Friday, December 05, 2014

Kids 'n Guns ... Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Watch How Network Reporter Acts as 10-Year-Old Handles Her Favorite Guns — Then Wait for the Girl’s Response | Video |
(December 03, 201)
The ABC News profile of ten-year-old Shyanne Roberts, a young firearms enthusiast, seemingly raised the blood pressure of the reporter covering the story.
I teach people how to compete in "Run and Gun" competition:  IPSC/USPSA.

I'll teach anyone.  If they can handle the gun safely and responsibility, I'll encourage them to try competition.  If they can't .. they can't I won't.

Has LEO equipment become too complicated?

Gun-mounted flashlight plays role in another Denver police misfire - The Denver Post:
(December 05, 2014)
A Denver police officer accidentally fired his gun while trying to turn on a flashlight mounted on his weapon in March, the department's third flashlight-related discharge in two years, records show.
Perhaps we're asking too much of Law Enforcement Officers to keep track of multiple levels of lethality when arresting accused felons.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

What part of "Free Speech" do you not understand?

The entire concept of "Free Speech Zones" on College campuses is Anathema.

The First Amendment was established to recognize the right of Americans to 'indulge' in 'unpopular speech'.   Anywhere.  Any time.   But Higher Education Institutions across America don't recognize this.

California college settles First Amendment suit with student | Fox News:

"Freedom of expression is crucial in the higher education community, and the District and its Board of Trustees have done much to protect and advance this cherished right," the statement read. "As part of the settlement, the District will be implementing new procedures that will expand its current free speech area to include most open spaces on campus ....... "
[emphasis added]

A student on a California campus spoke in a "free speech zone", and was not the subject of harassment by college administers.  But when he (literally) stepped over 'the line' to discuss the fine points of his opinion with another student, a college administrator threatened him.

 Claiming that a political discussion could not take place outside of the free speech zone, the unidentified school employee threatened to eject Sinapi-Riddle from campus for violating the policy.

Since when is "policy" more important that the Constitution?

What are we teaching our children?