Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fisking California Bill AB785 ... Possession of firearms by persons convicted of misdemeanors

I didn't understand the new California law, so I finally went directly to the bill to see what is really "NEW" about this.

Essentially, there is already a list of misdemeanors in California law which would make it illegal for a "convicted person" to possess a firearm for a period of 10 years.

This bill merely adds to that list (of penalized misdemeanors) the misdemeanor of  "hate crimes", which are predefined as follows:
Existing law makes it a misdemeanor to, by force or threat of force, interfere with another person’s free exercise of any constitutional right or privilege because of the other person’s actual or perceived race, religion, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual orientation. Existing law also makes it a misdemeanor to knowingly deface, damage, or destroy the property of another person, for the purpose of intimidating or interfering with the exercise of any of those constitutional rights because of those specified characteristics.  
In order to save you the effort of searching the web (as I have just done) to find the referenced laws, I'm included a copy under the break.

You can see the entire section of law here.


Friday, June 09, 2017

JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming - Business Insider

The worst crash in our lifetime is coming - Business Insider:
You’re going to see parties disappear. You’re going to see institutions that have been around for a long time -- Lehman Brothers had been around over 150 years. Gone. Not even a memory for most people. You’re going to see a lot more of that next around, whether it’s museums or hospitals or universities or financial firms.
I don't know a damn thing about the market. I don't know about finance, or the economy.

All I know is that I have some food in cans, some heat tablets, some camping gear.  So if this current round of "TEOTWAWKI" actually occurs, the good news is that I'm old and cranky, and I'm pessimistic, too, so anything bad that happens is just another day in The Nam for me.  I should have died by New Years Eve in 1969.   But I dodged that bullet, as I've dodged many others.

Everything since then has been the Gravy in my life.

I've learned to be pessimistic, but also dubious about nay-sayers.  I'll believe it when it comes, and I'll handle it or not.    Hell, I've seen Bill Clinton as President, and Al Gore AND Hillary as 'legitimate' Presidential Candidates.

If we dodged Gore and The Hillary-beast, there must be Somebody Up There looking out for us.

On the other hand .. HE has a bizarre sense of humor.

So do I.

'Love me, Love my gun'

Lawmakers move to close national 'hate crime loophole':
Democrats on Capitol Hill introduced legislation Thursday backed by gun control groups to strip Second Amendment rights from those who commit misdemeanor hate crimes.
Another non-starter bill introduced solely to make some Democratic Stooge appear to be "Doing Something".    Too many laws are imposed on the American people for no better reason, but this one doesn't take away a "privilege", but an Enumerated Right.

Hell, if you really want to "Do Something", why not take away the Drivers License of people who are convicted of the non-crime of uttering the undefinable "Hate Speech"  ... which is a "Hate Crime".

If the explanation is that 'people who commit hate crimes are those who kill people with guns', remember that Cars are the new Guns; if you take away their drivers license, surely they won't be able to drive a truck onto a crowded NYC sidewalk any more!  (See how easy to extend the 'thought process of a Democrat' to its logical absurdity!)

The Supreme Court can't even define "Obscenity".   How are they going to handle the first case that reaches their docket and they have to apply a standard to "Hate Speech"?

Thursday, June 08, 2017

"BUT ..."

Fisking Kim Kardashian

Quote of the day—Kim Kardashian | The View From North Central Idaho:
(Hat Tip: Joe Huffman)
Everyone knows and values Kim's  respect for and her honor of the Second Amendment.


Kim, there are laws already on the book which disallow "people with mental illness" from owning firearms,.

And we already know that you can *(and have)* hired armed security professionals ... a precaution which is probably wise, since your position disallows you from arming yourself..   Your precautions seem reasonable to most of us, because nobody expects YOU to take personal responsibility for your safety.

Why should you, when you can hire trained, experienced protection personnel whose  proficiency at arms is far superior to your own?

BUT the rest of us cannot afford hired guns to protect ourselves; we are like those who breed and raise swine; we have to do the dirty work ourselves.

Which includes "Taking Out The Trash".

You say:

Yes.  And if I could afford it, I would hire 24/7 professional security to protect my life, even though I'm not quite so "High Profile" as you are.

But I do not think the words of the Second Amendment mean what you think it means.

It doesn't mean that we can hire armed men to protect ourselves ,.. if we can afford it.

It means that we common men can legally acquire whatever means neccessarty to protect ourselves and our families, home and property ... if we are willing to accept the responsibility, and if we can afford it.

