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Woman sues after online date stabbed her 10 times

Woman sues after online date stabbed her 10 times | Watch XFINITY Videos Online | News | Comcast

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I don't know if this will even 'work' on Blogger .. Comcast is as lame as this ... oh, well, I can't say that out loud. It's helpful to know, sometimes, that just because we get focused on issues which are important to us ... that doesn't mean that there are NOT idiots in the world who are similarly unable to grasp the simple concept that "You are responsible for your own bad judgement ... not me!"

NOTE: In the interest of Full Disclosure;
  • Online dating may be dangerous
  • Firearms may be dangerous
  • Hot coffee may burn you
  • Just because you put your RV on "Cruise Control", that doesn't mean it will navigate for you
  • DO NOT remove this tag under penalty of law
  • The puppy you got from the ASPSA Kennell?  He may bite you!
  • Do not mix chemicals to make them clean your toilet bowl "Faster"
  • Objects may be closer than they appear in the mirror
  • Reading this blog may be hazardous to your health, wealth, and sanity
  • If you really need to be warned against injudicious behavior, you should stay in your townhouse apartment and never come out, accept no phone calls, and stay away from the Internet!  (Information is as dangerous as a loaded gun in the hands of an idiot!)

Been There, Done That

Outdoor Channel | SHOT Show 2013: By: Steve Wright, LAS VEGAS — That recent two-word curse Rep. John Boehner directed at Sen. Harry Reid during the fiscal cliff negotiations was repeated en masse Wednesday on the main floor of the SHOT Show. No, those particular words weren't shouted in refrain to President Barack Obama's message. But neither are they a gross exaggeration of the reaction.
President Obama's address on proposed gun safety laws was streamed live on a football stadium-size video screen above main showroom floor, where representatives of the gun industry are gathered for the 35th annual trade show.

It's interesting to me (although perhaps fairly "Ho-Hum" to you) that the talking points this author presents sound so familiar.  It's easy to use the word "trite" when describing words, phrases, and explanations which have been repeated so frequently that the reader can find himself repeating them before they are even read.

Say it to yourself:

"A bird in the hand ....."
"A stitch in time ..."
"Look before you ...."
"The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban ...."

Ah, I didn't fool you there at all, did I?  The completed sentence is " ... proved that draconian restrictions on private firearms, or magazine capacity, have NO effect on crime rates!"

But then, you knew that already.

Or else, you can read the quotes which I gleaned from this  January 16, 2013, article from The Outdoor Channel:

With the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004, as the primary history lesson here, the latest proposals from the White House are more likely to stimulate the gun industry than stifle it. While the President offered some ideas previously untried, the assault weapons ban and magazine restrictions? Been there, done that.

The 1994 law defined an assault weapon, listing several models of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns specifically, plus the features of any new models that would fall under this ban. The law listed various combinations of pistol grips, extended magazines, telescoping stocks, etc., that would provide the legal description of an "assault weapon." Detachable magazine size was limited to 10 rounds.

"As tough as the law sounded, the ban was laughably easy to evade in practice," wrote Paul M. Barrett wrote in his 2012 book Glock: The Rise of America's Gun.
Yes, manufacturers had to adjust the cosmetics of some guns to avoid the ban. But no matter how hard anyone tries, there's no simple definition for an assault rifle.
"The true definition of an assault gun lies in how you use it," (Jim Drager, head of business development at Mission Arms Group) said. "If you look at the Old West, they did a heck of a lot of damage with a double-barreled shotgun. Any firearm can be used as an assault weapon in a broad definition of it."

Much has been said about "Assault Weapons" over the years.  There's the definition of firearms-savvy people who stubbornly and "un-cooperatively" insist that it is a rifle-caliber stocked rifle which is capable of full-automatic fire, and there is the definition of the "Progressives" who insist that it's any firearm capable of firing more than x-number of rounds without reloading, and has the external characteristics of a barrel shroud, flash-suppressor, extensible stock, and a pistol grip.  Or some combination  (1 to three "features" depending on how "progressive" the governmental authority feels during the political climate of the moment.)

Two things are for sure: Progressives don't seem to have noticed that full-automatic weapons have been unavailable to the general public for years, not do they feel obligated to explain how these specific "features" turn a "hunting rifle" into an "Assault Weapon".

