Saturday, May 28, 2016

Couric “Gungate” reporting

The Fraud In “Gungate” Is Real, And Should End Katie Couric’s Career – Bearing Arms

Bearing Arms has done a rather good job of summarizing the Couric "Shot Herself In The Foot" incident, and I won't attempt to gild the lily.   This link is offered in case someone in the firearms community has been on vacation on a mountain top and needs to catch up on the controversy.

But ... guns are ILLEGAL in England!

 Reading the comments of the British Press,  they wonder why President Obama can't just make it illegal to own guns in America, this solving the Crime Problem.  The Brits are gleefully eager to point out the mayhem of Gun Violence in America, but their skirts are not so clean.

 Brits are discovering that when guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns.    This is no longer just a passe "Ami" saying  now.  Even the average Limey is begging their own guv to "do something" in a society where it's illegal for them to resist home invasions with lethal force .... and privately wishing they had their own firearms instead of that ridiculous paring knife.

But the Bobbys are listening, and they've found a way to 'make things all better':

Police to offer rewards to criminals who reveal where guns are hidden:
Martin Evans, crime correspondent 25 MAY 2016 • 6:28PM

Scotland Yard is to offer cash rewards of up to  2,000 [pounds] to criminals in a bid to reduce the number of guns on the streets following a worrying rise in shootings over the past three months. Informants who tell the police where illegal weapons are located will be able to collect the reward providing the information leads to an arrest and prosecution.
 Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police justified the scheme insisting “this is the about getting the guns off the streets”. The initiative follows a spike in shootings across the capital since the beginning of the year with 122 weapons being discharged resulting in 62 people being injured and two killed.
Really?   Sixty-Two Victims in five months in a single city?

Well, it's not Baltimore (or Chicago or Cleveland or Detroit or ....) but it's A Start.

And WHY won't the Brits allow their own citizens to be armed?
Because there would be MORE Brits shot!

That a lot of those Brits shot would be the vicious predators probably doesn't escape them,
But British leaders are well aware. that if they allowed honest people to own firearms, there would still be Dead Brits; and even though that would think the ranks of career criminals, it would be political suicide.

They, like politicians everywhere, would rather see honest citizens slaughtered than to be the politico who granted them the right to self defense.

Why British Citizens aren't railing at their leadership is beyond me.

Oh.  Sorry, I forgot.
They're not Citizens ... they're "Subjects".

You know, like American Liberals want US to be.

(Oh, and BTW ... about the "Gun Buy-Back" schemes;   They don't work.)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hero of the Month: Ms. Stacie Davis

"Your mama know you have this gun?"

Over 1000 to honor woman who took gun from 11-year-old boy walking down suburban Chicago street | WNYW: CHICAGO -

(Chicago City Leaders join) in honoring a woman who took a gun from an 11-year-old boy on a public street..  And well they should!.

The video which was recorded in Harvey, Illinois shows Ms. Stacie Davis confronting the 11-year-old boy on the sidewalk. Ms. Davis claims to have seen children behind a building where one of the young boys put a gun in his pants. After confronting the boy, Ms. Davis took the gun from the clearly agitated young boy. 

At 11 years of age, your heroes don't include your mother; it takes years of maturity to learn that the person most familiar to you is your best mentor.   Sometimes, even Hillary Clinton can be right: it does 'take a village'.

We've been writing for YEARS, here, about the need for Chicago citizens to take the lead in reducing violence in their neighborhoods.

And residents of other high-crime neighborhoods in major American cities.

Ms. Stacie Davis is the hero of the month for accepting the personal responsibility of teaching the youth of her neighborhood the lessons he may not be listening to at home.   It's not that this little boy hasn't heard the lesson, it's just that sometimes you need to hear it from ... someone else.

This lady might have saved a few lives in these few minutes out of her busy day.

She gives me hope..

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gas Hack

Wait ... you're old enough to drive, but don't know what side of the car your gas tank is on?
Maybe you should just take the bus.  Or else ...

How to Know What Side Your Gas Tank is On - PureWow:
Maybe you rented a car. Or maybe your brain is just tired. Either way, every time you pull into a gas station, you hesitate as you ask: Wait, which side of the car is my gas tank on again? Here, a ridiculously easy way to get it right every time.
Your Gas Guage Will Tell You!

Whatever you do, don't change your voter registration to "Republican".
You didn't pass the test.

One hand does not wash the other

California: YOU can't buy a gun, but uninsured illegals can own and drive a car!

On "The One Hand":
California is doing everything it can to deny its citizen the means to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

On "The Other Hand".
Illegal immigrants are easily granted a driver's license (no word on whether they must actually pass a test), but they don't have to carry insurance to drive a car:
 In the push to grant illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, Californians had been assured that doing so would spur them to get safety training and insurance coverage. Nearly a year-and-a-half later, there’s no evidence it worked.“It is hard to pinpoint whether the bill has had an impact or not,” said Jeffrey Spring, spokesman for the American Automobile Association’s California chapter. “We have no way of knowing.”

