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"If This Goes On ...

Robert Heinlein wrote short stories and novels based on the premise: "IF the goes on ...." the schtick was to take a current (then in the 1940-1960 decades) societal or cultural meme and extend it to its logical absurdity.

Claire of the "LIVING FREEDOM" blog (aka: "Backwoods Home") wrote an apologia Friday and then wrote the article for JFPO, who published it today (Saturday, July 12, 2014).   It has since been picked up by many gunbloggers, but on the off-chance that you missed it ... below under "DISPATCH FROM THE FUTURE" is the link and the introductory paragraph from this apocryphal tale of a Dystopian America.

Also check out the background article: "Those nice people who want to annihilate you".

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Dispatch from the Future:
               By the Blue-Ribbon Panel on the Current Crisis
 BACKGROUND: Following the Sunnyside Nursery School Massacre and similar disasters, Americans in the mid decades of the twenty-first century realized that "NO GUNS" signs and similarly stringent security measures were no longer sufficient to totally eliminate deadly violence from society.
 Although the gun-rights movement had experienced decades of successes, Americans finally rose up and demanded sweeping reforms. Some notable pacifists called for the slaughter of all gun owners and the torture of any politicians perceived to be pro gun. Police chiefs threatened to have their officers shoot any armed person on sight. The nation was in crisis.    ......

[read on ... repeats the DISPATCH FROM THE FUTURE link above]

How to Get Started in Competitive Shooting

How to Get Started in Competitive Shooting: | Triangle Tactical:

This is one of the kinds of articles that I wish were more generally available online.  It provides the kind of information which helps people decide that maybe they CAN shoot "competitively", and at the same time it allays qualms that a person is "not good enough" to compete in an organized match.

Starting something new can be intimidating.  When that new thing involves firearms and a timer, it can be overwhelming to get involved in if you don’t know where to start. Do not worry, young padawan, I am here to help.
 I’ve noticed a trend on local shooting forums where people will add a comment to a thread about a shooting match and say something like “I wish I could do that, but I’m not a good enough shot” or “I need more practice”, or something to that effect. Some of these people have been making the same comments for years. If you want to try competitive shooting, do it. Nobody cares how bad of a shot you are. Chances are, they will all be stuffing magazines, or BSing while you are shooting anyways. As long as you are safe, you will enjoy your time. You will also be surprised how fast you improve.

Being able to shoot accurately is not necessarily a reason to NOT shoot competitively.  Nobody expects you to win every match, and you meet the nicest people on the range.

However, learning to shoot SAFELY is definitely a requirement.

Many gun clubs which sponsor competition matches offer training programs to prepare people to shoot safely.  Sometimes, the instructors of these classes also help you to learn to shoot accurately, as well.

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Non-Lead Ammunition: The Norwegian Exception

" ... the simple fact is that it is vital we meet our responsibility to kill wild game in the most humane and effective way."

Shooting Wire:  (July 07 2014)

 PHOENIX - If you want to use non-lead ammunition for your hunt this year, now is the time to start shopping. The Arizona Game and Fish Department is expecting a repeat of last year's non-lead ammunition shortage this hunting season. Those intending to hunt big game in California or in condor areas in Arizona (Game Management Units 12A, 12B, 13A and 13B), are strongly encouraged to buy their non-lead ammunition supplies as soon as possible.
We haven't talked about this before, and I think it deserves some discussion.

This is obviously an issue for hunters, because both game animals and 'varmints' are, after being shot by hunters, subject to predation (when their injuries are not fatal) and scavenging (for carcasses) by other animals.

Yes, lead poisoning is a real danger.  Just like strychnine poisoning, the element moves up the food chain and often raptors are at the top of their own food chain.

As much as most hunters don't like the "No Lead-Based Ammunition" laws enacted by several states, we probably have to accept that this the wave of the future.   When you shoot a game animal,  using lead projectiles (this consequence is most common in shotgun pellets) and it is not a clean kill, the animal usually enters the food chain of scavengers.

(Note:  Benjamin Franklin was opposed to the acceptance of the American Bald Eagle as the National Emblem, or "Great Seal", because eagles are "creatures of low moral habits".  He preferred the Rattlesnake, probably as a reference to the "Don't Tread On Me", or "Gadsen" flag.)

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Read on!

Shooting On The Move: "Unsafe as HELL"?