Boyz Frum De Hood

Egyptians riot after soccer fans sentenced to die :

CAIRO — Relatives and angry young men rampaged through the Egyptian city of Port Said on Saturday in assaults that killed at least 27 people following death sentences for local fans involved in the country's worst bout of soccer violence. Unrest surrounding the second anniversary of Egypt's revolution also broke out in Cairo and other cities for a third day, with protesters clashing for hours with riot police who fired tear gas that encompassed swaths of the capital's downtown. The divisive verdict and bloodshed highlight challenges being faced by President Mohammed Morsi, who took office seven months ago following an Egyptian revolution that ousted autocratic leader Hosni Mubarak. Critics say Morsi has failed to carry out promised reforms in the country's judiciary and police force, and claim little has improved in the two years after the uprising against Mubarak.

You know, I've never been a fan of spectator sports.  Well ... maybe baseball.  When watching a baseball game, I can take a nap in the middle of the game in full confidence that when I wake up I won't have missed anything.

Not so, apparently, if "my game" might be ... Soccer!

Oh, it's not just the Egyptians.  I seem to recall having heard about something called "Manchester United".  (Did I say that right?  I don't want to get anybody mad at me for an innocent typo.)

 So, I'm going to take my life in my hands, and talk about both Soccer and Egyptian Politics.  Since I don't know anything about either, it's safe to say that I'm a total dork and I should just go shoot myself.

(For those Egyptians and Soccer fans reading this:  There, I've already said it for you, don't feel obligated to send me a death threat unless you have something more creative to say than that.  On the other hand, if you were all THAT creative ... why would you be watching Soccer Games,  or even reading this trip,  for goodness sakes?  Why aren't you writing poetry or a book or sculpting a statue of Pele?)

Several points were made in the article which just scream for attention, similar to American Soldiers burning Vietnamese Villages (aka John Kerry):

For instance:
Why are soccer fans condemned to die?  I know they're drunken (in an islamic state?) loud, aggressive and obnoxious ... I get that.   Why hang them?

After all, the contingent which has been condemned were key players in ousting Mubarak in favor of the current president, Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi.

The divisive verdict and bloodshed highlight challenges being faced by President Mohammed Morsi, who took office seven months ago following an Egyptian revolution that ousted autocratic leader Hosni Mubarak. Critics say Morsi has failed to carry out promised reforms in the country's judiciary and police force, and claim little has improved in the two years after the uprising against Mubarak.
The Islamist leader, Egypt's first freely elected and civilian president, met for the first time with top generals as part of the newly formed National Defense Council to discuss the deployment of troops in two cities. The military was deployed to Port Said hours after the verdict was announced, and warned that a curfew could be declared in areas of unrest. The military was also deployed to the canal city of Suez, where protesters attacked the main security compound there after eight people were killed late Friday.
 Wow.  This sounds serious.  If democracy has finally reared its ugly head in NE Africa, and the consequences are that soccer fans are to be hanged by the neck until dead Dead DEAD ... why don't they just over-run Somalia while they're at it?  I'll be there are a LOT of Soccer fans in Mogadishu.

Incidentally, Somalia is not a "Gun Free Zone" ... what folks in America call "Target Rich Environments" aka "Shopping Malls".   Instead almost everybody in Somalia has a gun, even if they don't really know how to shoot accurately.  This is, like "Spray-And-Pray City", right?  Maybe that has something to do with Morsi's decision to kill his own citizens instead of going to war?

Okay, so it's a lot easier to hang soccer fanatics than to run a patrol of Humvees through downtown Mogadishu.  I guess even Bill Clinton figured that one out ... eventually.

Anyhooo ... so Morsi deployed death squads  security troops  military units through-out the country to ... I don't know, do "something" about "protesters".  (How's that "hope 'n change" thing working for you, Morsi?)

This sounds a LOT like Americans insisting that the Feds "Do Something" about School and Mall Massacres.  Please note:  This is what it looks like when "The Government" decides to "Do Something".