 (Many of us think, as you do, that we can NOT afford to NOT take steps to provide for our personal security.)

When you say that you support "Stricter Gun Control Laws", what you are saying is that you support stricter gun control laws on LAWFUL and LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS~

We already have laws against felons and madmen owning firearms.  So when you use the word STRICTER ... we automatically understand that you want to restrict the rights of law-abiding private citizens to own firearms.

STRICTER GUN CONTROL LAWS are exactly that; if we have already eliminated criminals and madmen from owning firearms (which we have), then your statement leaves only one segment of the population which you would ".. restrict access to firearms ...";  honest, law-abiding citizens.

As a veteran (Viet Nam infantry platoon sergeant, 1969/1970) I personally resent your implication that a simple MISDEMEANER or a "Temporary Restraining Order" (which can be registered by any domestic partner without any evidence of foul play .. and cannot be challenged in many states) should be grounds for undermining my Constitutional Rights.

In case you are not aware, a misdemeanor charge is generally considered somewhat less imposing than a Constitutional Right.   While we are all well aware that the confusion of an interpersonal relationship is difficult to resolve in the courts, the denial of one's Constitutional Right is somewhat akin to dropping an Atomic Bomb; it enturbulates all parties, and affords no benefit to anyone.

SO ,. when you suggest that it may be appropriate to  RESTRICT ACCESS TO FIREARMS FOR ...   ANYONE PREVIOUSLY CONVICTED OF A MISDEMEANOR we can only assume that either:

*(1) you don't know what the heck you're talking about ..

*(2) you don't care what damage you may cause as long as your political goals are satisfied.

It's difficult to decide which agenda could cause more damage, but it's perfectly clear that you do not much care.
All you want to do is to make a political statement; one which you have not carefully thought through.


Oh .. and go watch Joe's response.

I recognize the difficulty the anti-gun people have in getting knowledgeable people to support their side, but they really should keep highly visible dimwits on a shorter leash. This dimwit is advocating for the denying someone convicted of shoplifting a jar of baby food 30 years ago their specific enumerated right to keep and bear arm. On top of that she believes she has a right to feel safe and to be protected.
However, the topper is that one paragraph after advocating for the explicit infringement upon the rights of people she claims, “we can find ways to do that, while still protecting the rights of the American people”. You can’t find ways to infringe upon the rights of people while protecting their rights.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Competitive Shooting Too Expensive?

Julie Golob: Barriers to Shooting Competition Too High - The Truth About Guns:
Speaking at the NSSF Industry Summit in Austin today, Smith & Wesson pro shooter Julie Golob reckons competition shooting isn’t inclusive enough. There are too many rules, the equipment costs are too high, the travel distances are too far, OFWGs aren’t welcoming, many safety officers are insensitive Neanderthals, some pro shooters are *ssholes and ranges lack WiFi.
I'd like to say that I don't know what OFWGs are, but I assume it means Old Farts With Guns.
(And if that's not what it means ... it's still an interesting tag name.)

I'm welcoming, honest, to new shooters!

Generally speaking, a lot of the "practical" shooting sports are becoming a lot more complicated than they use to be.  In 1983, we had STOCK division, and that was because folks were moving past 1911 .45acps with 7 round magazines and looking at 9mm, or 11 round (really!) mags for their 1911.

And a few brave fools were experimenting with what later became Major 9mm.   It was expensive for THEM because KaBOOM!  (Lots of guys grew beards to hide the scars, no joke.)

Still, this IPSC thing (and associated competitive shooting) is doubtless very expensive, especially if you get hooked on it for 30 years or so.

And it's worth every minute, every cent because .. well, see below.

march against gun violence - SFGate

Walkers cross Golden Gate Bridge in march against gun violence - SFGate:
June 3, 2017
Leelee Daschbach Cusenza walked across the fog-hazed Golden Gate Bridge Saturday, tears streaming down her face. The 62-year-old Pleasanton resident was joined by scores of gun violence survivors and demonstrators, clad in orange shirts, for the second annual march across the Golden Gate Bridge to honor National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Cusenza’s sister, Michele, went to Salon Meritage in Seal Beach in Orange County for a haircut on Oct. 12, 2011, and never returned. Scott Evans Dekraai was involved in a child custody battle with his former wife. He went into the salon that day in October and killed his ex and seven others, including Cusenza’s younger sister.
I wept when Lee Moshier was killed by a cheap hand grenade, planted in the ground of Vietnam in 1969.

