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Liberals Are The party Of Peaceful Weasels .. what?

Oh, go read it. Or not. I'm tired of trying to keep track of liberal crap dumbfucks idiots academics

  Rutgers University Lecturer Visited By NYPD After Threatening To Kill All White People With A Gun…UPDATE: Threatened Trump Supporters As Well, Blames Trump For Being Questioned… | Weasel Zippers

*It's a Good Thing that Liberals are The Party of Peace.  it would be really gnarly if they were, like, emotional dunderheads with no shut-the-fuck-up valve or anything!)

Naturally some media on left picked this up, hysterically trumpeting, ‘It begins!’.
What begins? An idiot who has issues with white people who shouldn’t be teaching students made threatening remarks that police felt duty bound to check out?
Trump of course is only the president-elect and has no power to change anything or go after anyone.
By the way, Allred who refers to himself as a ‘Beyonce professor'(gee that’s a title, my degree is in Beyonce) isn’t actually a professor. Professor is a title that you earn through teaching and scholarship. He is a just a lecturer.
Allred got some media attention last year for saying there were ‘
no good white people’.

NPR elucidates on NRA gun-control laws (what do THEY know?)

Following Election, NRA Goes On 'Offense'; Here's What It Could Aim To Do : The Two-Way : NPR:
 There are a number of laws that the NRA and gun enthusiasts would like to see change under the Trump administration. 
That's fair, and we are happy to discuss the issues.   But National Public Radio is a Liberal organization, and as such they have some concerns ... which may not be publicly acknowledged in every article they write or air.

I have my own issues.  Here are what NPR identifies, and what MY issues are:


1. National reciprocity for concealed-carry permits 
This is the biggest-ticket item for the NRA and it's the most likely to happen. Trump, a concealed-carry-permit holder, has said that concealed carry "is a right, not a privilege," and that a permit should be valid in all 50 states, similar to a driver's license.
Simple:  If your state considers you sufficiently responsible to carry a concealed handgun in YOUR state all other states should recognize  your right to carry.

* Just now, that's difficult because each state has its own criteria.  For example, Oregon only requires you to pass background checks and pass a raining course; but the neighboring state Washington has slightly more stringent requirements, so Washington may not recognize an Oregon CHL even though Oregon recognizes (and respects) a Washington CHL.
*not a quote

Or word to that effect .. the details are a little more complicated, but that's a fair representation of the issues.

(TERMINOLOGY NOTE "CHL" = Concealed handgun Licence for the purpose of this discussion.)

The reference to "driver's license" rights is dismissive of the 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights, but gun owners are willing to put this issue aside for the moment.

It gets complicated when CHL applicants complain that the 2nd amendment recognizes this right without the need to 'take a test', which many states require (as well as 'special training'),  It's a legitimate issue, but most folks are willing to allow this "misinterpretation" to be accepted as an administrative glitch;   for now.

(And Anti-Gun protesters claim that gun owners are not willing to compromise!)


2: An end to gun-free military zones.

We've seen several instances where serving military have been assaulted by illegally armed individuals  in a military base.  The soldiers were not allowed to carry a weapon, although they were, arguably, the most qualified individuals in the nation to carry a weapon.

This administrative change would recognize the competence and good judgement of serving military personnel (because packing a gun is their job!_, acknowledge that they are in a "at risk" environment, and provide them the ability to defend themselves in what is, after all, 'their home'  (the base where they are assigned, and required to either live or at least be present during the normal performance of their duties.)

You trust police with guns, and they get lest initial training, and less annual "hands on" training than most Military personnel.  Y'all might want to step back and ... thank about thiat.

the official announcement:
At a rally in January, Trump said, "My first day, there's no more gun-free zones." He was talking about schools and military bases. He later clarified his position on schools, saying that school resource officers or teachers should be allowed to carry them. He has not publicly changed his opinion on military bases.Currently, most gun owners on military bases must register their firearm and store it in an armory while on base. The only people who can carry guns while on a military base are on-duty military, state or local police.


3. Removing suppressors from the National Firearms Act
This is  a slightly more controversial subject.
"Suppressors" are commonly known a "Silencers"   These devices attach to the the forward end of the barrel of a firearm (either as a permanent or a temporary attachment) and serve the purpose of attenuating the  NOISE which issues through the barrel when a firearm is discharged.
The reason why this adjustment to Federal Firearms' Regulation is requested is that the detonation of a rifle, or many pistols, exceeds the safe level of noise to the ear.
I can personally attest to the effects of long-term exposure to loud unattenuated reverberation from both pistol and rifle. 
I'm 71 years old, and I've been shooting rifles and handguns in testing  and hunting environments, and most especially in competition environments for the past 30 years.  My hearing has degrade to the point that as a consequence my most common response to a question is "HUH?" because I can't hear it.
Yes, I wear 'ear muffs' almost every time people are shooting firearms in my presence, but this is an insufficient measure of protection .. as my personal deafness stands in silent protest.
This situation could have easily been prevented if the federal regulations on the use of "silencers" had been made available to the common citizen during the past 50 years. 
 But the Federal government sees no better justification for restriction of a "Silencer" than that it covers the activities of a felon during the commission of a crime.
In my personal and professional opinion, this is one of most inane, deft, unreasonable and downright STUPID laws that the Federal Government has enacted in the past hundred years.


