MARIPOSA -- This is a mountain town where there's a Bible verse painted over a pizza parlor door and a local politician keeps a cardboard cutout of John Wayne holding a Winchester rifle in his office as proof of fealty to the NRA.

But a proposal to bring "Paintball for Jesus" to public land has some people riled.

Here's an interesting proposition: A church group has tried Paintball as a way to keep kids involved in activities 'off the streets'. They want access to unused public lands as a Paintball range. The locals are incensed, and chances are they will stop this thoroughly benign effort. Why? Because ...
"I'm sorry, maybe I'm missing something in my upbringing as a Methodist, but Paintball for Jesus? God help us all. Seriously, this teaches bad habits of shooting each other," said Mariposa County Supervisor Brad Aborn, 71, the John Wayne fan who is a former Vietnam War Navy helicopter pilot.
This is an IPSC blog, and we who indulge in Practical Shooting competition are accustomed to dealing with the criticism that we're "practicing to shoot at imitation people, with real guns!"

Now the problem is a church group which practices shooting at real people, with imitation guns.

It occurs to me that some people are altogether too wrapped up in themselves.

It's a Free Country, But Don't Speak Spanish in your Television Ad

Here's a Florida used-car dealer who has begun coaching his television advertisements in high-school Spanish. The locals are outraged, and consider his Spanish-language ads "un-American".

In fact, he has received some very accusatory comments on his blog, where he tries to make his readers understand that what he is doing is VERY "American".

He's not a "Latino Immigration Advocate", he's a Capitalist. As in: "You're here, you're earning, buy a car from me". What's so difficult about that? If he was offering to sell them a Big Mac, would it be any different? Why isn't Taco Bell, for that matter, catching a lot of heat from their "Run For The Border" ads?

Am I missing something?


Take off your clothes, or I'll blow you up. Oh, and Send Money!

Compare the previous story with this one:
"Bomb Threats Force Stores to Wire Money"
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Federal investigators are looking overseas for clues and suspects in a scam that uses bomb threats to extort money from banks and stores, law enforcement officials told CNN.

For the past week, banks and stores in at least 13 states have been hit by the scam, in which a caller claims there is a bomb on the premises that can be detonated if employees don't meet a demand to wire money to a specific account.

In one incident in Kansas, the caller ordered store employees and customers to take off their clothes, police said.

A source told CNN that investigators are looking for a suspect in Portugal who appears to be linked to an account number the caller uses in his demands. The source said it is believed to be either a single person or a small group tied to an account in Portugal.

At least $13,000 has been extorted, according to a law enforcement source.
Here's an entrepreneur!

My guess is, there's this bright, bored teenager in Portugal with a telephone card and a computer, who has just discovered the Wide, Wide World of Sheeple.
California Provides Health Care for Illegal Immigrants: Indigent Citizens Left Unfunded

And finally, from the Washington Times:

I found this story a little complicated, and confusing. As simply as I understand it:
Dr. Gene Rogers, the Medical Director for Sacramento (CA) County's medical Indigent Services program, saw that county medical funding was being expended in non-Emergency health care for Illegal Aliens to the extent that no money was available for Indigent Citizens ... the folks for whom the service was originally intended.

When he complained, County officials fired him from the job he had held for over a decade. And continued the policy.

And, although the budget was in jeopardy ... the County Commissioners cut the budget.

This leaves the County with less than enough money to care for the poorest of their citizens, but continued the practice of spending the money for "
non-Emergency health care" for interlopers.

I can find no better explanation than "Political Correctness Gone Wild!"

Somewhere, somebody has to Show Me Your Tits!