Lee didn't trip the booby trap; The point man thought his combat boots had snagged on just another of the "Wait-A-Minute Vines" which dominated the ground foliage 40 miles north of Saigon.   So he just kept walking.  He didn't realize that he had just initiated a buried Hand Grenade set not to kill the Point Man of the platoon which had been working this area near Vietnamese peanut fields for two days, but to kill both the Point Man and the "Pace Man" (the one man whose duty was merely to keep track of the distance we had traveled from one salient point to another).

Three seconds later, the buried grenade exploded, pounding tiny bits of shrapnel into the point man's backpack and back, buttock thighs and legs.

One of those metal bits were among the other particles, to the rear, and it drove directly into Lee's heart.

"Doc" RAN from the back of the platoon column (we always tried to protect our medic) in the most profound display of bravery I've ever seen ... but even before he got up to Moshier, it was already too late.  We all knew that we had just entered the "Twilight Zone" of a minefield, but Doc's only priority was to save the life of a fellow soldier.

Lee was terrified; Doc tried to insert an Esophegeal Airway down his throat, but Lee was unable to un-clench his teeth.  It probably didn't make any difference; when you get a quarter-inch plug of steel wire in your heart, it's just like a bullet; you're a deader, Dude, and there's nothing that ANYBODY can do before your heart stops.

We just stood there, most of a full platoon of GI's, and watched Lee die.  And watched Doc cry, because he wanted SO bad to bring his platoon buddy back from the brink of death.

A team of surgeons in a sterile operating room couldn't stop that death.   It was inevitable.

Mosier was almost entirely un-hurt.  There were a few drops of blood on his webgear an on his weapon, but he didn't bleed much.

It doesn't take much to stop a heart, even a Very Good Heart like Mosiers, who liked to carry candy so when we stopped at a Ville he was the most popular guy to the VietNamese kids we met.  They didn't often get candy, except from GI's like Lee, who loved kids but never had any of his own.

And ... now ... never will.

We called in a dust-off, to pick up his body and carry it back to Division Headquarters.  We didn't alert the surgeons there, because Lee was past all help.

We divied up his gear, because you never leave gear in the field for Charley, even if you lose a man.

Doc carried his M16; he thought it was his duty.  Chief carried his helmet.  Stehman carried his ammunition.

I was the platoon Sergeant, so I carried his web belt; the Platoon Leader, Lieutenant Nobody, carried his pack.

I'll never forget the smell of Mosier's blood on his canvas web belt; the weight of the belt with the magazines in the carrier.  The sight of spots of blood .. there was never a "Gush" ... on the green canvas gear.

We walked for the entire afternoon back to the Battalion Base Camp, packing little bits of Mosier back home.

Two days later, we held a memorial ceremony;  his rifle was pounded into the ground, muzzle first, using the attached bayonet (which we never used except in these ceremonies).  There was a Padre to lead us in prayers which we didn't believe in.  I think we were suppose to sing along with the tenor who arrived with the Padre, but nobody sang.  Most of us wept.  An un-manly thing to be sure, but even people who didn't like Mosier didn't want to see him die.

And we all, all, stood there and watched him die.  Helpless, as Doc cried as he tried to insert that God Damned Esophegeal Airway into Moshier's throat ... and it probably wouldn't have made a bit of difference if Doc HAD managed to insert the damn thing past Mosier's Clenched Teeth because he was a gonner as soon as the grenades went BOOM!

Every body knew it.  We just tried, because that's all we could do.  Doc tried hardest, but it's hard to tell which of us cried hardest.

The next time we hit the Slop Chute and got a few beers in us and were able to alibi our tears on account of the beers.  Enlisted Men's bar, NCO bar, or Officers' bar ... it was probably the same.  I think it's a mistake to separate the three rank levels in mourning, but that's just the way it is in the Army in 1969.

I wrote to his parents, on behalf of the platoon;  I was head NCO, it was my job; and the OIC who had directed us through THAT particular strand of trees was not capable of rational discourse.

(He felt so guilty, he requested a change of unit; he was granted the transfer on what I have always though were "humanitarian basis" or whatever kind of bullshit the army used then to get an officer out of a unit where one of his men had die..  Personally, I don't blame him; I blame me.  I had been through the area the day before and suspected the woods were mined, but I didn't work very hard to convince the El-T .. Lieutenant ... to posit another egress route from our ambush site.)

The death of that young man .. a guy I never particularly liked, but he was MY RESPONSIBILITY ... has been hoovering over me like a ghost for more than 50 years.  I'm sure a few folks are like my family members who say things like "That's all past you now, let it go".