4. Revamping federal background check process
Nobody is entirely happy with the federal government's current background check process or its database, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Gun control groups argue that there are too many loopholes in it, and many gun rights groups concur — a rare show of agreement — though not in the details.

Actually, that's not the reason why firearms owners are so resistant to  .. let's call it "Universal Background Check" system.
Yeah, we get it.  Sometimes the dude we're selling a firearm (which is no longer a necessary part of our personal weapons locker) to is not the really nice guy he seems to be.
And  we kind of appreciate that we have an options, where we can check him out before we hand over a firearm to him.
We GET it; we should check the guy out, and it's a convenience that we have to make one phone call to determine if the buyer is a felon, or otherwise  not an appropriate owner of a firearm.
The National Instant Check System folks can tell you in a minute whether they're comfortable with you selling this guy a firearm
But they don't just want to vet the buyer; they want to know about the seller.  And most important:  They want to know the gun.  Make, model, and SERIAL NUMBER!  All of this information is loaded into NICS, and it's suppose to disappear after x-number of days.


(_And I will respect you in the morning, Darling._)
The identification of the firearms is not suppose to be maintained in the data base, but why do they need it to verify the legitimacy of the purchaser?
They don't.  But they still require that you (the seller) provide the information in order to verify the buyer.  Does that make sense to you?
Me either.
And that's why I don't trust the NICS, the ATF, and in this case the NPR folks because they don't understand the issues.
Ain't it FUNNY ...

.. how simple little things which are just kind of 'filler articles' for NPR turn out to be emotion-laden issues for people who have to deal with the 'assumptions' that make an ass out of you?

And the people regulating and reporting are all


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Baltimore Bans Toy Guns

Baltimore OKs ban of replica guns - Baltimore Sun:

The Baltimore City Council gave preliminary approval Monday to a citywide ban on toy guns that look like working handguns and rifles. Council members introduced the legislation after a 14-year-old East Baltimore boy holding a BB gun was shot by a city police detective in April. 
 City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young said replica guns are contributing to violence on Baltimore's streets. He said people are using the fake weapons in robberies, and children who carry them are put in harm's way. There have been more than 800 shootings this year in Baltimore, which is on pace to pass 300 homicides for a second consecutive year.

To my own surprise, I agree with the Baltimore City Council.

Put yourself in the place of a Baltimore cop, when you see this pointed at you: (actual cost: $9.99)

or maybe you're looking at this?

 What do you do?

I wouldn't want to be that cop, faced with two choices (shoot, or don't shoot), which are neither appealing:

(1) Treat it as a threat, and shoot an innocent child;
(2) Treat it as a toy, and get shot for your bad judgement.

In today's American Society, either is a viable alternative.  And you're going to be wrong, regardless of your in-the-moment decision.

LIBERALS ... you gotta love 'em


(Hat Tip: Paterico's Pontifications) via Firehand)

I've said before, and I'll say it again: I hate politics.

It makes people crazy, and damages the innocent.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke called a Terrorist? *NSFW*

I knew they were nasty, but I had no idea that they considered ANYTHING they might say was "okay by me!"

Here's how Liberals confront their political opposition .. not with a word, but with the T-Bomb!

* Turn your computer volume UP ... this is a badly edited film clip *( foul language alert!) *

CNN Angela Rye Calls Sheriff David Clarke a Terrorist on Live TV and Don Lemon says nothing - YouTube
Published on Nov 12, 2016 I can't help it think how Don would have reacted if it was a republican saying that about a prominent Democrat. He would have cut off the mic and that person would have their contract with CNN ripped up. But on CNN it's just another day at the office.Un fuckin believable

I don't agree with all the opinions voiced by the spokesperson, but I do agree that a "counter" opinion should accompany Ms. Rye's comments.

Up next: Angela Rye cries on CNN about Donald Trump as president !

How the NRA Stoked the Populist Rage That Gave America President Trump

How the NRA Stoked the Populist Rage That Gave America President Trump:
On May 2016, the National Rifle Association endorsed Donald Trump for president earlier in the campaign cycle than any candidate in the group’s history. The anointment came during the group’s annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, where top NRA lobbyist Chris Cox declared that the “the choice for gun owners in this election is clear. And that choice is Donald Trump.”
 The move puzzled observers who understood the NRA to be a doctrinaire single issue interest group, and even its own members, who didn’t quite share their leaders’ ardor for the Manhattan businessman.

Here is how it worked out:

Trump bore little resemblance to the lifelong heartland conservatives whom the NRA typically backed. He was an Ivy League-educated real estate heir with a gold-plated private jet and a foreign, former-model third wife. Trump and Melania had wed at a glamorous ceremony where Bill and Hillary Clinton had been among the guests. A proud New York City resident, Trump didn’t seem to have much regard for the attachments many Americans felt towards guns, never mind the policy purity the NRA demands of other candidates. In a 2000 book, he’d even written, “I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.

