Thursday, April 30, 2015

DIxon Diaz Political Cartoons

(from an email, directly and without apology; H/T Big Dawg)

The  cartoonist, Dixon Diaz, can say more in a few little squares than the New  York Times,  The  Wall Street Journal & the Kansas City RED Star, can  combined...

(Take THAT, you Salon-Posting Gun-Gontrol nuts!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For those who don't enjoy spectator sports

Victory for Baltimore: Orioles beat White Sox in empty Camden Yards | Fox News:

(Loss for Baltimore: nobody got to go to the game.)
As tempers smoldered and the cleanup of riot-ravaged Baltimore continued outside, the city's beloved Orioles beat the White Sox in an eerily empty ballpark Wednesday afternoon. The game at Orioles Park at Camden Yards was played out before 47,000 empty seats amid safety concerns for spectators.

One of the few 'team games' I will watch is Baseball ... primarily because if you nod off from boredom, when you wake up you haven't missed much.   I haven't watched a baseball game in 20 years, and I haven't missed much.

Other people, though, do like watching ball games.

  • Note to Baltimore:  Y'all did this to yourselves.

And that's the truth.  BLATTTTT!.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Curving Bullets! Really? Angelina, I'm here for you Babe!

Activist Post: DARPA Announces Successful Live-Fire Test of EXACTO "Smart" Bullets:

A rather low-quality video of the 50-caliber round sought to demonstrate the potential for a "state-of-the-art sniper system (that) combines a maneuverable bullet and a real-time guidance system to track and deliver the projectile to the target, allowing the bullet to change path during flight."

And I'm not really buying into to this:

Angelina, I'm here for you Babe!: "WANTED" (Angelina Jolie):

Perhaps your role in life is to serve as an example to others

Police: Alabama woman who shot home invader shot by officers after failing to drop her weapon | Fox News:
Police in Alabama say officers shot a woman who had shot an intruder during a home invasion after she didn't drop her weapon.

Learn from this.  The cops are just as frightened as you are.

Baltimore Mom

"A single mother of six children".

No single mom can keep track of six children.  Especially when at least one of those children is a male teenager. This woman has her work cut out for her.  At least she's not a "Welfare Mom" ... she's holding down a job, and has a right to expect that her older children help her with the rest of the family.

Uh ... the video includes some earthly language, so rate this NSFW.

Baltimore Mom beats Son on Live TV for Rioting Toya Graham 'Mom Of The Year' Beats Son For Rioting


I'm inclined to have low expectations for the children of this demographic, but this mother knows where to draw the line ... and make it stick!  Looking at the last few minutes of the video, son has a decidedly hangdog expression.   Good for him; he may learn something from the experience.

That might very well be the only good thing to come out of these troubled days in Baltimore.

--- OR ---

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Who Knew?

"Tolerence" is apparently a One Way Street.

Oh, the irony!

Johns Hopkins Bans Chick-fil-A From Campus: ‘Microaggression’ Against LGBT Students - Breitbart: The Student Government Association (SGA) at Johns Hopkins University has banned Chick-fil-A from its campus, claiming the restaurant chain is a “microaggression” against its students.

White House correspondents’ dinner

Complete coverage of the 2015 White House correspondents’ dinner - The Washington Post:

The White House Correspondents’ Association dinner gets criticized yearly for being a big party where Washington bigwigs, Hollywood stars and journalists rub shoulders and celebrate themselves.
I watched the video of President Obama's Gig last night.  He was fun to watch for the first 10 minutes ... he had good writers and he is a personable speaker (why he was elected).

The last 10 minutes?  Not so much.  When he brought his Alter Ego on ... the guy with the obnoxiously loud "comedy schtick" ... I eventually tuned out.  "LOUD" and "FUNNY" aren't the same thing.

I don't mind when the Prez lambasts the Loyal Opposition.  That's his job, he's a party guy.  Bushes do it, Clintons do it, The humor there is sometimes rueful, but wry and to the point.

Video available at the link at the top of the page.