Saturday, May 13, 2017

No guns for you, no guns for you ... go away kid, you bother me1

California Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D-7) is pushing legislation to take away school administrators’ power to allow teachers with a Carry Concealed Weapon license (CCW) to be armed in classrooms for self-defense.
Sez it makes him nervous.

He doesn't spend a lot of time on high-school grounds (note: "NO GUN ZONE" ... duh!)

Well, it's not as if maniacal gunmen waste their time shooting kid on school campiii ...

What's the worst that could happen?

Dem. Assemblyman Pushes Bill to Guarantee Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Attackers Strike - Breitbart:

Anatomy of a Basic Discipline Correctional Spanking (NSFW)

When you surf, sometimes you trip over a Great White Shark.

Not sure how I got here from there ...not sure WHAT I got here!  But if the Great White Shark is to be believed...   (GET OFF THE BEACH!)

... there are actual protocols for spanking

Anatomy of a Basic Discipline Correctional Spanking Absolutely NEVER Spank Above the Peek    


THIS IS: "What the heck is a tyrannifile?"

H/T: The Hobo Brasser  (No, don't try to look him up) who actually researched the  term:

Apparently, it's an "In Thing" term for "The Neocon Left"
The faux-left love to label the genuine left as ‘apologists for dictators’ ’Stalinists’ ‘or tyrannophiles’.
But when it comes to apologisingn (sic) for tyrants no one is more guilty than neocons and the faux-left.

I'm shaking my head.

Not because this is too Au Courant "Leftist" for me ... but because my friend actually looked it up .. and found the answer.

I had always thought better of him.

The thought which frightens me is, that the machines all-too-often ARE smarter than me!
On the other hand, the kids that were smarter than me in Junior high School usually got the crap beat out of the by the "dumb" kids who resented their "Holier Than Thou" attitudes.
(There's an aphorism there, but the best thing I could come up with is "Smarmy Smart Kids Shouldn't Try To Lord It Over Tough Dumb Kids")
Needs a little work, doesn't it?

Friday, May 12, 2017

What the heck is a "Tyrranophile"?

Maloney’s Stupid ‘Smart Gun’ Bill an Unintended Gift to Gun Owners | Oath Keepers:
Because it shows Maloney for the sick tyrranophile that she is. It takes away the arguments that gun owner rights advocates are “paranoid” and that “No one wants to take your guns.”
I pride myself on my vocabulary, but when David Codrea calls Maloney a "Tyrranophile" I admit that I'm just guessing:
Tyrannosaurus Rex   ["Tyrant Lizard King"?] is the king of cretaceous-era carnivorous monster  "Tyrant" lizard, and "Phile" is "one who loves" so I assume that this makes Carolyn Maloney a tyrant lover.   
Having said all that:

Maloney's proposition that ALL firearms must be "Retrofitted" to apply "Smart-Gun Technology" is the purest political polyglotism 

 It is a twice-told tale full full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

To Protect Me, I Can't Close My Garage Door

I came home from a day at the range, opened my garage door with the remote in my car, and moved all my gun gear into the garage.  When I had everything in the right place, I pushed the inside-the-garage mounted controller to close the garage door. Nothing happened.

So I went to the (exterior) frame-mounted, coded controller on the outside of the garage, entered my four-digit code, and waited.   Nothing.  Tried it four more times, being VERY careful to ensure that I used the correct code.


So I went back to my car, entered the four-digit code to unlock the car door (it worked), and used the same in-car remote to close the garage door ... you know, the one I had use to OPEN the door.


I got my landlord to come over.  He couldn't get it to work with his remote, either.
Finally, we physically disengaged the garage door opener mechanism from the garage door, manually closed the garage door, manually pulled it down.  And manually locked it.

That all occurred three weeks ago.

My landlord has been in touch with the GENIE people; this week they gave him instructions how to test the garage door opener.  Everything they tried, doesn't work.  Finally,  they decided that the mother-board was fried.  They promised to send a replacement.   They're a little bit backed up, so it will take a couple of weeks to get one to him.

So the replacement mother-board for the garage door opener will be here late this month.

My landlord was careful to inform me that it won't actually be REPLACED, let alone tested, that soon.

I told him .. that's okay.  I can move my gun gear from the driveway to the garage through the patio doors; it's not convenient, but I can get it 'off the street'.  And I'm confident that nobody will be able to get into my garage in the meantime.

That's very comforting.  Nobody can get at my stuff.

On the other hand .. neither can I, unless I go through a lot of physical 'stuff' that takes a lot of time and inconvenience.

Now: please tell me how the same technology that can't get my garage opener to operate in less than six weeks will help me to defend myself and my home if my firearms uses the same technology 'to protect me'?
Rep. Maloney Introduces Legislation to Reduce Gun Deaths, Make Guns Safer | Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney: May 8, 2017 Press Release WASHINGTON —In an effort to improve gun safety, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) has reintroduced The Handgun Trigger Safety Act, forward-thinking legislation to use new and emerging technology to prevent gun deaths. The bill would promote the development of new “smart gun” technology that only allows an authorized user to fire a gun. It would also mandate that all newly manufactured handguns use this technology within five years, and that existing handguns be retrofitted with this technology within ten years. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) will introduce a companion version in the Senate.