And "There's nothing you could have done."

And "How could you have known?"

I should have known.

I fucked up.  A fine young man (one that I never particularly liked) is dead because I was so glad to get out of the Heart-Shaped Woods .. a known Booby Trap area ... that I didn't demand that my Platoon Leader take us out on a route that we hadn't used before.  A route that the local villagers hadn't seen us use before.

So .. San Francisco Gate!

You fine young folks who have never had a shot fired in anger at you, who have never seen a man killed in anger, who have never had to carry his body home or answer to his family; you who never fired back at your aggressors, who never held the burdon of the life of your friends in your hands.

You're perfectly okay because you don't DO that shit!

What would you do if you were drafted into the military, and were forced into that situation?

Would you, on your return to The Real World, be quite as vociferous about guns (which allow you to return fire when fired upon, and probably break up the aggressive intents of your attackers)?

Would you believe that guns have no valid purpose in the world, after you have been fired upon and used a gun to stop the really really bad guys from shooting at you and your friends?

You do realize that bad guys will shoot at you for no reason that you would understand, right?

And maybe you even have spent some time thinking about what you would do to defend yourself when bad guys are attacking you.

I'm 72 years old;  I can't defend myself in a fist fight any more.

But I go to the range every week, and I can pull a trigger MUCH more consistently than I could when I was in a foreign war zone.

Now the war zone is HERE.  And anybody who doesn't understand the violence which is being directed toward our nation and our citizens ... is living in a dream world which has no connection with reality.

I do realize that many of you cannot accept my narrative of my friend Mosier (who I didn't like all that much anyway, but he was in my platoon).  And I don't much care what you think.  I'm doing you a favor ... I'm educating you about The Real World.

Nobody likes you very much, either.

Especially the guys from ashcanistan who have different beliefs and who believe you are a target, not a person.
So go away and ignore everything I have said, and the world is probably better after you have been blown up by terrorists anyway.   If you don't care enough to protect yourself and your family, I don't much care about your own personal genotype.

The world is better off without people who haven't inherited a survival gene.

And even if you ARE paranoid ... that doesn't mean they won't kill you first.

SWMBO and The General

POTD: Get A Free Clipazine With a Marlin Rifle? Come On Marlin, You Know Better - The Firearm Blog
We all know it's a magazine or a "mag". We know what "clips" are. When it comes down to slang usage, "clip" is interchangeable with magazine even though it is not technically correct. Just like when someone says bullets, we know he means cartridges or rounds.
If you try to argue with this statement, you are a pedantic prat and it makes you sound like the annoying kid in class who sits up in the front row who starts out every sentence with the phrase, "Well actually".
This reminds me of when my lady friend, "She ... Who Must Be Obeyed" (SWMBO) first started attending local USPSA matches with me.
One of the senior members (he was 70 years old) always wore one of the old-fashioned Marine Fatigue Caps (flat top, billed) and we called him "The General" because he seemed so .. military.
One day, The General  heard SWMBO referring to ammunition as "Bullets", and he could not resist the temptation to correct her speech.
He began his correction with "Young Lady...." (she was over 50 years old at the time) and ended with "Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Yes, she know the difference between "Round" and "Bullet", and she deliberately used the term "BULLET" incorrectly ... it was something of a running gag between us, but our (new to her) mutual friend was determined to make her understand that incorrect usage was ... incorrect.
She was very patient and kind during the dialogue, and even though she eventually became a competitor she continued to use the "wrong term" for a 'round of ammunition'.
As in: "Honey, I'm running low on  .38 super bullets; do you have enough bullets for both of us to finish the match?"
And I would invariably respond something to the effect of: "Oh, sure I have lots of bullets left!"
Our friend would gnash his teeth and hold his tongue; he would not correct ME (I had already been competing for decades, and I was 'a guy'.).  We never resorted to this dialogue if he was not present in our squad, because what's the fun in that?)
Five years later, we attended his funeral and mourned him.  We shared this story with his widow, and she enjoyed it:  "Yes, he did tend to be a bit of a stickler; but I loved him."
We did, too.
Sadly, SWMBO is gone now, as is Our Friend.  And I never refer to ammunition as "Bullets" because ... oh, no good reason at all!
Now that I'm reminded, I believe I'll revert to using the therm "Bullets" inappropriately again, just because it's so fun to bait people.
And it reminds me of SWMBO and The General.
It's a smaller world without them.

"Does This Mean War?" Part 1a

London Absorbs Another Hit: London Mayor Talks Tough. Does This Mean WAR?