But here's how it REALLY worked out:

Stairs Are not The Best Friends Of The Hobo Brasser Family!

My friend, "The Hobo Brasser", is in the hospital this week due to his propensity to not use the rails in the stairwell to the basement in his home.

In short, he tripped, fell, and broke some body parts which are important only if you want to stand, walk or run.

None of these options are currently available to him.

Having just spent a few hours chatting with his charming LifePartner (AKA: WIFE) Sharon, I did make only a casual attempt to phone said Hobo at his hospital room.  In the very short conversation, he revealed that he was (this is a direct quote) "Pretty F*cked Up" but expects to be released for home recovery in a matter of days ... not weeks.  Yes, another hour on the phone with The Brasser.  he's in good spirits, but won't be hobbling his way through any IPSC matches for a while.

Friend can expect him to be "En Hibile" soon.

It's good to know that although your friends have suffered a "minor injury"; ... they are recovering!

Not than any injury is unimportant.  But that the injury could very well have been MUCH WORSE .. but has not turned out to be ... is  good news to those of us who have been exposed to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!

I spent some time on the phone, talking to Mrs. Hobo Brasser.  It appears that The Evil Stairs have claimed her as well; she broke both ankles going down those stairs in recent years.

The conversation is "we need to move to a house without stairs!"

Good choice.

Y'all need not to be breaking legs, knees and ankles.

NRA Mocks Kim Kardashian - YouTube

The Huffington Post is the entry point for a series of videos which constitute an attack on the NRA:

The trail of posts is difficult to follow because the series of links from one article to the next are so convoluted that you really need to WANT to follow the subtle attack on the Second Amendment rights, as supported by the National Rifle Association, before you find yourself at the most nefarious attacks on the NRA.

I think you need to see the video to get the points which were actually made.

I would prefer to present a chart of the links,  but frankly I'm too old and the trail from the original Huffington Post) is too complex to be easy to define.  Perhaps it would be best to start with the original article (see link above) and see where the various embedded links take you.

The political positions of the National Rifle Association were not specifically presented during this sequence..

The Huffington Post viewpoint, however, was prominently presented.  Without a timely response from the NRA.

(The philosophy of the NRA, incidentally, is this:

The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is an American nonprofit organization which advocates for gun rights. Founded in 1871, the group has informed its members about firearm-related bills since 1934, and it has directly lobbied for and against legislation since 1975. It is also the oldest continuously operating civil rights organization in the United States.
Founded to advance rifle marksmanship, the modern NRA continues to teach firearm competency and safety. It instructs civilians and law enforcement, youths and adults, in various programs. The organization also publishes several magazines and sponsors competitive marksmanship events.
 Membership surpassed 5 million in May 2013,
Observers and lawmakers see the NRA as one of the top three most influential lobbying groups in Washington.  Over its history the organization has influenced legislation, participated in or initiated lawsuits, and endorsed or opposed various candidates.

Compare that with this video:

NRA Mocks Kim Kardashian - YouTube:

Published on Oct 4, 2016:
 The NRA wants to make a political point to Kim Kardashian, when she was just the victim of armed robbery. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. ( deleted links; go to the video
“The National Rifle Association decided it was appropriate to needle Kim Kardashian West about her position on gun control after the reality TV star was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Kardashian West was robbed early Monday morning by armed thieves dressed as police officers. Her representatives said she was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” during the incident, which took place at a private apartment she was staying at during Paris Fashion Week. As many public figures offered support for the celebrity on Monday morning, the NRA instead seized the chance to argue against the efficacy of background checks.”Read more here:Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
actually, this plethora of links is not necessary.  Going back to THE ORIGINAL VIDEO you will find sufficient comments to describe the commentators' dislike of the NRA:


The NRA is The Bad Guy ...

... not the egotistical celebrity who publicized that she traveled with millions of dollars of jewelry and made a target of herself:

... not the criminals who assaulted her, terrorized her, gagged her, and stole her millions of ... (yadda yadda yadda) ...
... and certainly not the very pricey security dudes who were curiously absent when she really needed them.

No .. according to the EuroCentrals (who were responsible for her security) .. it was the National Rifle Association of America  who is The Bad Guy.

( Need we point out that the NRA is located on a different continent from which the robbery was perpetrated?) ... who is responsible for this heinous action upon a do-nothing celebrity who can restore her jewel box in the next month?  Could it be .. herself???)

And the NRA is currently being chided for asking if the thieves passed a background check.

Funny, when Liberals make a joke, everybody 'gets it';  but when a conservative organization makes a joke, every liberal in the world laughs at the NRA, not at the joke.

Have liberals no sense of humor?

Sorry ... I got so wrapped up in the story, I forgot that Liberals have no sense of humor for a joke which is not pointed at a Conservative!