Saturday, October 08, 2016

Diversity is more important than reliability: DOJ

DOJ: Criminal Background Checks, Citizenship Requirements Barriers to Police-Force Diversity:

The Department of Justice decided  that it's a bad idea to keep "undocumented aliens" (non-citizens) from working in Law Enforcement jobs because ... diversity.

These people know other languages, and legal Americans don't.   Good point!

That's important when you're interrogating people who cross the American borders illegally.  You know, like drug mules and rapists and murderers.   These people need to be interrogated in their native language, to determine whether their motives to immigrate illegally are societally valid.  

It's a shame that America only judges emigrants based on legal issues; isn't it enough that they want to join us because they can work for low wages?

Why SHOULDN'T we hire them to police our laws?  Should we hold it against them, that they have demonstrated their willingness to break the law in order to gain admittance?   Are we that petty?

Shouldn't we trust our Government?

Let us give Hillary our vote ... and all of our firearms

In the immortal words of Father Francis John Patrick Mulcahy (*M*A*S*H*) ....
Jocularity, Jocularity, Jocularity!

The Hillarity has spoken, and plans to decree gun control by ... well .. decree.

Wikileaks Release: Hillary Clinton Press Sec Says Gun Control to Be Implemented by Executive Order - Breitbart:
Breitbart News has previously reported that Clinton pledged gun control by executive order. She began pushing executive gun control right after the shooting in the Umpqua Community College gun free zone. That incident occurred on October 1, 2015, three days before Fallon’s email that Clinton “would support…closing the gun show loophole by executive order.” This is in line with a Washington Post report that Clinton wants to use executive orders “to go further than Obama” went  on gun control.
Incidentally, the "Gun Show Loophole" played no part in the Oregon massacre (UMPQUA Community College is two hours drive from my home).   The murderer passed all the bells and whistles of the Background Check which had been recently and universally imposed in Oregon.

Good to know that with new restrictions on firearms purchases, nobody in Oregon need fear a massacre.  Other than the one in Roseburg, of course.  But it's not the fault of Oregon Voters ... they already made that a crime!

But I digress.

Hillarity's proposal (we have this only by quotes from by the members of her personal staff) is to require back ground checks on all firearms transfers, both public (dealers) and personal (private citizens who don't sell firearms for a living .... like me giving my .30-30 to my son, etc).

That will surely stop all these nasty massacres which are upsetting the people.

Did I mention that the Umpqua shooter passed a background check?

Is it possible that politicians (Hillary) know that background checks don't constrain mass murderers, but they put us honest firearms owners through massive impositions on the 2nd Amendment just because it makes the politicians look really good on video?

Oh, and the background checks require that the firearms involved be identified by make, model and serial number.   Nobody knows how that affects the verification of the buyer and the seller, but it DOES provide data to a Universal Data Base on who own why firearm.

I suppose it would be petty for us to assume that this is part of the greater plan to populate a registration database.

And ... oh, apropos of absolutely nothing at all:

Friday, October 07, 2016

Cops won't use "Deadly Force" because of fear of "social media"

Some police today are so conscious of "Social Media" that they would rather take a beating with bruises than take a beating with social ostracism.

This is "Chi-town"?

Chicago police officer feared using gun while being attacked |
"She thought she was going to die. She knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to, because she didn't want her family or the department to have to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news," Supt. Johnson said. 
I know I couldn't do the job.  
Being a police officer .. that's the toughest job in the world. And I'm not "up to it".

But to learn that some police would rather risk their own life, instead of just shooting the asshole who is pummeling them, is something that I've never considered.
 A nearby business captured surveillance video of the incident. The owner didn't see the incident firsthand, but saw how the incident unfolded on the surveillance video.
"It is terrible. It is total disregard for law enforcement. They put their lives forward every day for us and to see somebody do this, to pummel the police officer is terrible. It is a terrible thing," business owner Louie Rainone said.