Pistol Training Video on a Treadmill |
Okay, my first reaction was, “Wow, that’s gonna be unsafe as hell.” 
At 1:24 minutes into the vid, I was a bit mesmerized, though. Nice shooting, Mr. Harrington.
This is not a training method I would advocate, but it shows an excellent degree of skill.
(Emphasis added)

Video loaded by links from :ThinBlueFlorida

"Unsafe as Hell?"

Obviously THIS shooter doesn't think so ... and his sterling performance of "Shooting On The Move" certainly demonstrates that it can be done safely.

He hit what he shot at, every time.  He took the steel targets in order so that we could SEE what his next target was,

I didn't see anything that looked REMOTELY "unsafe" in this demonstration .. did you?

"Sorry Honey, you asked the wrong person the wrong question"

From a Private Email (FWD: FWD: FWD: etc .... you know how it goes)

This is spot on.
"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane"

Every "FED UP" citizen from the West needs to watch this.

This is a  controversial video.  Racist?  Maybe.  And the blogspot ... Racist?  Maybe.

But one man's Racist is another man's "Sojourner Truth".  When we're unable to speak out about our personal world view, if we worry about how our words will be received, if we take counsel of our fears ... then the world will never know how our treatment leads to resentment.   Sojourner Truth spoke out about her treatment, and voiced her resentment.

We're here to talk about politics and culture as much as about competition and ... well, rights.

One thing I have always tried to make clear is that I make no distinction between the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.  Unpopular opinions are no less valid because they aren't shared by "the majority", or (in other words) by the .....

 "... Seventy Percent of Americans  ...."

So you see ... it's easy to be less interested in what "Seventy Percent of Americans" think.

Perhaps it is wiser to be more interested in what the thirty percent (or perhaps even the 'three percent') think.

Comments invited.

The Agony and The Ecstasy

The Agony:

In Chicago, Gangland killings continue in an unprecedent rise of violence, while local police and politicians seem helpless to stem the flow of violence:
(July 10, 2014)
Amid gangland shootings, Chicago leaders call for federal resources | Fox News:
Jasmine Curry, a mother of five and five months pregnant, lay dead along Chicago’s Dan Ryan expressway Wednesday morning, the latest victim in Chicago’s epidemic of gunfire with a bullet to the head. It was uncommon that she was shot on the expressway, not uncommon that someone from her neighborhood was killed. In fact, Jasmine was not even the first person in her family to be gunned down.  
“Now I have to bury another child,” said her father, Pierre Curry, sometimes weeping, sometimes with a matter of fact callousness. “I had to bury my last-born last year. I have to bury my first-born this year.” The gangland vendettas raged on the South and West Sides of Chicago over the holiday weekend. Thirteen people were killed, another 58 wounded as the bullets flew. Police were fired on and in at least five incidents, they returned fire, killing two.

The Ecstasy:

MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL : We did a study last year after the Taste of Chicago, there was over a $100 million of economic impact creating hundreds and hundreds of jobs throughout the City of Chicago. We are making sure that people from all over the country, the City of Chicago, in the suburbs come see why Chicago has become the ‘Culinary Capital of the United States.’

He doesn't look smug to me 
Does he look smug to you?
Come on  that's not 'smug'!
 WILLIAM KELLY (REPORTER): Mr. Mayor, can you address the ‘Murder Capital’ moniker. We’ve been called the murder capital as well as the ‘Culinary Capital. ‘Can you please address the ‘Murder Capital’ moniker please?
REPORTER TO MAYOR’S AIDE: Is there anyone from the Mayor’s Office that can address the ‘Murder Capital’ moniker?
During Mayor Emanuel’s tour through the Taste of Chicago, Kelly continued to grill him on his failure to find a solution to the city’s murder epidemic ....

Okay, so maybe just a LITTLE smug ....

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NORTON: The Ultimate Geek

Everybody needs friend; geeks need online friends.  And my best, truest online friend is NORTON 360 Software.

Virus protection, virus profile updates on a regular basis, virus removal, protection against 'untrusted websites', auto-backup to protected websitesd ... woof woof, what Geek could want more.

This geek wants technical back-up that's reliable, on-call 24/7, and can fix what ails ya when something goes wrong.

And the thing about software is ... something ALWAYS goes wrong!

Norton 360 did the job on me today.  It decided that my other friends (all my browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Explorer) were no longer "trusted sites".  As a consequence, when I started my nightly browsing, I had only "INTERNET CONNECTION NOT FOUND" responses.