OH and by the way: I'm a widower.

I live alone.   Nobody gets inside my home unless I let them in; my landlord and I have the only keys.

Tell me how it protects the children (there are none here) if I don't lock up my guns where I can't access them quickly.  And how does any state mandate firearms maintenance laws when they don't apply to every home situation?

H/T David Codrea

Monday, May 08, 2017

'Training Day'

'Training Day' Stunt Costs Florida Sheriff's Deputy His Job - NBC News:

 MAY 08 A Florida sheriff's deputy loses his job after he allegedly reenacted a scene from the 2001 movie "Training Day," starring Denzel Washington as a corrupt detective.
(Waving his gun, waving his arms, acting erratically ...)

... I've actually seen people doing this sort of shenanigans, during training session. It looks like they're playing "Octopus" and the don't have control of their gun.

I have called their attention to it, and their response is "Huh?  What do you mean?  I don't do that When do I do that?!"

Usually it's during the "Unload and Show Clear" phase of a stage. I don't know of they are trying to put some "Style" into their routine or they are really that disjointed from reality.    They look like a dude, shooting his cuffs to show off his French cuff-links after donning a too-tight Italian-cut suit.

All I want them to do is to remove their magazine, rack the slide to eject any chambered round, the point the gun safely down range and pull the trigger to drop the hammer.  That proves that there is no live round left in the chamber.

Then ... holster the damn gun!

Is that too much to ask?

Instead they point their gun toward the sky at shoulder height or higher, shift their grip so their thumb is above the trigger guard, waggle the muzzle a couple of times while they try to find the mag release, push the button and drop the magazine.

In the meantime, their muzzle is pointed about eighty degrees above horizontal.   broke the 180!

I honestly don't know where they learned this shit, but I can't break them of their bad habits in the less than a half-hour of personal training which is devoted to them, in a large class.

I suppose I could shame them, but Damn!  I've seen GrandMasters point their gun into the sky when loading and unloading.  (No, I didn't DQ them, either.)

(sigh)  I guess the only thing I can do is to actually go to the next match, get squadded with them, and the next time they pull this shit .. DQ them.

NOT the best solution; other than some bad habits (which I failed to break them of, although I did bring it to their attention);   I have long decided that the best thing was NOT to break their spririt; let them go to a match and allow the Range Officer on the first stage where they pull this shit to DQ them.

Then they will say: "Oh, I did the same thing on my INTRO TO USPSA class, and I didn't get DQ'ed.

Upon which opportunity, the RO will say:  I'm not trying to keep you in The Sport; I'm trying to run a safe range.  You're not safe, and you are SOOOOoooo out of here~!"

I'm not perfect.

Nobody is.

Well, except for the Range Officers during an actually match.

Another Fishing Expedition?

Last week I placed an order with AMMOMAN.COM for a couple of cases of ammunition.

Later, I received a "confirmation email" from someone who purported to be a representative of AMMOGARAND informing me (in an embedded link internal to the email) that my order had been cancelled.

 (NOTE: Some of the order was for .30-06 ammunition appropriate for use in an M1 Garand; which made the bogus 'follow-up' seem reasonable.)

Here's the text of the 'error message':

***HOLD*** Status means we don't have your documents***
Tracking information is provided below once order has shipped.
If you have any questions about your order, please Contact Us
*** ID Copy (ie. a Driv Lic, FFL, Carry Permit etc) MUST be on file or sent to process orders! Previous Buyers do NOT have to resend documents unless info has changed. 

(The underlined link has been deleted and replaced with a 'dummy' text; the link went to a address ..... which seemed suspicious unprofessional to me.)

Rather than to click on the "CONTACT US" link, I forwarded the email to my original supplier ... Eric at Ammoman ... informing him that I was loath to provide either my Drivers License or Carry Permit information to someone I never heard of, and with whom I had never knowingly done business.  

(Eric has has exchanged emails AND ammunition samples to me, and he is a Trusted Contact; I know he would never attempt to do business with me through a 'dubious contact', such as the one I received through the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned media known as EMAIL!)

I told him I still wanted my ammunition order, and that I didn't wanted to deal with them.
"You Deal With It" I told him

Eric responded quickly.   He didn't know them either, and strongly suggested that I not respond directly to that link.   He confirmed that my order and payment information had been processed, and the full order had already been shipped.

Well, I am old and I'm not that bright, but I had already figured that much out for myself.  Kudus for Eric and Ammoman for their concern about my computer security.

Moral: don't be "That Guy".    Don't take emails for granted.  Only place online orders with people that you trust.   If there's a LINK in an email, check it out ... if it doesn't obviously point to a reputable (or at least confirmable) online business address, don't trust it.


I love the smell of napalm in the morning

 Dirty Harry Fail - YouTube:

(but the smell of feces in the dungarees is not so sweet)

People who don't know how to handle a firearm ought to find some better source of amusement.