I want to be proud of this officer, who is willing to give her life at the hands of a brute who thinks nothing of pummeling a sworn officer to the point of ... possible ... death.   But at the same time, I'm appalled that she would make that terrible choice and let this VIOLENT BRUTE go free.

How is it, that we are so conflicted with the duties of our police, that we cannot support them in the execution of their duties?

Why do we ask so much of them, that they are willing to risk death, and accept the certain infliction of pain and Public Mortification, for the sole purpose of protecting their fellow officers from social ostracism?

Can't we just let them do their job, and take into custody the obvious "Bad Guys" without concern for how their legal actions would look bad in the Press?

Since when has the Fifth Estate taken a greater importance than the reasonable imposition of Law and Order?Surely, there are opportunities for sworn officers to abuse the power of their office.

I'm know a number of Police Officers, and I've known them to be honorable, and compliant with the duties of their office.   I live in a small town, in a small state, and perhaps police in other jurisdictions are less ... attendant to the duties of their office.  

But I've never met a police officer who was other than polite, respectful, and competent.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

"Send In The Clowns" ... NOT!

Fort Wayne Man Dressed As Clown Shot In Head; Condition Critical - Daily Finesser:

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA –  Fort Wayne police were called just after 10:30 p.m. Sunday to an address at 4701 Plaza Dr., near Standish Street just south of McMillen Park, on a report of a shooting there. When police arrived they found a man in a clown costume shot in his head in critical condition. Fort Wayne Police Department spokesperson Michael Joyner said a white colored suv pulled up alongside of the clown. A man was driving. Joyner said the man got out of the car and fired several shots. The man then got back in the suv and headed north on Plaza. 
Hmm ... let me see what this means:

Clown mask to be banned in USA: wearing one could cost you $50,000

Congress Has Authorized Police Officers to Shoot and Kill Suspicious Clown

Woman mistaken as frightening clown shot and killed at Walmart parking lot

Woman with too much makeup mistaken as clown; attacked by angry mob

Are we REALLY this entirely, clue-less, that we're freaking out because of Clown Warnings?

Or is the American Press quite so ready to so over-report 'exceptional events' that they willingly start anew meme which is killing people?

My best guess is: "YES!"

But no, not really.

All of these "reports" are from the same website, AKA:  "Daily Finesse"

And here am I, accidentally and irresponsibly promoting what might be the WORST website on the internet!

I should be ashamed of myself ...

...  but I'm not

(By The Way .. this should show the fierce clown mask .. if it takes longer to load than you expect, or if it doesn't load at all ... Be Very Afraid, for Halloween has occurred earlier than scheduled!)

Kim Kardashian robbery

Celebrities are set to increase their security in the wake of Kim Kardashian robbery | Daily Mail Online:
In the wake of Kim Kardashian being held at gunpoint and robbed of  8.5 million worth of jewellery in Paris, high profile celebrities look set to increase their security.
As if we care.

Barbra Weighs In: The 500 lb Gorilla Speaks!

Barbra Streisand endorses California gun control initiative | The Sacramento Bee:

Barbra Streisand is hoping California voters will soon make gun violence the way we were. In a fundraising email Wednesday, the Oscar-winning actress and singer endorsed Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63, the November ballot initiative that would institute background checks for ammunition purchases and other new gun control regulations. 

There's something squeaky about The Way We Were: we didn't use to have to wade thorough background checks to purchase ammunition, as Proposition 63 would mandate.

Why would this be an issue?  Is this all about "Gun Control"?

No, it's just about control, and it's an attempt to impose every impediment imaginable in the interest of impeding California Citizens from exercising their constitutional rights to Keep and Bear Arms.

BY THE WAY, this isn't the first time that California legislators have imposed draconian laws to impede the Second Amendment Rights of Californians:


  • DROP TEST ... California Legislators made it a law that pistol manufacturers must subject each firearm to test-to-destruction tests to prove that their guns will not 'accidentally' fire when dropped six feet onto a concrete surface.  S&W (if I recall correctly) discontinued all sales to California rather than subject their guns to these tests ... at their own expense.
  • They also passed a law which essentially required that Ronnie Barrett's  .50 BMG rifles must be regulated;   Barrett responded by discontinuing all support for maintenance for California LEO sniper rifles ... California LEOs must now perform all "factory level" maintenance on their own rifles.  Sucks to be you, California Highway Patrol!
This is only the most recent manner in which California Legislators have shot themselves in the foot, and it probably won't be the last.   But they don't care about their citizens; they only care about their own political agenda.

