Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Smarter than the average bear

ATF caves on "accessory" classifications.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Taxes and Firearms (ATF) has officially declined to impose regulations on devices which it has designated as an "accessory".  Specifically, those federal employees would not touch the "Bump Stock" issue with the proverbial 10 foot pole!
ATF Discontinues Accessory Classifications – Prince Law Offices Blog: if an individual or company submits an accessory to ATF for classification and it is not attached to a firearm, they won’t be rendering any decisions on it. Some readers inquired what would happen in a case where the accessory made the firearm subject to the control of the NFA. In the past, ATF has returned those items to individuals or companies that hold the appropriate type of SOT. If the individual or company lacks the appropriate SOT, ATF has not returned the item. To the best of my knowledge, ATF has not previously charged any individuals with GCA or NFA violations for seeking a determination.
You may be forgiven for considering ATF to be the one Federal Department which is staffed by "people who know better ...:

Friday, December 07, 2018

What I Like About "New Jersey"

The more I learn about New Jersey, the more I appreciate that they live 3000 miles away from me.


Not only DO they want to take guns away from their honest citizens, but they're proud of it!

If you live in New Jersey, you must relinquish your "hi-capacity magazines".  But there's an up-side:

You can sell them to New Jersey State Troopers, who CAN own those magazines which are a threat to domestic tranquility.

A Powerful Dissent Charges Judges Who Casually Uphold Magazine Restrictions With Disrespecting the Second Amendment - Hit ; Run :
New Jersey, which has banned magazines holding more than 15 rounds since 1990, imposed the stricter limit last June in response to mass shootings. The law requires owners of "large capacity magazines" (LCMs) to surrender them to the state, render them inoperable, modify them so they cannot hold more than 10 rounds, or sell them to authorized owners (such as retired police officers, who are exempt from the ban) by December 10. New Jersey residents who fail to comply by Monday will become felons, subject to a maximum fine of $10,000 and up to 18 months in prison for possessing previously legal products.
(Emphasis Added)

Well, isn't that lovely.  The State of New Jersey can not only deprive you of your legally acquired property, but they can coerce you to arm the minions of The State.   You know ... the fellows who will be required by law to confiscate your legally acquired property.

Funny thing is, we always thought that the whole idea of the Constitution was to protect the private individual against the predatory powers of The State.   But today, you can feed the Power of The State by selling your "High Capacity" magazines to New Jersey State Troupers.  (Will they give you a dime on the dollar when they confiscate purchase your high-capacity magazines?)

I wonder what they are going to do with them.

Sucks to live in New Jersey!

Wasn't the purpose of the Second Amendment to protect private citizens against The State?  Now, in New Jersey, they're forcing encouraging their citizens to ARM the very people who can use your legally acquired magazines against you.

Two good things about this:

(1) at last you have acknowledged who The Masters Of Your Fate  are (and it isn't you)
(2) you can rest assured that the only guns which can be used against you are in "Good Hands" ... the State Troopers.

Good bye, New Jersey.  Americans will miss you.

Saturday, December 01, 2018


I have tripped, and hit the back of my head on the concrete patio.

Hurts a bit, it does, and so I have gathered a bunch of ice cubes in a bag and currently am trying to hold it against my head, with hopes of keeping the swelling to go down.

Here's a bit of a hint: if you must trip, don't arrange it so that your head-first point-of-impact is something as unyielding as a concrete patio.

It hurts, a lot. And for a long time.

I'm trying to type with my right hand while my left hand is holding a sandwich-bag of ice on my pate.
It's not working well, but I can only imagine the pain if I was NOT freezing the knot on my head.

NOTE: It's a "Good Idea" to wrap the ice cubes in clothe, like a wash clothe, so you aren't reduced to holding freezing hard ice cubes against your "oowie!";

The ice cube remedy takes a while to be effective, I guess.  I'm getting tired of holding the plastic bag against my head.    It's hard to type like that.  more later .... or not..

(22) All Hell Breaks Loose After Tucker Asks Jorge How Many Caravan Migrants He’ll Will Take In(VIDEO)!! - YouTube

(22) All Hell Breaks Loose After Tucker Asks Jorge How Many Caravan Migrants He’ll Will Take In(VIDEO)!! - YouTube

Do NOT assert your 2nd Amendment rights.