I got on my new laptop (the old XP laptop was too antiquated to be functional under the old "XP" protocols, so I had to buy one that would run "MS 7 Professional) and I had Internet connections up the ying-yang.  Since the LAPTOP hadn't had Norton loaded yet, that proved that the problem wasn't with the modem. I called the Symantec Hotline and talked to Jiquad who had me uninstall NORTON, and when I had done so I called the next guy with the funny accent to tweak it so that my browsers were 'trusted'.

Perhaps I could have done all that by myself ... it's not that hard, because NORTON has web-based utilities to do all that stuff for me.

But what else did I spend $49 a year for, but efficient customer support?

Now I've got all my computer things working again, I still have no viruses, and I've learned the value of cultivating an air of incompetence.

Why should I do all the work?  I figure I'm maintaining a viable economy in India, and I can tell them about my ingrown toenail while they're trying to work.

I was technical support for decades.    Call it Payback.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Gun Control by Fiat: It's no longer "A Sign In The Window"

TrackingPoint Patents Technique To Disable Guns Near Schools and “Gun Free Zones” - The Firearm Blog:

TrackingPoint’s chairman John McHale applied for a patent (#20140182179) which describes an invention that can disable the trigger of guns, such as TrackingPoint’s smart rifles, if they are within school zones (1,000 ft. of a school), on the grounds of a federal facility or on the grounds of private business that bans private firearms. The patent was filed on December 31, 2012.
(H/T: Says Uncle)

Yes, I'm stealing from other blogs.

But I think it deserved an "expansion commentary".

(Not that the consequences are not already obvious.)

A few months ago there was a furor about the New Jersey law (established some time ago) that when a single firearm was offered on the market which featured "owner identification technology"  (you know, like the RFID Ring, or whatever), then New Jersey would only allow THAT make/model of gun to be sold in the state.

That lead to some really UGLY things, and a lot of gun-folks came down HARD on the gun store which had announced that they intended to become a retailer for that firearm.

It didn't look good in The Press.  The owner of the gun store found himself a target for his customers, who were outraged ... because he was establishing a precedent for Governmental infringement on the Second Amendment.

[There were 'side issues': (a) The law enabled The State to determine what make, model and caliber you could legally own;' (b) the firearm was only offered in .22 caliber, (c) nobody has yet determined that "owner identification technology", sometimes referred to a "New Age Technology",  was 100% reliable.  That is to say, maybe the OWNER couldn't find his ring, he didn't wear it all the time, or the RFID chip lost its mojo. Make up your own worst-scenarios.]

So ... yeah, gun owners are dubious about New Age Technology.

Now we're presented with another "New Thing".

This New Thing ... this "New Age Technology" ... allows a Third Person to arbitrarily define where and when a firearm may be discharged.

It doesn't do it by enforcement of existing laws, it doesn't do it by anything which might have been considered an "infringement" on the Second Amendment in the view of the Founding Fathers.

It does it by fiat.  Unilaterally. One-sided.  Some Other Dude Done It technology.

Remember that General Motors ONSTAR "option" ('compatible with 4G LTE')?  Yes, you have to pay for it. It can stop your car while you are driving down the freeway.  Isn't that a comfort?  Never mind the 'help in an emergency' and the other stuff ... the 'stop your car' thingie is built in, and you do not have an "Opt Out" option.  You don't have to be the one who orders it; they can do it without your help.

Oh, and if a governmental agency decides that's a good idea?  They'll do it for them.  Not for you ... for them.  The guy with a badge number gets to decide if you can drive your car.

If this new "New Age Technology" for guns becomes accepted, they can do that for your firearms, as well.

The invention uses a GPS or mobile phone towers to determine location, sensors to determine orientation and a mobile/radio network connection to download a list of “gun free” locations from a central database. McHale suggests that a “Gun Free Zone” database could be maintained by the BATFE.
The "PAG" (People Afraid of Guns) [I just invented the moniker] will doubtless laud the technological advance as a way to ensure 'Public Safety',

We'll accept that when the same restrictions are also applied to other threats to public safety, such as knives, hammers, and meat cleavers. And baseball bats (warning; graphic footage!)

And midgets.  (warning; stupid)

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Soccer vs HS Football vs ... IPSC!