Apparently, not everybody is a Morsi fan ... Manchester United?  Maybe.  Morsi?  Probably not.
Survivors and witnesses said Mubarak loyalists had a hand in instigating last year's attack, which began Feb. 1 after Port Said's home team Al-Masry won a match, 3-1, against Cairo's Al-Ahly. Some say "hired thugs" wearing green T-shirts posing as Al-Masry fans led the attacks.
Others say, at the very least, police were responsible for gross negligence in the Feb. 1 soccer brawl that killed 74 Al-Ahly fans.
 Last year's attack?  You mean .. this isn't an isolated event?  Is it possible that ... :The Islamist leader, Egypt's first freely elected and civilian president" isn't universally adulated?  My, he's beginning to sound more like Barack Hussein Obama all the time!   Fortunately, we don't have all that many Rabid Soccer Fans in The States.  Many of us spend our spare time competing in shooting sports, instead of getting drunk and rioting at Soccer games.

Who knows?  After Barack takes out guns, our magazines, and our ammunition away .. what else is there to do besides watching soap operas on the Telly (aka Great Britain) and rioting at Soccer Games (aka .. well, okay .. Great Britain; but apparently Egypt, too.)

I'll get back to you on that one.  I didn't think it through.

Anger at police was evident in Port Said, home to most of the 73 men accused of involvement in the bloodshed, although the trial was held outside Cairo.
Judge Sobhi Abdel-Maguid did not give his reasoning when he handed down the sentences for 21 defendants. Executions in Egypt are usually carried out by hanging.
 Oh dear.  THAT one was a surprise!
  • Seventy three defendents?
  • Change of venue?
  • Judge did NOT "give his reasoning" when he sentenced 21 men to death by hanging?
Isn't it interesting that I found this information from a single information source?

Well .. no.  Actually, there is more to be found in other resources:

From the Israeli Nation News: "Street clashes kill at least 30 people in Egypt's Port Said, after 21 soccer fans sentenced to death over a bloody stadium riot"

From CNN: "Clashes erupt after Egypt court sentences 21 to death in football riot"
There are pictures!  And a little bit more information:
Dubbed the "massacre at Port Said" by Egyptian media, the riot broke out on February 1, 2012, after Port Said-based Al-Masry defeated Cairo's Al-Ahly, 3-1.
When the clashes began, about 22,000 people were inside the stadium, which can hold up to 25,000 people. About 2,000 Al-Ahly fans were at the game, authorities said.
Fans from both sides bashed each other with rocks and chairs. Many of those who died fell from the bleachers during the melee inside the stadium, while others suffocated.
"Fans from both sides"?  So .. this wasn't a "mall massacre", but a riot?  And there were 22,000 people at the match, but the convictions were returned only against members of the 2,000 Al-Ahly (I have no idea what that means)?  They were the only ones who were sentenced to be hung?

I suppose that you're waiting for some kind of Solomon-like Summary which puts the whole thing into perspective.  Sorry, I still can't pretend to understand what's going on 'over there'.  *(Or over here!)*

Hell, I don't even understand why people like to watch Soccer.  Or American Football, for that matter!

Perhaps you can shed some light on these events.  Provide some perspective, as it were.

I'm reminded of the Judaic proverb:
"Man plans; God laughs"

This sounds too sad for laughter, to my ear.   They're just people,  and they don't sound all that different from the folks in my home town. 

Well, except for the Soccer.

And the riots.

And the murders.

And the mass executions.


pro-gres-sive (pruh-gres-iv)


  1. favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement,or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things are they are, especially in political matters: a progressive mayor.
  2. making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc.: a progressive community.
  3. characterized by such progress, or by continuous improvement.
  4. of or pertaining to any of the Progressive parties in politics.
  5. going forward or onward; passing successively from one member of a series to the next; proceeding step by step.

Here's what a "PROGRESSIVE" gun club is like:

Albany Rifle and Pistol Club (looking East across the I5 Freeway from Shedd, Oregon) reports in its latest newsletter that it has enrolled over 135 NEW members in the past month.
That's "Progressive" in the sense of improvement

ARPC also reports that, due to unavailability of supplies from their wholesalers, their pro shop must reluctantly restrict sales of ammunition and reloading components to members only. The reason? The same reason as the last time Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America.
Many people think POTUS is going to pass legislation which will either restrict or deny their access to what some consider to be "essential commodities".(In the meantime, are people hording for the "End Of Days" scenario?)

That's "Progressive" in the sense of Politics.

One form enhances our lives and supports our personal choices.
The other form brings paucity to our lives and limits our personal resources.

Just saying, I know which form I considerable more desirable.

