Friday, June 19, 2015

Fast Draw From TRex Arms Sidecar - The Firearm Blog

Fast Draw From TRex Arms Sidecar - The Firearm Blog: Jarret Fawbush aka @truexodus demonstrates a quick draw from his Trex Arms Sidecar AIWB holster.

Jarret Fawbush demonstrates a good way to shoot your own nuts off.

No, I'm not impressed that the trigger is covered by the holster.

We have seen one or two reasons why you should never allow the muzzle to point at any body parts you might be loathe to lose.

I hate my (expletive deleted) Smart Phone!

Every time I get a trash text message I curse my Smart Phone and the day I bought it, I never liked phones much any way, but Smart Phones are so INTRUSIVE!

I think I hurt its feelings, because last week it ran away from home.

At first I searched in the usual places: coat and jacket and robe pockets, trousers in the laundry bag, behind and under the sofa cushions.  Nope, not there.

Nightstand, computer desk, coffee table, kitchen counter.  Nope, not there.

In the bed linen, between the waterbed mattress and the sideboards.  Not there.

I decided, I never find anything lost until I stop looking for it.  So I quit searching, for three days.

It didn't magically "show up", so I sat back and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Then I read an article about a subject that was not familiar to me, so I reached for my phone to use the Dictionary app .... oops, I forgot.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Legislation is not the answer.

The recent tragedy in S.C. proves several things:
  • Making something illegal is not a preventative measure.
  • Mental Health tests and Gun Control Laws will not prevent Evil.
  • Some people don't care about physical survival, but only want to prove that they actually EXIST;  they will go to any extremes to accomplish that.
  • There are NO gun-control laws which will eliminate "mass murders"; those countries which have the most stringent anti-gun laws still suffer from the slaughter of the innocents (I am Charley Who?)
  • Although it seems trite to say "When Seconds Count, The Police Are Minutes Away" ... maybe more people should think about that.
And you never know who's going to freak out next, or when, or where, or how, or with what.  Guns, knives, hammers, or a gallon of gas on a ballroom floor, only these things are sure:

It's going to happen.  We won't see it coming.  And there is no way in the WORLD to defend ourselves against it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weapons Tests For Destroyer That Will Never Destroy Anything

Weapons Tests For Destroyer That Will Never Destroy Anything: WASHINGTON — Engineers at Naval Sea Systems Command are set to begin the next phase of their ongoing plan to test the effectiveness of emerging surface warfare technologies the Navy will never get to employ in actual combat this week, the Command announced.
“For heaven’s sake, we don’t actually want to ever use these weapons systems in battle,” said head of NAVSEA, Vice Adm. William Hilarides. “If we abuse this technology we might accidentally win a war, and that’s just an irresponsible use of smart power.”
Engineers hope to install an electromagnetic railgun on the fourth planned Zumwalt-class destroyer, USS Wesley R. Crusher, currently under construction at Bath Iron Works in Maine. 
Railguns send high-powered electromagnetic pulses along a set of rails to shoot a projectile at supersonic speeds. Conventional naval guns use a chemical propellent and lack the “swag factor.”

(Please Note: Duffle Blog is a Military Satire website)

California Dreaming ... about the Second Amendment

New court battles in California about whether 2nd Amendment "permits" (as opposed to "acknowledges") the right to firearms carry for personal defense outside the home.

Gun rights in California: court to hear another showdown - San Jose Mercury News:  (August 15, 2015)
The 9th Circuit case has attracted national attention, in part because the court is reconsidering an earlier ruling that broke new ground by invalidating San Diego's strict but common guidelines for issuing concealed-carry gun permits. In that ruling last year, a divided three-judge panel found San Diego's restrictions trampled on the Second Amendment rights of private citizens to carry a gun for self-defense. After a tortured procedural battle, prompted by San Diego abandoning defense of the law, the 9th Circuit voted on its own to rehear the case. Most legal experts predict the court is likely to uphold the regulations, particularly given that much of the 11-judge panel is comprised of liberal to moderate Democratic appointees.
[emphasis added]

At issue is the "May Issue" vs "Shall Issue" priorities of California Concealed Carry laws.  This has been a bitterly fought battle in other states, and higher courts have typically determined that "May Issue" policies constitute a 2nd Amendment infringement.
The judges in recent months have been inundated with legal arguments pitting the gun lobby against gun control advocates and Attorney General Kamala Harris, who urged the 9th Circuit to uphold such regulations.
(Which is to say, California's Attorney General .. who is running for  Barbara Boxer's Senate seat in 2016 ... believes that 'may issue' protocols are just fine with California.)

Well, it's California, and and  one must expect such opposition to Constitutional Imperatives from one of the most liberal states in the union.

Blomberg finances another arrow in his quiver, titled 'Gun Violence Epidemic'

The Trace, Bloomberg-Backed Journalism Startup, Tackles Gun Violence 'Epidemic':
(June 16, 2015)
 NEW YORK -- Gun enthusiasts have plenty of options for industry news and firearms reviews. And the National Rifle Association boasts its own media arm to amplify any perceived threats against Second Amendment. 
What’s missing in the gun-media landscape, say founders of The Trace, is a news outlet devoted to the prevention of violence. 
Oh!  So, Bloomberg hasn't financed enough "Gun Violence" websites, clubs, pseudo-representatives and shills yet?

