Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Son of Bob

Stephen Hunter has got another hit with his latest 'Sniper' book, "Soft Target".

His latest action hero, Ray Cruz (son of Bob The Nailer") is trapped in a mega-mall with a group of Somali terrorists armed with AK74s. The entire complex is in lock-down, local and federal LE forces are unable to make entry to rescue the 1,000+ American Christmas shoppers. His wife and her family members are among the actual and/or potential hostages, and Ray doesn't even have a gun.

To make things worse, when Ray starts scouting the mall, FBI HRT snipers try to kill him.

The action is fast, the tension rises, and Hunter introduces a Crisis Commander who is a literary analogue of an inexperienced, irresolute American President ... named "Obobo".

Buy this book. Read it now.