Soccer may be 'in,' but it's not an injury-free sport:
With all the recent coverage given to the World Cup, interest in soccer is frequently described as reaching a "tipping point." Even President Obama has done his part to popularize the sport: taking time out from his busy schedule to watch the U.S.-Germany match, playing soccer against a robot on his recent trip to Japan, and chatting with foreign leaders about the game's finer points. But the president appears unaware of the health risks. He has strongly warned Americans about the risks of playing football, going so far this year as saying, "I would not let my son play pro football." He hasn't offered such similar warnings about soccer.
Oh yeah.

Osama ... sorry, OBAMA hasn't seen the Geek  Blurb which is the BOILERPLATE sent to everyone who asks to be registered in the "Introduction to USPSA" class at ARPC.

There's a whole big slew of text sent in response, but the bottom line is this:

True fact.  Think about it.

Every year you read about some poor adolescent guy who goes out for football, and drops dead on the field.  It may be a Heart Attack (undiagnosed), Asthma, whatever ... kids try to be jocks, and the end up dead.  Sorry, that sounds rude and unfeeling but folks; if you let your kid play soccer, football, whatever, you may be sending them to their grave.

Not so Practical Pistol competition.

Let's compare:

How many kids have died playing high-school football this year?

Soldiers demand right to roll up sleeves; GENERALS turn blind eye. "Good Training!"

Army guns: Soldiers demand right to roll up sleeves | Fox News:

Spc. Milt Perkins and dozens of other Army soldiers are reportedly ready to roll — their sleeves, that is.
 Perkins, a 26-year-old operating room specialist for a combat support hospital, wants Army brass to allow him to roll up the sleeves of his Army Combat Uniform (ACU) to catch a hint of much-needed breeze at Louisiana’s Fort Polk. But Army soldiers have been denied that pleasure for roughly a decade, since the ACU replaced the Battle Dress Uniform. Troops in the other U.S. services, meanwhile, are allowed to roll their sleeves, most notably leading to the Marines’ “suns out, guns out” mantra.
 “I sweat every day when I walk to work,” Perkins told Army Times. “You get sticky.”
 Army officials told the newspaper that the ACU top was designed to protect soldiers' for
  “When it’s hot in Louisiana, we should be able to roll up our sleeves," Perkins said.
Oh Geez!

I remember being in NCO School in Georgia, in 1968.  We sweat in the morning and we sweat in the night, and the only thing that kept us going was the certainty that we would be in Viet Nam sometime in the next few months ... and this was Good Training!  We were suppose to spend some time in Panama, for "aclimation", but we never went there.  This was the closest the Army could come to Viet Nam, and we were glad to get the time suffering.  At least nobody was shooting at us.

And the Army encouraged us to Roll Up Our Sleeves!

Remember the 12-mile march we took in August, at Fort Benning?  We had a Green Beret dude marching with us ... he dropped out at the ten-mile mark.  He was too proud to roll up his sleeves.

The air was like wet cotton balls.  You couldn't breathe .. we all just wheezed.  And we sweat like frigging pigs!

When the march was over, I asked my buddy to turn in my rifle, 'cause I was too pooped to move.  I made the mistake of drinking half a canteen of water ... and I had cramps all night long, because that was the Wrong Thing To Do.  But I still fell asleep in my bunk, and I slept for 12 hours, until Reville the next morning.

Now the Army won't allow Grunts to roll up their sleeves .. because the new designed uniforms don't "look right" that way?

If you have never been in the Army, you probably wouldn't understand.  But that IS the way the Army works.  If it's regulations, it's STUPID!

The funny thing is, when they sent me to Viet Nam, we in The Field always drew our uniforms from the quartermaster corps.  They clothing they issued us was .. rags.  You never had all the buttons.  We never were issued underwear ... talk about a bunch of swinging dicks!

Elbows and knees out ... barely enough buttons to close our fly.  And the shirts?  we didn't mind that there were only one or two buttons, 'cause more exposure to our chests allowed us the ventilation that we needed very much.

We only had two pairs of socks, and we needed to change them twice a day to avoid Trench Foot. I came down with "Bamboo Poisoning" (horrid runny purple/yellow lesions on my arms, legs, hands, face and feet) which stayed with me for a year after I returned from 'overseas'.

But there were no policies then, about providing adequate uniforms to the troops in the field.

Apparently, the Army hasn't changed a bit.  If there is a way to make one's servitude more uncomfortable, the Generals will turn a Blind Eye to any suggestion to make it more comfortable to do our duty.

In truth, I can't imagine why the Army won't provide uniforms which are comfortable in "sultry climate" conditions.  The old story about "Good Training", I guess.

One thing is sure: the people who make the rules are, still, not the people who have to suffer.

