Wednesday, September 09, 2015

An Open Letter to mario Cuomo, governor of the Great State of New York

Cuomo talks gun control after lawyer shot before parade - NY Daily News:

The governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, speaks to us.

“We passed the toughest gun control law in the the nation, called the SAFE Act and I am proud of it. Anyone who doesn't believe we need to do something about gun control is delusional. We can protect the Second Amendment and legitimate gun owners, but we also need to protect people. How many young innocent people need to die before this nation comes to its senses? And this is a terrible terrible painful loss, and all unnecessary."
Dear Mario;

What are you, crazy?

Governor Cuomo, maybe you and your fellow NY Politicos are looking at the Yak through the Ass, instead of in the eyes.

You think that the way to prevent gun violence is to keep your citizens from the rightful heritage of the Second Amendment, which acknowledges all rational, law-abiding citizens to be armed.

Instead, you have continued the New York Madness which insists that honest, rational, law-abiding citizens to be disarmed.

What, are you crazy?  Nobody thinks that disarming honest citizens reduces crime;  it's the criminals that have the guns.  You know, the ones who don't obey the law?

Why the hell are you continuing this numb-nutz fantasy that disarming honest people has any societal benefit except that it turns good folks into victims?

Which states have the most crime?  New York and California, right?

Which states have the most stringent gun-control laws?  New York and California, right?

Which states have the most out-of-touch governors?

California, right?  (Can't be New York, 'cause you're him and we all know you're freaking perfect!)

So I gotta ask you, when your anti-gun laws keep honest people from being able to defend theselves, who profits?  Not the honest people;

No no no, it's the criminals.

Criminals don't obey the law.  It's that thing they do, y'know?

Honest people obey the law.

So when you make laws that keep people from having guns to .. like .. "defend themselves"?  Who profits?  Not the honest people.  The CROOKS LOVE IT!

This isn't Rocket Science. This is Plain Dealing 101.  Whatever you make illegal, the crooks are going to love it!  Remember Prohibition?

Your gun control laws have had two effects:

  1. you have created a market for under-the-covers guns
  2. you have ensured that crooks can intimidate unarmed citizens
I know that you didn't start this whole 'Gun Control" crappola, but you sure as HELL have promulgated it.

So whaddya say, Mario?  Maybe you should give the Little Guy a break?  


Anonymous said...

It is simple mathematics (NY style) fewer guns = fewer people being shot. It is the NY way and NY people are happy with it.

Mark said...

Ask any NYer, crime is way up there.