Monday, May 24, 2010


Mexican President Flipe Calederon addressed the American Congress last week, and one of the primary points of his speach was that he "decried" the law recently enacted by the Arizona legislature which enabled local law enforcement agencies to enforce Federal laws which penalized individuals who enter American states (specifically, Arizona) without benefit of Federal permission.

Note that this access is specifically forbidden by Federal law, and the obligation to "protect (our) borders" is a constitutional requirement ... which is not current enforced by the Obama administration.

Specifically, he said:
"I am convinced that a comprehensive immigration reform is crucial to securing our common border," the Mexican president told lawmakers in both parties gathered for the speech. "However I strongly disagree with your recently adopted law in Arizona."

Democrats stood and applauded Calderon's remarks at that point in the speech, while many Republicans remained seated, with no applause.
Here's an interesting ... and perhaps telling .. statement from Calderon:

In asking anew for an immigration overhaul, Obama showed solidarity with his guest of honor, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who called Arizona's law discriminatory and warned Mexico would reject any effort to "criminalize migration." The United States and Mexico share a significant economic and political relationship that stands to be damaged the more the nations are at odds over immigration, which affects millions of people on both sides of the border.
Note that word: "migration".

Has Calderon confused the word "migration" with the word "immigration"?

It sees that he has, and the words we speak without thinking are most likely to reveal our inner thoughts.

Calderon is striving to encourage the United States of America to accept his most impoverished, and least productive, citizens. Those who have no skills to bring to the American job-market, but who are able to perform only unskilled labor for less than and American could legitimately and legally demand for doing the same work.

In a word .... a single word ... Calderon is condemning his "peasantry" to poor, underpaid manual labor for the single purpose of removing them from his country's economy.

He has unconsciously committed them, these "peons", to under-paid, under-skilled wage slavery for the benefit of his country, and for then "excess income" (excess, after mean wage-slave income) which they can garner in our country.

Does Calderon have the best interest of his citizens at heart? No, unless one considers that un-skilled workers are best encouraged to remove themselves from Mexico, and earn what meager salary they can in America.

They can make enough money to send some home? Great for Mexico, which has removed the lowest skilled workers without penalty, and still effect the transfer of literally BILLIONS of American Dollars to Mexico.

Why else would he object to America's attempts to enforce our border/immigration laws?

Remember the difference between "immigration" and "migration".

The first is the legal transfer, with permission, of individuals from one country to another.

The other is the transfer of individuals from one country to another, without necessarily being legally accepted by the receiving country.

Calderon thinks that "migration" is a wonderful, no-penalty solution to his country's overpopulation of Peons.

Obama thinks that it is a great way to propagate his Socialist agenda.

And so there is no difference of opinion between the two national leaders.

Except that American Citizens, who are dying by the thousands every month because 85% of these "migrants" are criminals, and they are underining the infrastructure of America.

But Obama doesn't care, because he plans to make them "legal citizens" through his plan of "immigration reform", and every fricking one of the are going to vote Democratic in 2012.

Why shouldn't they? Obama and the Liberal Democrats have given them the Keys to the Kingdom, and they are very grateful.

The Democrats care not one whit about the security of America. They just want the votes.

And they shall have them.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

.50 BMG sniper

This is from the History Channel, and having watched it I must say that it is too professionally edited to be realistic.

But if you are interested in Sniper Action in Combat, this will appeal to you. (G0 to the link to see the video in full-page format.)

H/T to Guest "Randomly Hitten' Witten"