USPSA and New Gun Restrictions

In my January 19, 2013 post "Stop the Rage .... Mine" (and several earlier posts!) , I summarized my... disappointed .. in the recurring political movement to restrict private firearms ownership.

Actually, what I did was to say I was through talking about it.


Wrong.  I'm not through talking about it.

One of the comments was ... perhaps offered facetiously, but still the question offered was entirely germane to this blog: 

Instead of delving into the progressive mindset, we should be asking the important questions. How will restrictions on certain firearms, and magazine capacity affect USPSA/IPSC rules and stage development? The feds are talking 10 round magazines, but NY has already mandated 7 round capacity mags and other states are sure to follow. How will USPSA respond to these potential draconian restrictions and/or bans in magazine capacity and firearms? What affect will they have on 3gun?
Oh, yeah,  we've been there before.

Some folks suggest that since the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban didn't really have much effect on .. gun stuff ... maybe this one will be equally as ineffective (if still equally inconvenient).

Well .. maybe so, maybe not.

I know that I found ways during that time period to get around the 'banned' items.  For example, I found a way to move from Limited to OPEN Division, including the purchasing of "normal capacity" magazines of 18 rounds (limited) and 25 rounds (open).  The magazines were all marked something like "only military or Law Enforcement" .. but I still got them.  The magazines cost three times as much as their replacement tubes did after the 1994 law sunset in 2004, of course.   Which is, of course, economically selective; "poor people" couldn't afford them, just us "rich folks".  (Or those of us who really like Tuna Fish and Macaroni for dinner six nights a week.)

But that was then; this is now.

For the purpose of this discussion, I'll ignore the very STRONG possibility that Race Guns (they have "compensators", you know) may be outlawed.  Also, "Firearms which may accept magazines of greater than 'x-rounds' capacity" will not be totally banned ... I'm not sure if that can even pass a Democratic congress; any magazine-fed firearm doesn't have a way to restrict the LENGTH of the magazine.

So, delving into excruciating detail, here's what I see as possible ways that Congress and Our Beloved Leader may screw us most painfully:

10-round Magazines:
Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that ten-round magazines are the legally maximum capacity allowed under federal law.

Hmm .. the difference between LIMITED and LIMITED-10 Divisions have been been eliminated.

The Open Division can't use 25-round magazines; but they still have compensators and electronic dot-sights, so there is a clear advantage .. albeit LESS of an advantage .. over Limited/Limited-10 Divisions.  (Speaking as a 'vision-challenged' Super Senior: it's still an advantage when you can see the sights.)

I might point out, however, that current USPSA rules limit the number of shots which MUST be fired from a single location, port or position.  Any time you move, you have a small window of opportunity when you may reload.  Speaking for myself, I moved from "C-class" to "B-class" using a single-stack 1911 in 1998 when Limited-10 Division was still a "Talking Point" in USPSA.  If you gotta move, you gotta reload.  BFD.

Production and L-10 Divisions were predicated on limited magazine capacity.  Even Limited has a 144-mm magazine length restriction, which means you can probably stuff 18-20 9mm rounds in there, so ... who cares?

Single-Stack has limited capacity, under 10 rounds.
Revolver .. huh.  Who cares; they're only shooting 6-shot loads anyway.  And Jerry Miculek is possibly the only man in the world who doesn't care if he can get a 20-round Revolver or not.

 So, how about the possibility of a 7-round magazine capacity restriction?

Okay, so now we're talking about being really shitty for no discernible reason.

In the first place, the USPSA rule about limiting the number of rounds which must be fired from a single location/position/etc. have been completely undermined.  A 10-round magazine can handle a 9-round maximum; a 7-round magazine can not.

Since most stages include IPSC targets (cardboard, requiring 2 rounds to 'neutralize'), you could only have three targets in most array .. rather than the four (presuming a 9-round max per location) currently presented.  So ... many, even most, of the Classifiers would be either revamped or discarded.

That pretty much hoses the entire Classifier System which USPSA currently uses to decide who is Top Dog in any given Division/Class.

 On the other hand, when I started competing in USPSA/IPSC, the standard assumed that a Revolver was the 'standard/minimal firearm', so all stages were designed to be "six-round friendly".  So .. target arrays included 3 IPSC targets instead of 4, and .. have you noticed that plate-racks still have six plates?  Baby, we haven't got THAT far away from our technological roots.