"They" can keep track of Californians who exercise their constitutional rights, but "they" can't find a way to know if licensed drivers are insured?

In my home state, when I bought a car I had to show proof of insurance before the dealer could deliver the car.  In fact, when I went to pick up the car my Insurance Agent was standing behind the sales agent's desk.   I had to pay the insurance premium on my new car before I received the title.

When I registered the car, I provided proof of insurance; if I'm stopped by a traffic patrolman, I'm expected to show license, registration, and proof of insurance.

When did the American Way change so dramatically that citizens have to prove our "legitimacy" to exercise a constitutionally protected right, but illegal aliens are protected from the kind of oversight which we expect our state governments to exercise in the public interest?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let us reinstate the draft ... this time, for politicians

In time of war, we drafted "warriors".

In time of peace, why don't we draft politicians?

Anyone who actively seeks political office is suspect: they (often) want it too much to be trusted with the honor.

Witness: Hillary Clinton.  

She thinks that, by throwing a crumb toward the Gun Owners of America, she can coerce a few more votes toward her campaign.  As if we believe The  Wanna-Be Next Liar In Chief.

(As if we hadn't already learned from our Obama-Lesson!)

How clue-less can she be?

Hillary Clinton's Second Amendment -
"I know how important gun ownership, and particularly hunting, is here in northeastern Pennsylvania," Clinton told supporters in Dunmore last month. Regarding her gun control agenda, she said, "responsible gun owners have to stand up and say, 'This has nothing to do with my guns, my hunting, my sport shooting, my collecting.'" Self-defense is conspicuously absent from Clinton's list of legitimate things people do with guns. The Australian government, whose mass confiscations of firearms Clinton admires, takes a similar view. Australians must demonstrate a "genuine reason" for owning a gun, and personal protection does not count. But Australia has no Second Amendment. 
No, Hillary doesn't know anything at all about the importance of the Second Amendment.

Actually, Hillary is 'running' on the platform of "Let Bill Do It; He Knows What To Do!"

Are we suppose to cater to Hillary's attempt at an end-run on term limits for the Presidency?  Are we suppose to re-elect BILLARY?

Hillary Clinton plans to put her husband in charge of rebooting the American economy – the top issue of her presidential campaign. 'My husband ... I'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because you know, he knows how to do it,' Clinton told a crowd in Kentucky Sunday. 'And especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have been really left out,' she added, the Washington Post reported.The comment is a reminder that Clinton's election could amount just as much to a 'third term' for her husband than it would for President Obama, who already started campaigning for Clinton in effect with a slashing attack on Donald Trump during a commencement speech at Rutgers University Sunday. 
Frankly, I'm against putting Bill Clinton in charge of the economy ANYTHING!.  I don't think he knows how to do it ... and I never trusted the sleeze-bag-in-chief anyway.

Bill Clinton is "4F" in my book.  Him, and the horse he rode in on.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Knock-Knock, Kick-Kick, Bang-Bang

Elderly Homeowner Shoots Through Door, Kills Suspected Intruder - Breitbart:
According to WRAL [link], 71-year-old homeowner Paul Morgan said he and his wife were asleep when they heard the sound of someone kicking their front door. He grabbed the gun he keeps by the bed and went to the door, where his wife believes multiple suspects were allegedly trying to kick the door down. Morgan said he yelled for the alleged intruders to stop, but they allegedly continued trying to break the door open, so he opened fire. Police arrived to find one suspect lying dead on the sidewalk.
Channeling Paul Harvey for "The Rest Of The Story".

I absolutely do NOT condone shooting through a door.    Yes, it sounds like a home invasion, but it also sounds like a drunk at the wrong door, and several other possible scenarios.

We don't know how violent this 'attack' was, we have only one side of the story and that's all we ever will have.

Assuming the validity of the home-owner statements, four things seem evident from this account:
  1. somebody beat the heck out of the door trying to get in
  2. somebody didn't stop the assault when warned by the home-owner 
  3. somebody is dead
  4. The home-owner and his family are alive.
It will be interesting to follow this story, assuming we can.  I'm sure there is more to it than what we have already been told.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Farnam: "And you thought the 20th Century was bad!"

A friend of mine subscribes to John Farnam's  DTIQUIPS email list and forwards his daily notes to me.   It's a way to get the word out, which is important to many of us.