Guess Not.  There are never too many paid employees when you're trying to establish a false front for political goals.

Enter ... "The Trace":

“We believe that the rate of gun violence is too high and we believe that there is not enough information about the issue as a whole,” editorial director James Burnett told The Huffington Post in an interview. “As journalists, we have it as our mission to address that shortage of information.” 

"Journalists?"  I thought that encompassed those who could hold down a job in the .. you know .. "Journalism" milieu.  Apparently, this guy can't hold down a job:

Burnett, who left The New Republic a few months ago following a staff exodus, said The Trace will not publish editorials supporting specific legislation or candidates. But the site will operate from the standpoint that there are "too many people being killed and injured by guns," he said.
(Burnett was so valued by TNR that his web record enumerates all of his many accolades.   There were none.)

We're grateful to the man who can't hold a job at The New Republic for providing valuable and ... "unbiased" ... reporting.


Getting back to the point that "the rate of gun violence is too high" ...That's a big DUH ... yes, we agree.  And the reason why too many people are being killed and injured by guns is that they have been intimidated by leftists to NOT establish their own personal defense practices.

Bloomberg has enlisted the help of "independent" news sources to promulgate his views:

The Washington Examiner:
The Huffington Post:

Obviously, these 'independent news sources' have no agenda which might be interpreted as a "slant" on their reporting.

Bloomberg has his own agenda: it is that if you can't afford to hire guns, you shouldn't have a gun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Those Who Choose Safety over Liberty => Dire Straits!

Gun killings fell by 40 percent after Connecticut passed this law - The Washington Post:
An overwhelming number of Americans say that they favor universal background checks — that is, they want anyone who obtains a gun to pass a background check first. Gun-rights activists retort that these restrictions only impede the lawful ownership of guns. But that’s clearly an exaggeration. When laws make it harder for people to sell guns to criminals, well, criminals will have a harder time finding guns.
(H/T HOT AIR via a comment by IRONS IN THE FIRE)

We thank the kind people at the Washington Post for providing such a rich textual missive for fisking.   But we're not going to fisk this, because it's just ... too .. easy.

 I'll only say that universal backgrounds do not make it harder for people to sell guns to criminals; that only assumes that criminals and otherwise-lawful citizens do NOT share contempt for these wussy, hopeful, ineffective Liberal Laws.    The sad fact is, both crooks and honest people consider these 'laws' as pure, unenforceable, useless freaking bullshit.  And rightfully so.
The rest is left as an exercise for the reader.

Monday, June 15, 2015

It's A Rare Gun That Fires Without A Finger On The Trigger!

The Captain's Journal  Police Officer Negligent Discharges:

Accidental gunshots by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies have more than doubled in two years... The jump coincides with the department’s move to a new handgun that lacks a safety lever and requires less pressure to pull the trigger.They are blaming it on a SA/DA pistol because of the heavy trigger pull for the first round (although I have to say that 6-8 pounds isn’t exactly a light trigger pull for the M&P). Thus they have trained officers to keep their fingers on the trigger of their handguns when they deploy their firearm.  They say so.
[Emphasis added]

Buncha California Liberal Snits blame the gun when it's their mandated policies that are the problem.
Who could expect any more responsibility from the adolescent twerps who run  control  screw the state today?

Keep Your Booger Hook Off The Bang Switch!
keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot at the target.

Everything else is secondary, although some shooting rules sets seem to make this secondary to "keep your gun pointed in a safe direction'.

It's difficult to prioritize gun safety rules, we know that.  But when some "administrators" define the Rules of Engagement and deliberately ignore known safety rules,  it reveals them for the total idiots they are when the mandate unsafe practices.

And when the shit hits the fan, they blame the guns rather than to accept their own responsibility?

Well .. .it's California.

Nobody expects them to be sane, but I'm pretty sure that the officers who are required to live within their rules know their masters administrators are idiots.

Given that there don't seem to be a lot of 'accidental shootings', one wonders if the cops on the beat aren't letting a few bullets fly just to demonstrate how inane their bespoke procedures are.

What is it about Military Service that makes women kill themselves?

Suicide rate of female military veterans is called 'staggering' - LA Times:
New government research shows that female military veterans commit suicide at nearly six times the rate of other women, a startling finding that experts say poses disturbing questions about the backgrounds and experiences of women who serve in the armed forces.
Female suicides are a quarter of male suicides among non-vets.

But female vets kill themselves 4 time more often than non-vets ... compared to male vets and male non-vets.

Is it the pressure of serving?  Or are there more pressures (such as the high degree of sexual predation among serving women) which causes this high mortality rate?

I've always been a staunch supporter of women in the military.I grok the "Upper Body Strength" limitations which make it problematic for them to tote their heavier wounded male comrade from the battle field, and I know it's bullshit.

I also know that males may be so overprotective of females that they may put female well-being ahead of the mission.  That's the Male Soldier problem.

But has the American Military made the environment so stressful for female military that suicide has become an acceptable norm?

Again ... that's a Male Soldier problem.

But the female soldiers have been paying the price.