Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Investigation After Gun Went off Inside High School |
(February 15, 2015)
SOUTH CANAAN TOWNSHIP -- A school police officer is off the job after his gun went off inside a high school in Wayne County. Even though no one was hurt, that man's actions are under investigation. Parents of students at Western Wayne High School got a call Wednesday night telling them about that morning's incident at the high school. Now a veteran of law enforcement is suspended without pay while investigators determine whether he should be charged after his gun went off inside his office. "At approximately 11 a.m. our school police officer, while in his office, inadvertently discharged his firearm," said the recording of Western Wayne Superintendent Clay LaCoe.
That man is an idiot.   He claims to have been cleaning his gun.  Likely story .. chances are he was f*cking around with his gun instead of keeping it in his holster where it belonged.

The word "inadvertently" is worse than "accidentally".  An accident is marginally acceptable, but "inadvertently"???  As if, there was NO way that this could not have happened?

The three (or four) basic rules of gun safety don't apply to a sworn officer in a school building?

Who will guard the guardians?


Anonymous said...

It could have been worse. What if the same inadvertent discharge had happened with someone other than a highly trained police officer. What if it had of been a gun toting teacher. This is why schools are supposed to be GFZs.

Mark said...

Yes make schools GFZ so Sandy Hook can happen again and again.