The topics vary, but in the context of the NRA Annual Meeting  the latest issue provided some content which I felt to be especially pertinent:

This afternoon, it was my honor to attend a sage and fiery lecture from my  long-time friend and colleague, Lt Col Dave Grossman.  Lecture hall was  jammed.  Standing-room only.  Dave’s uncanny ability to capture the attention of an audience is something the rest of us only dream about! Dave talked passionately, and with eminent authority, about the current  world situation, and the news is not good, as you might imagine.  Dave  encouraged us all to go armed, as armed teachers, parents, cops, and other good guys is the only proven deterrent to terrorist attacks.  Terrorists are  coming after our children, just as they do in Israel, and someone has to be  constantly in a position to skillfully and unconditionally protect them, with gunfire when necessary.  Welcome to the 21st Century. And, you thought the 20 Century was bad! Conversely, HRCs recent pseudo-sanctimonious pronouncement that “... no  problem was ever solved with a gun” are the words of a naive clown, and an  arrogant, self-serving twit.  

(Grossman link added)


And adding, in the words of The Colonel:
"There aren't many problems that you can't fix,
with seven-hundred dollars and a thirty-ought six."

"Not on MY Watch!" She Said

They don't seem to be very progressive in the DC Giant Grocery Store.   I wonder how many of them were Democrats.

Woman Removed Man From Bathroom, Arrested | The Daily Caller:
(May 19, 2016)
A female security guard working at a Washington, D.C. grocery store was arrested Monday afternoon for physically escorting a man out of the women’s restroom after he refused to leave because he identifies as a woman. The shopper — a young, African-American male who identified himself as Ebony Belcher to local news outlets — reportedly passed the security guard on his way into the women’s restroom at a Giant grocery store in Northeast D.C. After seeing Belcher walk into the women’s restroom, the security guard followed him in and ordered the man to leave. When he refused, the security guard had to physically escort him out of the women’s restroom.
The evicted 'person' ("Ebony Belcher"?) called police, who arrested the guard.  

Belcher said he was "hurt":

... “the woman had no reason to put her hands on me,” adding that he was emotionally traumatized by the incident. “I’m hurt by this. It’s terrible… I’m distraught,” 

The genetic ladies in the ladies room were grateful to the guard.
 “If you was born a man go to the men’s bathroom. You got a penis go to the men’s bathroom. If you are born a woman go to the woman’s bathroom. Period!”

Labels:  "Fast and Furious"; "Good Cop/Bad Cop"; "Government"; "Liberal Wet Dreams"

Larry Elder Observations

36 Reasons to Stop Me Before I Tweet Again - Larry Elder:
1) "Political correctness" is just a fancy term for not telling the truth.
 2) Obama says he wants "mandatory" voting, as it is in Australia. Voter ID is "unduly burdensome" -- but forcing people to vote is not?!
 3) Obama says with "mandatory" voting, "You start getting 70-80 percent voting rates." Still not as high as the voting rates for dead people in Chicago!
 4) Democrats, the "party of freedom," want mandatory health insurance, mandatory employer-paid leave, mandatory minimum wage and mandatory voting.
 5) If illegals-turned-new-citizens would likely vote 80 percent GOP, instead of 80 percent Democrat, government would've sealed the borders tighter than a clam's behind.
 6) Government freebies eventually anger both those who pay and those who demand, "Where's mine?"
There are more Conservative Comments, follow the link.

I use to listen to Larry Elder on the radio, but radio in Oregon is "iffy" at best and not terribly conservative at worse.  Besides, I didn't like his debate style ... he wasn't as good "off the cuff" as he is when he has had time to think it through.   (Which is why I offered the contents of this think piece.)

Kentucky church group considers NRA members "enemies"

Gun safety advocates pray for NRA members holding annual meeting in Louisville:

 Cecil-Hinds, interim executive director of the Kentucky Council of Churches, said many NRA members “are Christian people who believe that what they are doing is right”. “If we speak out against them without praying for them, then we do an injustice to God’s work in the world,” she said. “God calls us to be one body and love one another. Jesus said, ‘Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.’ That’s why I do it.”
Hmmm ... so, NRA members are their "enemies"?  Legal, law-abiding firearms owners are their "enemies"?   People who are responsible gun owners are their "enemies" simply because they possess firearms?

I can't quite get my mind around this concept.

Isn't there a biblical injunction involved here?

Something like "Judge Not, Lest Thee Be Judged"?

If this group had been referring to criminals who use firearms for nefarious purposes, I would have understood.  But they are specifically targeting NRA members.

It hurts my feelings.  I may weep.

Please, spare me your sanctimonious self-righteous hypocrisy.   Whatever God you are praying to, it's not the father of He who said, in Luke 22:36: ''
"... the one without a sword should sell his cloak and buy one".
If y'all are that religious that you think you ought to pray for armed total strangers, maybe you ought to consider buying a gun; because "Don't Bring A Sword To A Gun Fight".

(Yeah, I made that one up.)