Monday, September 07, 2015

The Naked President

Obama warns Republicans to avoid 'unforced error' of government shutdown | TheHill:
(September 07, 2015)
President Obama accused Republicans Monday of playing games with the federal budget, warning them that threatening a government shutdown over funding for Planned Parenthood or ObamaCare would be “completely irresponsible.”

"Completely Irresponsible" is a good description of ObamaCare ... which would be entirely funded by 'the next generation' ... under threat of government sanctions of those who refuse to sign onto Obamacare because they have nothing to gain from it.
 Speaking at a Labor Day event in Boston, Obama said Congress should work to approve federal spending bills that end across-the-board funding cuts rather than wage policy battles over healthcare that could risk a shutdown at the end of the month. “So far, at least, instead of hearing about how we can move together, what we’re hearing from [Republicans] is threats that they might shut down the government over things that don’t have anything to do with the budget,” he said. “Try to stop the budget in order to force us to do something that would restrict women’s healthcare, for example. That’s not a good idea.”
Not a good idea?

Trying to force one generation to pay for their grandparents' health-care expenses sounds fiscally irresponsible to me.  And I'm the Generation who is hoping that my grandkids can pay for my lung cancer treatments, after I've been smoking since before their parents were born.

Isn't my cancer MY problem?

 When Congress returns this week, Republicans are expected to launch an assault on federal funding for Planned Parenthood in light of undercover videos accusing it of illegal activity. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said last week that the Senate will vote on defunding the group when lawmakers return, though he acknowledged Obama is likely to veto such a bill if it were to pass. Democrats have said Republicans risk another government shutdown if they push the issue too far. 
Some people actually think that Planned Parenthood is a conspiracy to deprive Negroes (there, I said it) of their reproductive rights.  Whatever the hell that is.  Oh, and also that Planned Parenthood is a bunch of con artists who actually do more harm than job ... which (if they are right), the anti-P.P. folks are performing a public service by identifying a charade.

But Obama is trying so hard to be a leader that he's ignoring the back-issues.  Yes, he is black and so is his family.  Which suggests that he's not trying to find the best solution for the nation, but for his political position.

Obama also needled Republicans for forcing votes to undo ObamaCare, a failed effort that lead to the 2013 government shutdown. “Everybody says it’s working,” Obama said. “It’s working better than even I expected, and costing less, and they’re still talking about repealing.” Obama plugged the state of the U.S. economy, saying it’s performing better than in other parts of the world and warning that a shutdown could threaten that status.
I don't think that "everybody" says it's working.  Everybody says it's a piece of shit,and nobody wants to sign up for it because the P.O.S. factor is so high that we just can't afford it.

Oh, and there's also that "... if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan" thingie which moves the bullshit-o-meter from "do you really think we would believe this?" all the way to the "lying sack of ..... " peg.

Plus the economy, "Performing better than in other parts of the world"?  Could you please be more specific?  Your Vice President, Joe Biden, thinks that "Something Is Wrong With the Economy".


 He compared a potential shutdown to an “unforced error,” and made reference to the infamous Bill Buckner error that helped cost the Boston Red Sox the World Series in 1986. “It’d be like a ground ball slipping through somebody’s legs,” Obama said, cheekily, to groans from the Boston crowd. “You guys have won a couple since then, so I can make that joke,” he said. “If you hadn’t had so many World Series, I wouldn’t make that joke.”
You're wrong, Mister President.  WE made the joke when we elected you. Twice.

Even new housing sales, which have been robust for a while, are beginning to slide;  price cuts are becoming more common.

Would a shut-down of the government really be such a bad thing for Americans?  At the least, it would take away your pen and your phone for a while.

And that's a "The Emperor Has No Clothes" moment.


Mark said...

The Prez is so bound by his ideology, that his common sense is lost in the deeps.

Anonymous said...

POTUS does not allow dissent,disagreement, the law or the constitution to hinder the advancement of his agenda. He gets angry when anyone tries.

Anonymous said...

Obama always knows best and knows more about any subject than anyone else. If asked, he will tell you so.