and explosives in the assault. It said the dead included 11 of the attackers. Such attacks have claimed dozens of lives in Xinjiang over the past year. Members of the region's Muslim Uighur minority group have bristled under what they say is repressive Chinese government rule.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Let's Get Rid of the ATF

Backfire | Watchdog Update - Bill eliminating ATF introduced in wake of botched operations:
(September 17, 2014)

ATF!  Whoo-ah!  What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING!
 A bill that would eliminate the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and fold its duties into the FBI and other agencies was introduced Wednesday in Congress. The bill, by U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), would impose an immediate hiring freeze at the ATF and require that a plan be submitted within six months on how to move its activities to other agencies. The bill calls for eliminating the agency a year after the bill's final passage, moving its functions into the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Treasury Department.
Recap?  Fast and furious.  Bogus 'scam gun stores' to no discernible purpose. (Both programs got ripped off, putting more full-auto weapons in circulation than they might have prevented.)

It's time to put this ineffective dinosaur to bed.  Or better, in the grave.

What are they good for?

When White People Riot

Ferguson protests v. white people's riots (Opinion) -
(November 20, 2014)

CNN has fulfilled it's mission once again.  By the clever manipulation of Moral Equivalence (even before the riots started) they have assured rioters that anything they do is just fine with their friends in Major Media.

 Just days after the Pumpkin Fest, riots erupted in the largely white town of Morgantown, West Virginia. Why? Because West Virginia University's team beat Baylor at football. The rioters "lit fires, pushed over street lights and threw rocks, beer bottles and other items at police," reported the local news. Police and fire vehicles were damaged. Eight people were arrested.
  Were the riot police, the National Guard, or a state of emergency declared? No. the city is just considering a law to ban upholstered furniture from outdoor areas, since the "tradition" of setting fire to couches apparently fueled the protests.
Could you imagine a news story about a black community with a "tradition" of burning couches? The media would be pointing out how they're "destroying their own community" and the right would make assertions about black people not deserving public assistance.
[emphasis added]

No, I think that "... a news story about a black community with a 'tradition' of burning couches" would be a welcome relief.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The MAP is not the Terrain!

The Obama Administration has worked hard to convince America that the British National Health Care model is so superior to our (former) "independent provider" model, we have almost forgotten just how BAD the NHC (National Health Care) system really is.

Here's how bad it really is.

Jeremy Hunt: 'I took my children to A&E because I didn't want to wait for GP appointment' - UK Politics - UK - The Independent:

Jeremy Hunt has admitted taking his children to accident and emergency [A&E] because he did not want to wait for a GP appointment. The Health Secretary has spoken numerous times to urge the public to avoid A&E departments in all but the most urgent cases and turn to pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries and walk-in centres instead. But speaking during today’s health questions in the House of Commons, he appeared to go against his own advice. Mr Hunt said: “I took my own children to an A&E department at the weekend precisely because I did not want to wait until later on to take them to see a GP.”
[added by editor for clarification]

The Future of Obamacare

The problems with a National Health Care System (ake: Obamacare .. or earlier, Hillarycare" are threefold:

(1) Somebody has to pay for it
(2) It's run by the Government
(3) It completely ignores the advantages of capitalism

I don't blame him: I'd do the same damn thing!

Reports: Top Iranian Negotiator ‘Frequently Shouts’ at Kerry, Western Officials | Washington Free Beacon:
November 23, 2014 12:30 pm
 VIENNA—Iran’s foreign minister and lead negotiator in nuclear talks is known to frequently scream and shout at Western diplomats, including Secretary of State John Kerry, a practice that has caused alarm among bodyguards stationed outside the negotiating room, according to a member of the Iranian diplomatic team who spoke to the Farsi-language press.

"Like a five year-old trying to hold Hulk Hogan"

In His Own Words: Wilson's Account of Michael Brown Shooting | MRCTV:
Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson - in an exclusive interview with ABC News - recounted his fatal encounter with 18-year-old Michael Brown.

I've deliberately held back from voicing an opinion about this shooting, because we just didn't have any idea at ALL what happened that night.  There were many statements from so-called 'eye-witnesses' ... many of whom either changed their stories or refused to discuss their previous statements when questioned by both police and media.

Now we have the public statement from the officer involved in the shooting.

Personally, I think three things:

It wasn't Murder.
It wasn't even an arrest.
It was survival.

Security breach at USPSA

Email to members from USPSA:

We have become aware of a security breach
r Security issue

We have become aware of a security breach that happened on within the last 24 hours. The USPSA login database was compromised and at least a partial list of usernames and passwords were exposed. USPSA staff has taken steps to address the vulnerability and we have changed the system to ensure this type of attack will not be effective in the future. Members are encouraged to change their passwords on USPSA.ORG and any other web site for which they used the same password. 

It is important to note that the breach did not involve the credit card processing system or any financial data.  All credit card processing is done using a separate industry standard secure vendor - no credit card information is stored on the USPSA server.

We will keep the membership updated as more information is available.

Copyright © 2014 USPSA, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you are a USPSA member. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Feeling a little "JUMPY" today?

Epic World-Record Truck Jump by EMC and Lotus F1 Team 


Bracken: Stonewalled In Obama’s Garden Of Beasts | Western Rifle Shooters Association:
(November 23, 2014)
It is truly a great pity that in stark contrast to the Nixon Watergate era, today’s American Pravda reporters are not interested in uncovering the truth, but instead, they are an integral part of the cover-up. Today’s Woodwards and Bernsteins are secretly taking their marching orders from Obama’s White House. Welcome to the USSA, comrades.

If you don't regularly read David Codrea's "The War On Guns", you might want to check out this article which he recommended.

It's very long, quite 'imaginative', tells a complicated story, and unfortunately makes President Obama's administration look like a proper Dog's Breakfast.

You might even consider reading either or both of the books cited there.

UPDATE: For background,  Susan Rice's infamous Benghazi interview on YouTube