Thursday, August 23, 2018

Why in the WORLD should NRA back a ban on "Plastic Guns"?

The very idea that the NRA should "back the ban" on ANY kind of firearms restriction ("infringement") is absolutely ridiculous!

"Shall not be infringed"

COD, August 15, 2018: NRA should back ban on plastic guns | YOUR OPINION |
NRA should back ban on plastic guns Editor, Times-Dispatch: The National Rifle Association has a wonderful opportunity to win the hearts and minds of those of us who are in the “center” of the gun control debate. By the center, I’m talking about the majority of people who support individual gun ownership rights but also see a need for more controls on certain types of weapons.

In the first place, the concept that the NRA should "back the plan" on ANY kind of firearms infringement is abhorrent to firearms owners ... who rely on the NRA to support the ideal of the Second Amendment. 

The Second Amendment was designed to protect the rights of Americans from those who do not agree with the concept of freedom of Americans.   You are an obnoxious herb-eather who has no respect for the basic rights which we all enjoy.   You prefer to lower us to your level.
Which is not only obnoxious and demeaning, but also (when you suggest we should yield our rights to POLITICIANS) ... disgusting.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

The problem with "Gun Control"

Well, "Gun Control" isn't working for the UK.

Why Is London Imposing ‘Knife Control’? Because Gun Control Hasn’t Worked:  April 13, 2018
The United Kingdom has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the world, so the increased murder rate in the British capital is largely a result of a sharp rise in knife-related crime. The surge in violence prompted London Mayor Sadiq Khan to announce a massive “knife control” campaign eerily reminiscent of those sometimes proffered in the United States in response to firearms-related violence. The knife control measures will include the deployment of 300 additional London police officers to conduct “stop and frisk” searches of individuals suspected of knife-carrying, a policing tactic once roundly condemned by Khan.
So they decided to impose "Knife Control"  How's that working for you, after four months??
A boy is fighting for his life after he was allegedly disembowelled when he was stabbed on a south London housing estate. He was one of four children who were taken to hospitals in south London following the incident at Landor House, Camberwell yesterday. All the boys are aged between 15 and 16 years old and six attackers of the same age have been taken into custody.

No information is immediately available about the 'six attackers of the same age".

In theory, the 1689 English Bill of Rights protects the right of individual British subjects to possess arms for purposes of self-defense. In reality, modern Britons have had this right completely stripped from them, to the point where they may be reprimanded for using kitchen knives against home intruders.

The Brits have the same myopic vision as do the politicians in America.

Their politicians continue to convince themselves of the same imaginary solutions as do politicians here in America.  They think they can control "violence" by controlling the instruments of violence.

They know they can't stop shootings and stabbings by passing laws, but that's all they have ... apart from completely disrupting the root causes of violence;which is a societal problem, not a legal one.

There are no laws which the Brits ... or the Americans ... can pass which will definitively 'solve' the problem of gun/knife violence.    They and we will have to completely reform our societies, and as long as we continue to embrace the acceptance of immigrants from 'other societies', nothing will change.

But the cat is out of the cradle, the monster is out of the closet, and no amount of legislation will ever put them back into the box.

Unless you put them all into a cell and keep them there forever; or initiate even more draconian solutions, such as public executions.   Which I would not watch, nor anyone in a "civilized" society.

To paraphrase "The Sound of Music":   How do you solve a problem like Sharia?

The Sound of One Hand clapping

When Celebrities speak on subjects of which they have no personal knowledge, it's difficult to ignore the dual factoid that (a) she knows nothing at all about me, and (b) I already know more than I care about her.

Jennifer Aniston Is Teaming Up With Parkland Survivors to Speak Out About Gun Control | Glamour:
Jennifer Aniston has been one of the most famous women in the world since the nineties. But while the press was focused on her personal life and Friends fame, few established where Aniston stands on important issues. When you speak to Aniston, though, it's clear she feels passionately—about gun control, about our country's future, and about finding the right moment to speak out.

It's probably asking too much to presume that GLAMOUR magazine really cares about Gun Control; but they never let a quotable statement go to waste.  (Which is sort-of the latest Motto of the Democratic Party.)