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with firearm safety; but it has everything with California trying to get around the Second Amendment rights of free citizens.

Now they want every citizen who purchases ammunition to go through the same tiresome regulatory procedures every time they want to reload their guns.    

Someone needs to put the bridle on the horse and the bit in her mouth, to keep California from inventing new ways to impede Second Amendment Rights (which by the way, apply to ammunition as well as firearms.

PS: Olympian campaigns Against The Bill!
Who you gonna listen to? The chick that sings, or the chick that shoots?
You know where my money is going .. but I'll probably lose that bet.

Gun Grabbers Rewriting History. Again.

Democrats are making noises about the Gun Control Conspiracy again, accusing mean ol' Republicans of not playing fair after they took the Dem's Favorite Toy (CDC Gun Control Research Funding) away.

Dems press ATF to update decades-old gun violence data | TheHill:
House Democrats are calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to update a report it last published nearly two decades ago about gun violence to help inform public policy on the issue.
Yes, that 'old' report was biased and misleading, which is why that toy was taken away until Dems grew up.   They haven't grown up yet, so they can't have their dangerous toy ... CDC.

The ATF last published a report titled “Following the Gun,” which reviewed how criminals obtain firearms, in 2000.
If the Donkeys really want to know how criminals obtain firearms, here's how:

The lawmakers said that a new report with more recent statistics would provide the public with more understanding of how gun violence occurs in America. The lawmakers noted to Brandon that congressional offices and research organizations “continue to regularly cite possibly outdated statistics from the report.” “Updated research and reports will aid policymakers as we continue to confront this crisis we are facing as a nation,” Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.), who spearheaded the letter, said in a statement on Tuesday.
The Honorable Jackass from Illinois could, if he was really interested in stopping crime in his crime-ridden state (you know, one of those with the toughest gun control laws in the nation),  could cut down on crime in a single year if he focused more on GUNS and less on CONTROL.

The way to cut down on gun crime is to make it illegal to use a gun in the commission of a crime.

I know, that sounds obvious ... except to the oblivious.   But here's the kicker:


If Illinois would seriously penalize use of a firearm in commission of a crime ... any crime on the books ... and make it stick, then criminals will eventually figure out that that they're better off with the traditional knife, brass knuckles and baseball bats.   You know ... the same tools they use at home to slaughter their wives.
Quigley's district represents parts of Chicago, which has seen hundreds of gun deaths so far this year. Democrats have pushed to eliminate a budget provision that has effectively frozen most government research into gun violence for nearly two decades. The provision, first enacted in 1996 under pressure from gun rights groups, prohibits the use of federal funds “to advocate or promote gun control.” The statute has resulted in a chilling effect on government research into gun violence, even though it is not an outright ban on producing data related to the effects of firearms. Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee blocked a Democratic effort in July to allow the Centers for Disease Control to study gun-related deaths.
Someone sneakily commented that it is a BUDGET PROVISION that they want to reverse, not a POLICY DECISION;  The Feds won't pay CDC to follow the party line vis-a-vis gun CONTROL, not gun INCIDENTS.   We know how many people get killed by guns.

And here's how we know: "WISQARS"    Guess what?   The information comes from CDC.

Here is the CDC's report on Leading Causes of Death, by age group.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

They amputated the wrong finger ...

They should have amputated the trigger finger, because THAT is the finger that pulled the trigger.