We're just going back from 10-round-friendly target arrays to 6-round friendly target arrays.

The difference is, if the Federales have their way, we're just going back a decade (or two) to minimum rounds per shooting position, from 9 to 6.  (Citation needed here).

In other words, the current 9-round maximum rule presupposes a 10-round magazine capacity.  A 6-round maximum rule presupposes a 7-round magazine capacity.

It sucks to be a Limited or an Open Division Competitor, in that case.

Look for Open Division to remain strong (but magazines will be a lot cheaper).  The difference between Limited and L-10 will disappear.  Assume that L-10 will not be very popular .. there's no advantage to being able to reload quickly.   In fact, L-10 (or Limited .. whichever survives) and Singlestack will be much more competitive.

Production?  The discrimination between Production and Singlestack will also blur.  Who knows which will predominate.  Note that 1911-style handguns are specifically forbidden in Production, and the Single-Stack Division will disallow the double-stack magazines which are typical in Production Division.

My guess is that Production and Single-Stack will merge in Limited Division ... which was once "STOCK DIVISION" .. and which may be the best choice for the entire definition of "no compensators, no electronic sights".   The only discernible difference between Production and Single-Stack/Limited is that Production now specifically excludes 1911 frames (Prod vs SS) and Single-Stack precludes double-stack magazines (which Limited does not).

TO beat this dead horse a little further:  Limited will accept both Single-Stack and Production firearms, but the placement of holsters and magazine carriers is less restrictive.  Would we really need to cause the differences between the three divisions so picky as to center on holster placement?  (Well, okay .. Limited allows more modifications than does Production .....)


OPEN DIVISION:  Okay, no Big-Sticks, but still a viable Division.  Think of it as "Limited:, But Still Cooler!  And better for weak-eyed old guys.
LIMITED DIVISION: probably no change
LIMITED-10 DIVISION: probably not viable; no real difference between L10 and Limited
PRODUCTION DIVISION:  Probably the same as Limited except for equipment placement and maximum number of rounds allowed ... which wouldn't matter, legally.  That, and 1911's are specifically disallowed.
SINGLE-STACK DIVISION: Probably the same as Production, except that 1911s are specifically allowed and double-stack magazines still are NOT .. not that it matters.

  • I would combine Production and Single-Stack, except that maybe the modifications .. I don't know, it's still debatable
  • Open and Limited differences remain based on electronic sights and compensators
  • Revolvers .. who cares?  God knows THEY don't care!
  • Limited and Limited-10 ... Limited-10 is definitively deleted.


This entire exposition is extemporaneous and not well organized.  It's an off-the-cuff attempt to respond to what turns out to be a very good question .. assuming that Obama's Gun-Killer Legislation ever becomes law.  (That is NOT beyond the realm of possibility in the current Politicized climate.)

You can be sure that these issues are being discussed around the water-cooler at Sedro Woolley, and I think it would be a service to all USPSA members if their thoughts could be shared with the rest of us .. RSN.

Jerry The Geek

Friday, January 25, 2013

Teach you how to shoot? Sure thing!

When I started teaching "Introduction to USPSA" a few years ago,  the first thing I noticed was:

Whoa!  There's a WHOLE lot of people in this class!  (Actually, there were fifteen of them, and one of me.)

The second thing I noticed was:

Whoa!  This guy doesn't know how to hold a gun; and this guy has a pistol he's never used before --- and he isn't even aware that his 1911 has a safety!
So I made a deal with the Range Master: he would accept applications (usually phone calls the night before the class) and 'vet' them to insure that they had at least the equivalent of Basic Handgun Training.  If they didn't qualify, he would quietly recommend that they took the "Basic Handgun Training" class offered by the club before they tried to learn how to shoot in Practical Shooting Competition.

That worked for about a year.

Today, prospective new students contact me directly, and I have to do whatever "vetting" can be done.  And yes, I still get students who decide at the last minute that they want to take the class.

Being the kindly ol' Grandfather-type of gentleman that I am,  I accept them into my class 'anyway'.  I do give them some basic information which I call "Boilerplate" (see below) and warn them about a few basic safety considerations.  (I may also recommend them, if they have NO experience with handguns, to first take the Basic Handgun Class --- which is scheduled for the weekend FOLLOWING the USPSA class.)