The police WILL arrest you if you're too 2nd Amendment!

(22) Debate with anti gunner leads to arrest at White House - YouTube:

AdamKokesh Published on May 7, 2017 SUBSCRIBE 243K Adam was arrested on a bogus warrant and did a week in jail as a result of this. He was held for Maryland to pick him up from jail in DC and they never did. This is not some big conspiracy, just another case of petty harassment of activists that is a feature of modern America, where everything I want to do is illegal. ;) 

Thursday, November 22, 2018


This will be the 8641th post I've written to this blog since December of 1998.

But it's only the 4098th post I've actually published.   The other 4562 I sat back after I wrote and then said to myself:  "Hmmm ... that's just stupid" ... and never published them.

Given some of the *(often repetitive)* tripe I've published in the last 20 years, you can imagine the amount of embarrassment I've saved myself by declining to publish the other half of them.

So I want to thank my "constant readers" ... all four of them ... and the rest of you who somehow noticed that something I said may have seemed reading through to the end.

PS:   Yes, I noticed that the published and unpublished counts don't add up to 8641.   Blame it on the software .... they found the one extra post, I didn't.

So enjoy your turkey and trimmings.  I have my dinner cooking and it's in a pot on the front burner, not cooking for hours in the oven.

I've got to go now before the pot boils over.  I hate it when that happens.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Stolen Firearms Part II

I've received comments suggesting that, considering the ease with which the burglars managed to enter my home WHILE I WAS THERE, I need to establish more stringent security measures.

I've begun hooking the chain on the front door, besides ensuring that both locks are locked.
(My landlord assures me that only he and I have keys to the lock ... which confirms that I didn't make that extra check on Wednesday night.   My bad.)

.  I've received permission from the landlord to change the locks on the door.   In the meantime, I'm leaving the interior lights on 24/7 to dissuade return visits.   Unfortunately I'm a sound sleeper, but I reconfirm that all doors and windows are locked before I go to bed.

I know ... locking the barn door after the horses have been stolen.   All I can do is all I can do.

I don't have much ... a little cash and some old credit cards ... I've called my credit card vendors requesting that my old cards be cancelled and new cards sent to me via mail. All firearms are either locked in the safe or by my side. 

The thing is, I don't go out much.  Mostly, just a trip to the grocery store once a week, and the house is locked up then, too.

The burglars left long guns which were laying in the open (I was writing down the serial numbers to confirm my records, and went to bed before securing them .. this one night, only!)

I've been laboring under the delusion that I just "tucked them away someplace" when I went to bed, but I've now confirmed that the firearms are no longer resident here.

Now that I'm certain that it wasn't just a matter of forgetting where I put them, I'll be getting the police involved.  I should have done that immediately, but I tend to be forgetful and I needed to check the whole house.

I've done that; they're gone.

So now I have to enter a claim to my insurance company.

Unfortunately, they also found my wallet with all my credit cards, so I've been contacting card issuers to shut off the cards (no purchases have been made as of today) and request new credit cards be issued via mail.   I still have cards issued from local stores, so I'll visit them to request the old cards be cancelled and new cards issued.    They also got away with the $80 cash that was in my wallet.

This is a traumatic experience for me.    I've had trouble sleeping, I have no appetite.  It's not just  that I've discovered how vulnerable I am to theft, but that someone in this neighborhood knows that I have valuables worth stealing, and they were so comfortable with their thievery.

The only good news is that they missed the valuable competition guns (in the safe) .. it was a "Smash And grab" ... just took the handguns, which they could conceal in a bag, and then they split.  I'm concerned that they seem to have either taken the time to search the downstairs (I don't THINK they cam upstairs, where I sleep), or they were familiar with the layout.  That suggests that they have been inside my home before.  Both of those theories give me no rest.

So I'll spend another sleepless night.   And we'll see what kind of help the police can provide when I finally am able to identify all the firearms by serial numbers ... which I should have recorded LONG AGO!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Curmudgeon Blogging Not Allowed!

The reason I keep writing here is because I have this really terrific "Support Group" of people who, when I get all cranky anc curmudgeonly ... they remind me  that I'm among friends and I don't have to be The Cranky Guy (at least, not all the time(*).

