Thursday, September 10, 2015

Corn maze honors 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle | Fox News

Corn maze honors 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle | Fox News: The owners of a small Georgia farm took a tractor, a global positioning system and seven acres of corn and created a masterpiece made of maize last month honoring American sniper Chris Kyle.  “I felt like we needed to do something patriotic,” Misty Duren told me. “It hit me one day that it would be great to honor Chris Kyle.”

Personally, I thought it was pretty impressive.  I just finished watching the move, and I had already read the book.

Chris Kyle was a warrior.  We need men like him to defend our country, and our freedoms.  And we need the mind-set which creates warriors like him to protect American Freedoms against all the radicals who would undermine our civilization.

Okay, this may seem "hokey", but I think it's fine.  Damn fine.

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Mark said...

My bumper sticker from LaRue Tactical "God bless our troops, especially the snipers"