Friday, August 01, 2014

Scary Gun Nut? Or What?

Property Owner, Campground in Dispute over Handgun - KPVI News 6 - Pocatello, ID:
(August 01, 2014)
William Baker was walking his dogs on Friday night on his property in Arco, when the owner of the KOA Campground approached him about having his gun in full sight, holstered on his hip. "I told him I was absolutely legal in doing so and to be honest I was a little bit dumb founded and that was about all I could get out,” says William Baker, gun owner. Someone had gone to the campground's owner and complained about Baker walking with his pistol on his side. Baker says he wasn't a threat and he wasn't doing anything illegal.
(The Baker property and the KOA campground apparently share a common fence line.)

The local sheriff confirmed that Baker was on his own property and was not breaking any laws.
The Comments  to the article include one (seemingly quoting the KOA franchise owner) which suggests that Baker is a scary, misanthropic wing-nut.

So is this a situation blown all out of proportion, or one which revealed a man who frightens his neighbors by his life style rather than because he exercises his 2nd Amendment right?

It's impossible to tell at this time ... see the comment from RogueRequest @ 7:46pm

One thing is clear:  The local television station seemed comfortable with merely reporting the surface story.     Their viewers would have been better served if they had the WHOLE story.

And maybe this is symptomatic of the whole "Gun Rights/Gun Control" contretemps.   When the media gets involved, they're not looking for The Truth.

They're just looking for The Lead Story.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

USPSA Open Nationals on Shooting USA?

Shooting Wire:
(July 30, 2014)
 Shooting USA - USPSA Open Nationals - Inside STI It's the fastest run and gun racing of all, with fully enhanced Open Division guns competing for the national title. Plus, the inside story of STI, the employee owned company that has claimed more national titles than any other manufacturer. Then John's got the Benchrest secret on cleaning for accuracy in a Brownells Home Gunsmithing project. And the story of the Long Lee Enfield, that's now one of History's Guns.
This all sounds pretty interesting.  Unfortunately, I haven't bothered with cable TV for 15 years (Aging Curmudgeon Alert!) so I'll never see any of it.  

If anyone knows whether/when this will be available on the internet, please let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Border crisis bill clears Senate hurdle, still faces dim chances | Fox News

Border crisis bill clears Senate hurdle, still faces dim chances | Fox News:
(July 30, 2014)
A bill to deal with the immigration surge on the U.S.-Mexico border won a temporary reprieve in the Senate Wednesday as lawmakers maneuvered to offer some response to the crisis before adjourning for the summer. Senators voted 63-33 to advance the $3.5 billion emergency spending bill over an initial procedural hurdle. But with the GOP opposed, there was little expectation that the legislation would ultimately prevail with only days left before Congress' annual summer recess.
What's not obvious is that this $3,500,000,000 (more than I make all year!) bill is controversial because it includes both "support" for illegal immigrants, but other measures such as support for the Israelii's ... who face their own immigrations issues, but on a different level.

The compromise would eliminate aid for Israel ... the only Democratic country in a Middle East filled with people who hate Israel and America.   Does it seem more palatable if it cuts 0.225 $billion earmarked for our allies?

The bill includes $2.7 billion for more immigration judges, detention facilities, enforcement measures and other steps to deal with the tens and thousands of youths who've been arriving illegally in South Texas without their parents. It does not include legal changes to permit authorities to turn unaccompanied Central American migrant youths around at the border without deportation hearings that existing law guarantees -- a GOP demand that Democrats say would send the kids back to terrible conditions.
Here's an alternative suggestion:   If you MUST spent $3.4 Billion, allocate only the $225 mil which would have gone to Israel to a plan which would immediately bus all aliens found crossing our southern border to ... say .. Tiajuana.

Drop them off.

Go back and pick up another busload.

They got to the border without our help; let them go back where they came from without our help.

They are MEXICO's problem, not ours.  Mexico should consider this a "humanitarian crisis".

They got NAFTA from Clinton; they can take "HellNo" from Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

Does that sound cruel and heartless?  See here.

We need to apply focus humanitarian aid to our own people first, and then to the international allies who support freedom AND take responsibility for the welfare of their own society.

Democratic allies (other than Mexico and other southern states) would get the funding which would unwisely been allocated to the "Southern Refugee Problem".

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Shot Rings Out

Gun Safety Group Pressures Key GOP Senators In Dramatic TV Ad:
(July 28, 2014)

Is the NRA paying Michael Bloomberg to make their point for them?
The gun safety group funded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will air a dramatic television ad in three key states and Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to pressure key Republican senators to support new gun restrictions for domestic abusers. The 30-second ad by Everytown for Gun Safety features a man trying to break into his ex-wife's house with a gun as she frantically calls the police. The man kicks the door in, grabs the woman's crying baby and points the gun at the woman's head. The gunshot can be heard as the video cuts out and directs viewers to text a number for information about stopping violence against women.
Oh, here's the 31-second video; no need to go to the link:

The scenario: an angry ex-husband breaks down his ex-wife's door, grabs their child away from her, and when the ex-wife protests ... a shot rings out.

We are left not knowing if the husband shoots the child, the wife, or both.

Still, it's not a scenario which has never happened in this country.  Or most countries.

The wife is presented as a helpless but brave (if ineffectual) terrified woman. The husband is an out-of-control Paranoid with delusions of WTF ... who knows?.

One wonders if this terrifying scenario couldn't lead to a less-bad conclusion.

For example:

What if the wife had a gun, and was not afraid to use it in defense of herself and her child?

That "shot rings out" can have a less ominous note.  Even the most recalcitrant Libro-Tard can get the message:

The cost of (Obama Supported) Illegal Immigration -- in OHIO!

Ohio sheriff sends a bill to Mexican president for cost of jailed Illegals - BizPac Review:

Fed up with the overwhelming amount of illegals in his jail, an Ohio sheriff sent a bill for the costs to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.
   “I sent him a bill for the prisoners that are in my jail. They came here illegally,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch. “I’ve not gotten any money from them, but I billed them so much. And I’ll tell you what I got in return: My life was threatened.”
  The millions of dollars spent on welfare programs in Ohio entice illegal immigrants to come to the state looking for “free stuff,” Jones said, adding that the FBI warned him that he was one of three sheriffs being targeted by Mexican drug cartels.
Serpents At Our Breast: Economic Hard Times in Ohio County forced to support indigents from our Southern border

Sheriff Jones said in an interview (see the video at the link) that the problem with illegal immigrants has hit his county hard, in at least three ways:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Room Clearing With Delta Force

Room Clearing With Delta Force: Try as you will, you’ll never be this operator:

Mike at "Every Day No Days Off" presents this video of Delta Force practicing a "Room Clearing Operation".

Striking video.  Worth watching.

And no, I don't feel shy about pumping another gun-blogger.  If you haven't yet seen the wide variety of people who write about things I care about (see the mast-head), you might check out