Friday, December 09, 2016

Crowd thrilled w/ surprise!

I'm pretty sure I don't understand the vindictive parts.

Kellyanne Conway celebrates her historic win; Left focus on Conway’s body, hurl sexual slurs –

Honoring the ultimate hero at the Mercer "Heroes and Villians" party on Long Island. Crowd thrilled w/ surprise!

It must be a Liberal/Progressive thing that ordinary people aren't suppose to 'get'.


Thank God I'm not a Liberal Progressive ... the things they say embarrass me, and I'm I'm an ex-Army platoon sergeant.

I thought I knew all the ways to curse someone.  There's a lot about cursing I haven't yet learned .. nor do I want to learn!

I'll never be a Liberal Progressive, if this is the example they embrace.


"Get Training"

The Shooting Wire today included an excellent commentary on the problems of training would-be gun handlers (AKS: "New Shooters") in the safe gunhandling practices, which include drawing from the holster.

"Get Training" | Shooting Wire:
(Rich Grassi: December 09, 2016)

We continue to face a huge number of new gun owners and new shooters – something that had its beginning in 1986 with the advent of 'shall-issue' concealed carry permits, continued through the years of the Clinton gun ban from 1994 until its sunset, and really ramped up in the age of internet forums, internet video and the Global War on Terror. Something that continued the drive to more private gun ownership was self-identification of the Democrat Party as the "Party of Infringement" (h/t, Stephen Wenger) and a federal government that continued to be threatening as certain individual states rushed to get state-level infringements of their own passed.  

Still, to the new gun owners and new shooters, we've all been saying "Get Training!"

Grassi points out that there are so many new shooters, there are not enough experienced/qualified instructors to provide the training which they need.   And again, even people who have some experience shooting pistols are usually not experienced in drawing from the holster.

Which is a special skill ... and that is not intuitively obvious!

Trending story that Clinton won just 57 counties is untrue

Well, this is less embarrassing for the Democrats.

But not MUCH less embarrassing!

Trending story that Clinton won just 57 counties is untrue | U.S. ELECTIONS:

NEW YORK (AP) — Dec. 6, 2016 9:39 AM ESTA trending story that claims Hillary Clinton won a total of 57 counties in the presidential election is untrue. The Associated Press finds that Clinton won 487 counties nationwide, compared with 2,626 for President-elect Donald Trump. The story appeared on several viral content sites that cater to some of Trump's supporters. It also falsely claimed that Clinton outpaced Trump by more than 2 million votes in the five counties that comprise New York City, which the story said accounted for the entirety of her lead in the national popular vote. An AP count finds that Clinton beat Trump by roughly 1.5 million votes in New York City. Nationwide, Clinton holds a popular vote lead of more than 2 million. The AP considers parishes in Louisiana as counties in election tallies. Washington, D.C., and Alaska have a single statewide reporting unit. Virginia's count includes 95 counties and 38 independent cities.
[emphasis added]

Thursday, December 08, 2016

I love this gag!

Jedi Girl’s Terrifying Telekinetic Prank Is A TOTAL FREAK OUT! You’d Be Freaked Out Too!: What if telekinesis is real? How would you react? Hidden camera experiment captures the frantic reactions of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop as they witness a most bizarre telekinetic event.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Doctors ... talk funny

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Line of Fire – Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership:

 Americans have been spared a potentially devastating assault on our right to armed self defense, thanks in no small part to the efforts of gun rights organizations and the votes of gun owners across the country.  But until laws and judicial appointments secure these critical victories, our patient will not be out of the woods.  The Second Amendment has made it to the transplant unit, but continuing efforts are still required lest it succumb. 
 Despite his recent statements, prior to the presidential election cycle Donald Trump’s public positions on the right to keep and bear arms have been at best inconsistent.  It is imperative that supporters of the Second Amendment maintain the pressure on the incoming Trump administration and other politicians to make the appointments and enact the legislation that they have promised.  Until these steps have been completed, our patient is not out of jeopardy.  
 Until a Second Amendment friendly majority is re-established on the Supreme Court, our right to keep and bear arms lingers near death.  Until national concealed carry reciprocity is established, like “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble,” our personal freedoms will continue to end at arbitrary lines on the map.  Until federally mandated, so-called “gun free zones” are abolished, our schoolchildren will remain targets for those bent on evil.  Until the National Firearms Act of 1934 is reformed, pointless restrictions that contribute nothing to public safety will continue to plague us.  Ill-conceived and arbitrary magazine capacity bans will continue to afflict us until that issue is effectively addressed as well. 
But they speak the truth.  (Well, these guys do!)