Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Can't sell the steak? Sell the Sizzle!

Dems launch $2M pro-reform blitz - Sarah Kliff - POLITICO.com

After congress passed a Public Health Care bill that was incomprehensible and unwanted ... over strong public opposition by the folks who will have to live under it (which excludes the congress-critters who voted for it) ... they swore that we would like it after we had been given enough time to understand "what it was".

Surprising to most of us, since it was obvious that our federal representatives didn't understand "what it was" before they voted for it.

Time has passed, we still don't know "what it was". We are merely living in dread that instead of "what it will do for us", we'll learn "what it will do to us".

The democrats have therefore invested $2 million of OTM ("Other People's Money") to establish a non-profit for the sole purpose of convincing We The People that this Obamacare thing is A Good Thing.

Makes me wonder when was the last time I saw a political party not only ram a bill down our throats, but then set up a Shadow Group to teach us how to say "Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?"

I can't remember anything like this ever happening before. Can anybody else think up a good representative example of this particular type of political manipulation?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Touring Motorcycles - with THREE wheels?

YouTube - rivasuperstore's Channel

Some Motorcycle Retail store in Fort Lauderdale wants me to be a "friend". I don't subscribe to commercial channels, but the view of the "bike" was unusual enough that I thought you might be interested.

And if I don't post something "easy", I have to finish editing my videos from last weekend's "Monster Match" at ARPC and write some readable verbiage to go along with it. And that is not easy.

One thing about this bike design is just too much. No, its not the three-wheels (one up, two back). It's the heated handholds for both passenger AND rider!