 A Tennessee couple, Randy and Vicki McNeal, sued the Massachusetts’ gun maker for more than $75,000 in January. According to their complaint, Randy McNeal was shot in the finger as he attempted to make the gun safe inside a gun store in Murfreesboro, a town just outside of Nashville. They claimed a loose screw on the built-in laser sight of their Bodyguard .380 pistol prevented the slide from locking in position. 
 The couple’s lawsuit says McNeal dropped the gun as he tried to lock the slide back, which he was having trouble because the screw obstructed the locking mechanism, and the gun discharged when he tried to catch it. Afterward, he needed the small finger on his left hand amputated.
I have just a few comments about this "unsafe firearm injury incident":

(A) ... He was handling a gun in gun store, and he obviously didn't understand the controls.
(B) ... Who allows anyone to load a gun in a gun store?   NOBODY!
(C) ... Sounds as if it was his own gun, which he brought into the store.   Why?  Had he tried to disassemble it at home, and put it back together wrong? Inquiring people want to know.
(D) ... A "Loose Screw"?  Ignoring the personal obvious slam, why did he need to lock the slide?
(E) ... If it was, in fact, his own pistol, he should have been aware of the problem; that's the crux of the question (and a question which was never addressed in the article).
(F) ... I'm looking at the Bodyguard 380 on the S&W website, and I don't see any screw.  Do you?          (Note: a view of the pistol is included at the bottom of this article)
(G) ... the complainant is a jerk, an idiot and incompetent.  He's one of those people who should never touch a gun because ... well, mere incompetence is sufficient reason.  What do you want to bet that he has never sought a class in "Basic Firearms Safety"?
(H) ... basic firearms safety: (1) don't bring a loaded gun into a gun store, and (2) don't try to catch a dropped gun.

Need we mention that this is a DAO ("Double Action Only") design, and you have to squeeze the trigger REALLY HARD to make it fire?   We're not talking "hair-trigger" here; merely "Hare-Brained Owner".

This "DICKWAD" (I'm not sure what this word means, but it seem appropriate under the circumstances ... where was I?  Oh, yes) ... this DICKWAD not only proved his own incompetence to possess a firearm, but compounded his own error by suing the manufacturer.  I ask you, does this sound like someone who has a legitimate grievance?  Or is it that pathetic attempt by an IDIOT to not only excuse his own incompetence,  but to compound the error he attempts to sue the manufacturer for building an "unsafe" weapon.

He violated the three rules of gun safety: according to the NRA;
He violated the four rules of gun safety: according to Concealed Carry;
He violated the five rules of gun safety: according to Generation Wild:
He violated the six rules of gun safety: according to Facebook!

(I do not like a lot of those rules, because they often make your firearm unavailable for personal defense.)

Lots of people have various versions of Gun Safety Rules, but one thing is clear:
He screwed up!

Himself.  It wasn't the gun, it was the man with the gun in his hand (or in this case, the man who dropped the gun.  Which presupposes another rule of gun safety ... Do Not Drop The Gun and perhaps also Do Not Attempt To Catch A Dropped Gun!

What is that ... seven rules of gun safety?   Eight?  Never mind; he didn't do ANYTHING that a responsible gun owner should do!   But he blamed the gun.

PERSONAL NOTE TO Randy and Vicki McNeal ... get rid of your guns.  Buy a guard dog.  Let him pee on the carpet.  It will be cheaper, and less embarrassing.  Also, less likely to hurt innocent gun dealers who foolishly allowed you to handle a loaded pistol in their shop.  (Apparently, there is no end to the proliferation of idiocy in America!)

S&W Bodyguard .380

BY THE WAY .... I'm looking at a LOT of controls on this pistol.

The button behind the trigger is obviously the magazine release.

Among the controls just under the slide, I'm guessing that the most forward is the slide lock; the second (middle) is the safety, and the rear-most is the de-cocker.   I have to admit that the plethora of thumb-activated controls can be confusing for a new shooter.   But with a lot of practice, the manipulation of controls should become second-nature for someone who has used the gun enough to become so familiar with them so that they are activated appropriately without conscious thought.

THE TRIGGER IS OBVIOUS, and one which our Dear Friend, Randy, has not yet quite become familiar with.