You got to ask yourself why America is relying on a 'Volunteer Army' to defend this Nation.  If everybody knew what petty crap they would have to endure once they were 'admitted' into the Army, nobody would ever volunteer.

Damn sure *_I_* wouldn't!

Concealed Carry on Campus -- Oregon State University

Oregon State University has 'issues' with respect to staff, faculty or students carrying firearms on campus.

Concealed, or otherwise.

Oregon State Law allows students/faculty/staff to maintain a firearm within his/her vehicle on campus ... but University Regulation obviate that State Law.

A 2012 announcement in the Campus Newspaper ("The Daily Barometer) includes the Official Policy of the University in regards to firearms possession.

While the announcement purports to announce a "new" policy, in truth it is the same policy which has been in effect for decades.  If you are a student, staff or faculty member of the university, and are found to have in firearm in your possession (which includes a firearm locked in your car!), you are subject to dismissal, regardless of your relationship; student, staff or faculty.

Oregon State Law allows possession of a firearm if you have a CHL (Concealed Handgun License), so if you are found to have a handgun on your person or on your vehicle (on campus), you are not subject to any legal ramifications from the state.

Except from the University.  Who will cancel your ass in a New York Minute!  Student, Staff or Faculty, you are Adios University!

I carried for 15 years on OSU campus .. either in my car or on my person .. and there was nobody I could feel comfortable with revealing that I had a firearm.  Which was perfectly okay, because if someone knew I was carrying .. it wouldn't be concealed, now, would it?

The thing is, that in 2011 there was a lawsuit by a student who was a veteran (Marine), one Jeffery Maxwell, who was  .... well, I'll let you read the details, but essentially he was arrested for carrying a derringer on campus.

The court found him "not guilty" of any crime .. but the University, in it wisdom, " ... Maxwell was suspended from the college for violating its rule against firearms."
He was a student, and he lost his 'privilege' to attend the state university.  He was a veteran, but he was not considered competent to safely carry a firearm.

The University giveth, and The University taketh away.

The University Sucketh, and I'm damn happy that I'm no longer associated with that medieval establishment!

And if I was still associated with that bunch of old maids, I'd still be carrying every damn minute I was on their precious campus!

(Just saying .....)

5 shooting drills to practice; and .. I don't want to DQ New Shooters!

5 shooting drills to practice:

Being able to hit your targets is one of the most important first steps in learning to shoot well. A great drill that I’ve done during almost every practice session is to either start or finish with group shooting.
 1.) Shooting groups is a slow-fire drill. You’re trying to hit the target — not go fast.
 2.) You should shoot groups at lots of different distances. I suggest starting at 5 yards and moving out to 25. At 5 yards, you’re looking for accuracy. At 25 yards, you’re looking to keep all of your bullet holes in a space about the size of the palm of your hand.
 3.) Trigger control is as important as sight alignment. To make sure that you’re squeezing the trigger and not jerking, dry fire a few rounds before live fire and after. While dry firing, the gun should stay perfectly still during the entire trigger pull.
I learned a lot from this short bit of advice, and I took it to my "Introduction to USPSA" class last weekend.

The first drill wasn't just the ordinary "shoot one shot at the target" that I've been using for the past few years; instead, I outlined the Upper A-zone area of the target and challenged the four class members to actually HIT their (very small) .... 2" x 4" .... aiming point.

Two of the four shooters managed it the first pass; the other two needed a couple of tries before the cut the perf of the Upper A-zone on a "Metric" target at five yards.

This gave me a simple way to evaluate the accuracy of my students;  I wanted to encourage them to shoot for ACCURACY first, which doesn't always happen when the class is focused on shooting FAST!

(They usually have preconceptions about IPSC competition, and it's difficult to change their mindset from FAST to ACCURATE.)

Then .. after I got them focused on actually hitting the target, I immediately switched them to shooting FAST.

The second drill was to shoot five shots as quickly as they could.  And I put an IPSC ("Metric") target in front of them ... but I didn't require that they actually shoot at the target.  They just assumed that was The Thing To Do.  Kewl!


It may or may not have been obvious to you, from the previous description, but what I was trying to do was to counter the previous misconceptions of my students in last weekend's Introduction to USPSA class. Many of my students have actually visited the range at ARPC (Albany Rifle and Pistol Club;  Albany, Oregon) and in their observation they have got the impression that the thing to do is to shoot just as fast as you can.