Here's the deal:
  1. We want to encourage all safe, experienced shooters to join us while we play our silly raindeer games;
  2. We want everyone to be safe
  3. Not everyone is safe
  4. Not everyone is experienced; we can give them the minimum of experience to compete in a match
  5. This class not only teaches people how to compete ... it weeds out people who cannot meet the minimal safety requirements
 I have had people point pistols at me.  They never showed up for their first match.

A few people demonstrated the will to succeed, but not the ability.  I have offered them 'extra training' on my own time.  Those who accepted the offer have all managed to get through their first match safely ... but have not always come back for subsequent matches.   Some have, and they have performed adequately.

A few people have been so entirely unable to handle the stress of training, I have 'blackballed' them from competing at ARPC matches, and I've made their names available to the club.  None of these people have ever appeared at a match.  They realize from their training experience ... or I have told them directly .. that  ". .this is not your sport").

I am not above using pressure to encourage students to learn safe gun-handling skills.  When I see a student who has learned bad habits,  I will invariably point it out to them when they have "done wrong".  If it is a deeply-ingrained habit, , when they still revert to their bad habits by the end of the class ... as soon as they break the safety rule they invariably hang their head and say "I know, I did it again".  They either never go to a match, or when they do they are SO focused on safety that they put "It" on the front of their minds and complete their match safely.

They do not, however, typically return for more matches.  They have proved to themselves that they can do this, and that seems to be enough for them.

"What Does It Mean, Gene?"

I've talked to other instructors.   They have all said,  without much coaxing, that some people are just temperamentally unable to handle their guns safely in a high-pressure competitive environment.

Or more frequently; they CAN ... but it's just not as much fun as they had expected.

I don't consider that a 'negative' thing.  I can't drive a car competitively, so I don't do that.  I can't work up the nerve to try sky-diving.  I don't do that either.  Many of the people who show up at the classes are highly trained professionals, with skills/education/training/experience in arcane activities which I could NEVER be trained to perform in capably.  And even if I could 'do it' ... it wouldn't be fun.  Saints Preserve me from trying to be a CPA, but my Darling Daughter loves "working with numbers";  for me, it doesn't sound like fun.

So, yes, I will accept "almost anyone" into my class.  If I have to teach them the basic gunhandling skills, though, it takes time which could better be spent teaching experienced shooters how to turn their experience and abilities into a competitive 'edge'.

I mentioned the shooter who didn't realize his gun had a safety?  That's not a typical experience.  A lot of people, though, don't have all the equipment they need to compete.

That's why I made the plea a few months ago for folks to donate equipment to the program.  I want to report that this has turned out to be an unqualified success!  At almost every class, there's a student who doesn't actually have the equipment he or she needs.  Usually it's a magazine carrier.  Sometimes, they need a decent holster.  Occasionally, they need an extra magazine.  So far, we have usually been able to bring out The Big Pink Box O Gear and find something which gets them through the class, even through the first match.    If they need their own gear still, at least they have the first match to help them understand whether this is an activity which interests them.  Then they can buy their own gear (and now they have a good idea what they need).

And if they find it's not all that fun?  They've saved some money learning that lesson.

Usually, they show up at their SECOND match full of piss and vinegar, and proudly sporting their own new gear!

There was one bad event last summer, though, when a guy with a 1911 .45 didn't have what he needed for his First Match, and I couldn't find what he needed in The Big Pink Box O Gear.  In frustration, I dragged out my own gear and loaned him my holster, three magazine carriers, and three Chip McCormick Single Stack magazines ... just to get through his first match.

I never saw him again.

No, he didn't show up at his First Match.
No, I didn't write down his name.
No, I never got my own personal gear back.

But now I know to register the names of EVERY person who borrows gear, and what they took.

The thing about instructing people is ... the students are not the only ones who learn from the experience.


You're welcome to the ARPC"Introduction to USPSA" class  on mm/dd/yy.  You're now enrolled.

So there isn't any confusion, the class is always presented on the first Saturday of each month.  In , that would be the (nth) day in [month, year] .   

The class is in three parts:

Part one is a one-hour classroom discussion, on First Saturday.

 Part Two
That is immediately followed by a "Live Fire Exercise", where you actually get to shoot your gun for two hours in a graduated series of simulated match stages.
Part Three takes place the following weekend (which might take place at a later date, if your schedule does not permit you to attend the match on that date) during which you must complete the match "safely"  ... that is to say, without being Disqualified by virtue of having failed to observe all of the safety rules.