London mayor to Islamic Terrorists: 'You do not commit these disgusting acts in my name'
Gee, it's funny how time slips away.

Back in WWII ("The War to End Wars to End Wars"), Winston Churchill said very much the same thing, only he said it better in his "Never Surrender" speech:

On War

Wars are fought for many reasons: the purported reason is often "land".

The true reason is more often "Culture".

The American Civil War was supposedly fought because one group of people wanted to secede from a larger body .... the South from the North.   But it was because one group wanted to keep its culture (agrarian, economically effected by slavery) while the rest of the nation had decided that slavery was an abomination.   The South considered their people ... land-rich but resource-poor and people-poor ... to be culturally superior to the industrial North.  Pride and Money and Slavery ... let's call it a Culture War.

WWI ... was previously lost by Germany, and it was more likely a "LAND" war; but the reparations demanded by the winning Allied nations were so cruel that it led directly to WWII in a single decade, because the German people felt much put upon by the peace terms which were imposed upon them.
But for a while, Germany conquered its neighbors and added their resources to its own coffers.

WWII was supposedly fought for land ("Lebensraum"), but in a large sense it was fought to impose the culture of one group of people upon another ... Germany oppressed the Jews, for "religious" reasons.  Well, that was as good a reason as they could think of, although the real reason might have been economic.   Greed, more likely.   The Jews in Germany held an inordinate percentage of the national wealth, and every Jew who was killed or driven out of the country left behind the majority of their property, which was promptly seized by the German government (specifically, Hitler's henchmen.)   GREED, in one form or another, may not have started the war; but it certainly defined it, in the end.   The Jews were targeted because they better businessmen than other Germans ... who have since learned to be every bit as greedy, avaricious, and in all ways also very good businessmen

 But the Germans began their war by seizing land (Norway, Austria, France, etc.)   And they while the stole the riches of the conquered nations, they imposed their totalitarianism on those countries.  In a  sense, this was also a Culture War.

AS for why Japan decided to drag America into that war ... I doubt even the Japanese remember the exact reasons, but they did have a difficult TRADE IMBALANCE which certainly led to their infamous "sneak attack" on American soil on December 7, 1941.   Greed?   Agreed.

Japan ran rampant through the East, conquering parts of China and many of the Island Nations of the Pacific region.  They were fierce and ran cruelly amok among their neighbors, because their leadership had been usurped by an ambitious and greedy Military Junta which could not conceive of any major nation standing up for the small countries which they gobbled up and terrorized (See: Rape of Nanking)

The turning point of the war against japan had two parts:   (1) The Battle of Midway, where the American Navy laid waste to the Japanese navy; and (2) Iwo Jima, where the Japanese Army was unable to deny to the Americans a final "stepping stone"; an island where an airfield could be built in support of the Bombers which pounded Japan into near-oblivion.

[The American Flag was raised by U.S. Marines on Mount Suribachi ,
the highest point on Iwo Jima, on February 23, 1945.  My birth date.)

  Much to their dismay ... when the Japanese surrendered in August of 1945, it was probably not because of the two Atomic Bombs which America dropped on two of its major cities as much as that they had bankrupted themselves. ALL of their major ships had been sunk, they had lost every major naval battle since 1942, their (by then poorly supplied and equipped) armies were being slaughtered almost at will, and their people were committed to fight an invading American army with sticks and stones, committing a National Hari Kari.

While the geography of Japan was known, the US military planners had to estimate the defending forces that they would face. Based on intelligence available early in 1945, their assumptions included the following:[26]
  • "That operations in this area will be opposed not only by the available organized military forces of the Empire, but also by a fanatically hostile population."
  • "That approximately three (3) hostile divisions will be disposed in Southern KYUSHU and an additional three (3) in Northern KYUSHU at initiation of the OLYMPIC operation."

 The American offer to accept a surrender was accepted by the emperor because almost any alternative would inevitably lead to the end of the Japanese people.

The Americans were subsequently instrumental in bringing their culture into the 20th Century, under the stern leadership of General Douglas MacArthur, and the Japanese are now one of the most fierce economic competitors of America ... to American dismay!

The European War:
Winston Churchill was probably the single most important reason why America came into the European phase of WWII, especially his 1941 "Never Surrender" speech at Harrow:

Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
We stood all alone a year ago, and to many countries it seemed that our account was closed, we were finished. All this tradition of ours, our songs, our School history, this part of the history of this country, were gone and finished and liquidated.
Very different is the mood today. Britain, other nations thought, had drawn a sponge across her slate. But instead our country stood in the gap. There was no flinching and no thought of giving in; and by what seemed almost a miracle to those outside these Islands, though we ourselves never doubted it, we now find ourselves in a position where I say that we can be sure that we have only to persevere to conquer.
No German soldier ever set foot on the English coast.