Well ... yes.  But they have usually missed the perception that the people who shoot fast, and accurately, have a lot more experience.  The Very Good Shooters have learned how to shoot accurately, and eventually learned how to do so 'quickly'.   New shooters think it looks easy, and try to do what they have seen.  The thing to do, is to dissuade them from the "Spray And Pray" school of IPSC shooting, and convince them that they need to learn how to shoot accurately, all the time.

The speed?  That will come to them.  Later.

Much later.

So what we did was to encourage them to shoot as fast as they could, at a target, consistent with actually hitting the damn target!  Fortunately, I didn't have any "Goofy Guys" in the class, so they all were more focused on hitting the brown-boards rather than looking good on the timer.  (I DID run the timer .. but I didn't tell them what their times were.)

The good news:  they all shot safely!

The bad news: they were discouraged when my volunteer "Demonstrator"  (Michael M.) made them all look like grandmothers.

The VERY good news was .. the demonstrator was a 'graduate' of the previous month's class, who had shot exactly ONE match!  This showed the class members that a Quantum Leap in competence was within their grasp, and the ability to shoot much better than they did during the class was merely a matter of experience.

That's important in teaching an Introductory class.

I've given up trying to be my own "Demonstrator".  I can shoot better, faster, more accurately than most of my students ... and I am a mediocre shooter, at best.  I don't want to discourage my students; it's a positive experience when they see one "new shooter" with a minimum of experience, who has learned so much from a single match that he ... well, he doesn't actually make them look bad, but he shows them how quickly they will learn from experience.

The "Final Exam", the last half-hour of the class, is always when I challenge the students to shoot the "El Presidente" stage.  I cheat a bit ... I don't tell them that it's a Virginia Count stage.  But nobody takes an extra shot, because they already know that "stage time" is important.

So it's not a surprise when my Demonstrator, with one match under his belt, does so much better than ANY of my class members do on the El Presidente Stage.

He's the hero of the day.  He knows what it's like, and he has the experience (one match!) which makes all the difference in the world.

All they have to do, they see, is to get "One Match" under their belt, and they will be GOLDEN!

Well, they will be a helluva lot better shooters than they were when the walked onto the range this weekend.

That is; if they don't DQ, because the sad truth is that half of the New Shooters will DQ on their first match.

Either they can't remember to keep their finger off the trigger when reloading  (or moving), or they break the 180.

But for those who can survive the embarrassment of the Evil DQ, they usually come back again and shoot safely on subsequent matches.

Which is why I don't shoot a lot of IPSC matches any more; because frankly, I just don't have the heart to DQ new shooters.

Dude .. is this your cup?

Authorities: Military member with concealed carry permit shoots attacker -

Chicago, July 07, 2014:
A Gresham man fired on a group of people leaving a party, only to be shot himself by one of the victims, a military service member with a concealed carry permit, authorities said.
You got to ask yourself .. do I REALLY want to get into a gunfight with some body who doesn't just wave a gun?
As Mickiel fired at the victims’ vehicle, the military member retrieved his gun and took cover near the vehicle’s front fender, according to Hain. Two unidentified people also shot at the group, she said.
Cover, Concealment, and accurate fire.

Chicago, you think you're bad?  You have a lot to learn about BAD.

The military service member fired two shots and struck Mickiel twice, she said.
A 22-year-old woman in the group was injured by Mickiel in the shooting, suffering wounds to the arm and back, according to court records and Hain.
This may explain a lot of Chicago shootings; "Spray And Pray" just ain't workin' for you, when faced with a Veteran.

  Not everyone is impressed with your gangsta' style.  Lookin' bad isn't the same as BEING Bad!

Maybe this is the answer to Chicago Hoodlums.

Monday, July 07, 2014

More in sorrow than in Anger?

States look to gun seizure law after mass killings | Fox News:

HARTFORD, Conn. – As state officials across the U.S. grapple with how to prevent mass killings like the ones at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and near the University of California, Santa Barbara, some are turning to a gun seizure law pioneered in Connecticut 15 years ago.
 Connecticut's law allows judges to order guns temporarily seized after police present evidence that a person is a danger to themselves or others. A court hearing must be held within 14 days to determine whether to return the guns or authorize the state to hold them for up to a year.
This is happening in the "Shall Not Comply" state.

Okay, the "state officials" say ... if you "shall not comply", we'll simply come take your guns.

This, in the country whose Liar-In-Chief Commander-In-Chief made it a point to publically state:

"I will not take your [guns] away."