After having complete these three stages, you will be awarded a Certification Card which warrants you as qualified to shoot as a USPSA/IPSC competitor at any range in the Columbia Cascade section.    (That's a bit complicated; if you're not a member of a club, you may have to become a member before you can shoot "in practice session" ;  but you CAN shoot at any match in the section regardless of membership status.)

Here is a link to the Columbia Cascade Section, of which the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club is a member:
(Copy and paste)

There is a link there to the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club, or you can go directly to:
(Copy and paste)

There is some standard information which may make it easy to answer any questions which you may have before you come to the class: You will find that information below.


My name is xx (Jerry The Geek) xx, I'll be the instructor in ARPC's "Introduction to USPSA" course, available on the First Saturday of every month (next class: ).   The class will be on the North Range, probably in Bay 7

Before you show up for the training class on Saturday (at 1pm), you and all other attendees need to read the manual, print and complete the "Final" test, and bring that completed test to the class.  If you have not already received the manual you can download it from its online location at

Please print the Final Test.  Answer the questions (write your answers) on the printed page, be prepared to turn in your test (not the whole manual) at the beginning of the class.  You'll also be asked to write your name(s) on a sign-in list, so I know who everyone is and how to spell your names on your certification cards.  You will be rewarded these cards when you have safely completed your first USPSA match, usually at ARPC on the following Saturday (Month, Day, Year).

During the "live fire" instruction you will be expected to demonstrate the basics of safe gun-handling.  This includes familiarity with the firearm you will be using, its controls, and how to respond to malfunctions.  You should be aware of the Three Basic Rules of Firearms Safety:
  1. All firearms are assumed to be loaded.
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  3. Never point your firearm at anything which you are not prepared to destroy.
You will not be required to memorize these rules, but you will be expected to be aware of them.  They will be emphasized in training, and they are epitomized by the range commands with which you will be familiarized during the class.

The instruction is presented as a 3-hour course. 

The first hour is a review of the test questions, so it's important that everyone has read the manual and completed the test, because we will discuss the questions, your answers, and be responding to follow-up questions and other issues as they occur during our discussion.  (Again, please print the test and write your answers on the test-page.  We will be referring to these answers during the first hour.  Don't forget to PRINT your name on the test.)

Failure to complete the test, or to read the manual, is not cause for any kind of punitive action.  You know best how to apply your available time.  However, the manual does contain information which is important for you to know, and if you have not already been exposed to it we may find it necessary to spend more time discussing these issues.  This will take time away from live-fire training, which is more fun for you and for me, so I do most heartily encourage you to read-and-complete the test. 

The other two hours (and they will take the entire time ... with more time available if you wish to expand the exercises and if the available daylight hours allow) will be spend doing the actual shooting exercises.

During this period you will have actual on-hands training on the following subjects:
  • Familiarity with range commands
  • Familiarity with the Safety Errors which may lead to a Match Disqualification ("DQ")
  • Following the range commands (see the manual)
  • Familiarity with Safety and Competition requirements, including penalties
  • Familiarity with Stage Procedures, and how your individual score is calculated
  • Loading, unloading and reloading during the course of fire
  • Safe movement with a loaded firearm
  • Scoring your performance in competition
  • Engaging IPSC Targets (cardboard)
  • Engaging IPSC Targets (steel)
  • Indexing between targets
  • Use of a Bianchi Barricade
  • Range Etiquette (more important than you may think)
  • Other tips and hints as may be appropriate
The fee is nil; ARPC wants to encourage every prospective participant in USPSA competition.  You don't pay for it, I don't get paid.  We just want you to enjoy the safe use of firearms in a competitive environment.  

The purpose of the course is to make it easier for you to get started in USPSA competition by learning what to expect at a match, and to ensure that you are aware of and familiar with the safety considerations of "running and gunning".    Safety is always the primary consideration, but having an enjoyable day shooting at targets is also important.  I teach the class because I enjoy the sport so much that I think anybody who is able to compete safely should be allowed the opportunity to do so, and because I will someday shoot on the same squad as you -- and I want you to be a safe shooter.  I consider myself to be the best available instructor, and it is to my benefit to see that you receive the best instruction available.