(Well, except for Donald Sutherland in the movie "The Eye Of The Needle".)

Copyright 2012 by Jerry The Geek

WAR? (PART II) -World War Z!-

London mayor to Islamic Terrorists: 'You do not commit these disgusting acts in my name'

Gee, it's funny how time slips away.

NOW we are challenged to another "Culture War".

"War as we know it"
War is declared, defended and played with the three national priorities of land, greed, and culture... and I suspect  that in the final analysis this war will end up being played (if it's to be played at all) on all these basic premises:

Greed, Culture, Land.

This promises to be an undeclared war, a "Guerrilla War": not an honorable war in defense of one's nation but one which is designed by the aggressor to impose cultural imperatives upon people whose heritage is not gladly subjected to an archaic code of subjugation to an alien concept of a harsh god.

It will not be fought by both sides according to the "Geneva Conventions" (whichever version you prefer)  ... those wars require all combatants to be uniformed, answerable to a readily identifiable higher authority, and bound by BOTH sides to abide by the common conventions of 'no torture', sanctuary to non-combatants,

Western Civilization is based on principles of community,

Monday, June 05, 2017


Comedian Kathy Griffin says her career is over after gory Trump photo | Reuters:
Comedian Kathy Griffin tearfully apologized in a Friday press conference for posing with a fake bloodied and severed head depicting U.S. President Donald Trump, saying that she felt her career was now over and that Trump "broke" her.
Isn't that just like a Liberal?

First you attack the President of the United States, Kathy, with a disgusting staged photo;
     Then public opinion is that you're a disgusting person;
          Finally you blame all your troubles on the President of the United States!

Don't give it another thought, Kathy; You are a "Self-Made Woman".

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Falling Down

London Bridge: 1 killed after van plows into pedestrians; Theresa May calls incident ‘potential act of terrorism’ - The Washington Post:
In packed pubs — normally scenes of Saturday night revelry and merriment — patrons threw chairs, bottles and glasses at the attackers as the assailants used long knives to slash their way through crowds. Tourists gaped at the carnage from the roofs of double-decker buses. London’s Metropolitan Police said the attacks were being treated as “terrorist incidents.”

Oh, that's TOO WRONG attacking brits in their pubs!

In packed pubs — normally scenes of Saturday night revelry and merriment — patrons threw chairs, bottles and glasses at the attackers as the assailants used long knives to slash their way through crowds. Tourists gaped at the carnage from the roofs of double-decker buses....

(Get a gun.  Much more effective than chairs, bottles and glasses.)
(Oh, wait ... you can't do that, can you.  Dear dear, guess you should call a bobbie?)
British Prime Minister Theresa May, who returned from the campaign trail to 10 Downing Street for emergency meetings with security officials, had earlier described the “terrible incidents” as “a potential act of terrorism.”


As long as you idiots keep talking through your small mouth, you're going to be attacked.

You invited these a-holes into your country.  I would be more condemnatory, except that my country is no more prepared to protect itself by strictly regulating the people who are allowed to enter the country than are you.

(Working on it!)

. Other parties were expected to follow suit. London Mayor Sadiq Khan issued a statement condemning “a deliberate and cowardly attack on innocent Londoners and visitors to our city enjoying their Saturday night.” People in London should expect more police on the streets in the coming days, Khan said in a television interview on Sunday morning. But Londoners should not be alarmed and should not let terrorists disrupt daily life or the upcoming election, he said. “We can’t allow them to do that,” Khan told Sky News. “We are not going to be cowered by terrorism.”
Yeah.  Right.  You are not going to be cowered by terrorists:  
Stiff upper lip ..and all that.

It's all the fault of the MORMONS ho want to convert every one to Mormonism, and ... what's that?

Phone call.>  It's not the  Mormons?   You say it's another group of religious fanatics who will not rest until we all convert to their religion?  Sorry, Mormons  I got that  wrong.

Guess what? England, you are Terrorism's Butt Boy; any time they want you, you're wide open and not complaining until it's all over and the hurt begins.

We're beginning to believe you really LIKE it: you're so not-doing-more-than-whining!


PS: Just learned that Amera can't protect ITS borners, either.
Well, What do you know.  Isn't that a Coincidence/