Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Gun Violence in Chicago .. et al

“[I] have never understood why, if all the guns in Chicago come from Indiana, then why doesn’t Indiana have a similar murder rate?”
We all know why Chicago guns come from "out of state". Because Indianans are Democrats, so they make every legality  as confusing as possible.  (It's cumbersome, but it supports a lot of professional politicians who would otherwise be unable to hold down a job.)
If Chicago laws are too strict to let potential gun owners buy guns locally, they just go to another state (Indiana is very conveniently located) to buy guns.

And Indiana's laws are much more lenient (say ... more adherent to the Second Amendment) than are those in Illinois). 

We might ask why Illinoisans even bothers to circumvent the 2nd Amendment ... but then we would have to question why people who wish to exercise their Constitutional rights have to leave their state to be Americans ..... and again, we wonder why they vote Democratic.

Again, we wonder why people choose to undermine their own personal self-interest; but that's what makes us a two-party nation, so go figure!

But I digress.


Anonymous said...

You said it yourself — people are going to Indiana to buy guns and bringing them to other states. So if someone from Chicago is driving across state lines to get guns, why would they use them in Indianapolis? They live in Chicago. Their criminal networks are in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

"We all know why Chicago guns come from "out of state". Because Indianans are Democrats"
I think you meant "Illinoisans"

Anonymous said...

Why rob banks, because that is where the money is. Why do guns in Chicago come from Indiana, because that is where the guns are. Oh, and it turns out that many of the guns used in Chicago killings are also stolen.

Jerry The Geek said...


Any state which restricts access to firearms merely forces its citizens to go to another dominion to exercise their natural rights to freedom.

The need to acquire the means to defend oneself drives its citizens to the nearest neighboring state which does NOT restrict natural freedoms of a citizen to defend oneself, one's family, or one's property.

Gun control laws do NOT limit the ability of criminals to keep and bear arms; these unnatural laws only restrict the rights of honest citizens.