Shooting in USPSA competition is statistically safer then playing high-school football.  We want to keep it that way.

And it's fun!

Here is a list of the minimum 'hardware' requirements for the course; requirements for competing in a match are the same, but an actual match will take about 200 - 300 rounds of ammunition.  As a general rule of thumb, I always bring at least 50% more ammunition than I expect to need to complete the match or the exercise..................  

To take the live-fire course, you will need:
  • a handgun, minimum caliber is 9mm
  • about 50 rounds of ammunition
  • at least 2 magazines .... or speedloaders for revolver shooters ....  depending on variables which we will discuss in the class; you may decide that you will need 4 or 5 (or more) magazines to compete in a match
  • a holster which fits your handgun, and which covers the trigger (if the holster doesn't cover the trigger we will apply tape over the holster so the trigger is covered --  you will not like that).
  • at least one magazine carrier; the rule of thumb is that you will need two magazine carriers less than the number of magazines you plan to carry on the stage.  It is MUCH faster to reload from magazine carriers than from the pocket, and time is a factor in your final score.  (Points, less penalties, divided by time.)
  • a belt which threads through the loops of your trousers, and is sufficiently rigid that it will easily keep your holster and magazine carriers standing up so they are easy to access
  • Eye protection (safety glasses) and ear protection (ear muffs, or soft inserts or custom-made ear inserts)
  • a really good attitude about learning to shoot in competition ... SAFELY!
If you have the equipment listed above, bring it.  IF you do not have the equipment, but can get it before the class, do so.  If you find yourself 'short' of the above equipment, let me know before the class day -- we'll see if we can find 'loaner' equipment in our donated stock of holsters, magazine carriers, and magazines.  (If you plan to shoot a revolver, of course, the requirements will be slightly different.  We'll work it out.)

If you have new equipment which you have not previously used (eg: a new holster, or a new pistol), please let me know during the first hour of class.  We'll try to de-bug it for you before you start the live-fire portion of the class.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and however many friends you bring with you.   Please let me ahead of time if you intend to bring other people who will be students at the class.   You are welcome to bring spouse, family members, or friends who may be interested, or just want to watch.  Photography is permitted .. always.  I'll be on the range before 1pm -- the scheduled starting time.  Look for signs to find the correct bay on the North Range; we will probably be on Bay 7.  Remember, eye and ear protection is mandatory any time shooting is going on ... ear protection not mandatory during our first-hour classroom discussion. (Protective classes are ALWAYS REQUIRED while you are on the ARPC range-- anywhere on the range; not just in your bay.  I'll have my glasses on when I get there.  You should, too.)  [The Range Master]  will confirm for me the bay assignment when I arrive at the range.  Look for my car [description included]) ; I'll be at the nearest bay.  Introduce yourself.  The key code at the gate is [9999#].  You do need to press the pound sign to complete the key code.

If you have problems getting to the class on time, you can reach me on my cell phone at (541) xxx-xxxx.

And please feel free to email me directly if you have questions or concerns.

PS:   If any participant is a minor (under 21 years of age, under Oregon law), they should be accompanied by a responsible adult.  If any participant is a juvenile (under 18 years of age), they MUST be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian.   USPSA is an entirely 'family friendly' sport, but we must be assured that the responsibility for each individual rests upon the participants.  We will not accept responsibility for injuries incurred during training, as unlikely as it may be.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stop the rage --- mine!

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of Geek Rants against all the proposed restrictions on firearms ownership.

ALL of my most recent articles were written in outrage, and I'm not as comfortable with 'outrage' as I probably seem to most of you.

If you read my 'stuff' at all, you most likely already know my views.  Those opinions have been repeated on so many other internet sources, you most likely have already heard it all before.  There's nothing new for me to contribute.

I had originally intended to say this much, and stop.  But thanks to my friend The G-Man, I've been pointed to a video by a young woman, titled "You Can't Ban Evil".

She is much more focused on the crux of the issue than I am.  She says more, and is more enlightening, than all the words I've used in the past month.

Just ... take a look at this very short video.  It won't convince anyone who isn't already convinced, but it's an excellent summary of ALL the reasons why it would be a crime for our government (local, state or federal) to impose crippling restrictions on our Constitutional Right  (and need!) to keep and bear arms.

Ain't she cool?