*(see the comments here)

Still can't find the 'missing firearms", still concerned, still searching the house in hopes that I've merely "misplaced them".  Not expecting a good outcome at all ... which feeds my curmudgeonliness.

I've got to go to the County Sheriff on Monday and admit that I've not stored my firearms completely in compliance with Oregon new laws.    You can write me in care of Birmingham Jail.

Guns Stolen (?)

Somebody got into my house while I was asleep a couple of days ago.

They found a couple of handguns (a .38 snubby & a 9mm carry gun) out in the open on a bookshelf, and waltzed away with them.

 I had brought the guns out while I reviewing my firearms inventory, intending to make sure I had the recorded serial numbers. Started with the long guns, then got sleepy and just went to bed.

I didn't notice for a day that the handguns were not where I put them. I thought I had put them back in the safe (which was the reasonable thing to do) until I checked; they weren't there. And the front door was unlocked.

I checked with my landlord and he said only he and I had keys to my house.

My guess it that it was a target of opportunity ... but is someone checking my front door every night to see if I left it unlocked? (I "always" lock my doors, even when I'm awake and in the house. Maybe this time I forgot the check? I can't believe that.)   And as far ask I know,  my neighbors don't know that I own firearms.   How could they?  I never talk to them ... they move in and out of the neighborhood (all rental townhouse duplexes in a college term) every three to nine months as they enter and exit the local college.

Since nobody else had keys, and my landlord was out of town (has been for a week), I have to conclude that I left it unlocked. It was closed and latched, I'm certain of that.

 And I keep my porch light on 24/7/365 ... that light has been burning for seven years on the same 60 watt bulb.   It was intended to make burglars think twice before attempting entry.

 Well that didn't work and locks didn't work. What's next, booby traps?

Now I have to go to the police and report the stolen guns. That will prove awkward, as I don't have serial numbers for both handguns. I have the original box for the automatic, but I don't have any record for the revolver. I missed it by THAT MUCH! (Actually, I did write down a number but I'm not certain that the tall vertical marks are "slashes" or "ones".)

They also took my money clip, with about $80 in cash and ALL my identification (drivers license, CHL) and two or three credit cards plus my bank card.

Monday I'll go around to my bank (haven't seen any withdrawals) and the police to report the robbery. I'll get with my credit company ... I have old cards, so I have my account numbers and I can also contact them online.

I don't mind the money, and the cards and drivers license are an inconvenience. Identity theft is an issue, although all the cards are password protected so they could not be used. 

But I'm concerned about a couple of loaded handguns in the possession of burglars.

I'm thinking it was kids. Teens. There were two rifles in plain sight ... I was checking their serial numbers, too ... and they weren't touched. There were guns in a nearby *temporarily unlocked* closet that I planned to record next but hadn't got around to, and they weren't touched.

There's a moral lesson out there for someone, or for everyone.  Maybe a couple of them.

(1) Make sure you have ALL your serial numbers, plus take photos of the firearms (including close-ups of the serial numbers to confirm ... which I was in the process of doing when I went to bed without properly storing my firearms).

(2) check all your doors before you go to sleep.  I do this religiously (I think) and someone still got into my house.

There's another issue:

Oregon is playing with a law which requires that all firearms be under lock and key, when they are not on your person.  There may be a civil liability ... I could go to jail ... if I report stolen guns where were not locked in an "adequate" container.  I've always said my apartment was always locked, and so my firearms were secured.  I'm in a quandary whether I should report the guns as stolen.

I WANT to report the theft *(or maybe I just "mislaid" them)* but can I ... WILL I? ... be prosecuted because I considered my locked doors adequate security.

The problem with new gun control laws is that it makes felons of innocents. However, in spite of my good intentions, I still lost guns which I considered to be secure.

All of my handguns are now in the safe, except for the one which I keep by my bedside.   And a few long guns, in my bedroom closet.  Obviously, I need the immediate availability of at least one firearm ... even in a neighborhood which for over 20 years I have considered to be "safe".

I guess I need to start wearing a gun on my person 24/7 ... which is certain to frighten my neighbors.

I don't like being  'The Bad Guy".