Thursday, September 10, 2015

Oh, those krazy Muslim Fanatics .. what will they think of next?

Al Qaeda Mag Urges Attack on Koch Brothers, Buffett, Bloomberg - NBC News:

The goofy al queda guys are threatening not only Christians but now "entrepreneurs" as victims to their religious extremism.  (No, it is not politica.)

The article says the "economic personalities" and "wealthy entrepreneurs" can get off the list by withdrawing their money from U.S. banks, investing their wealth outside American soil, and denouncing support for Israel.

Wait .. what?  They don't hold Capitalists responsible for their vile sense of 'honor', but Jews?

Damn.  All this time we thought they were seeking economic and political goals, but now it appears that all they want to do is to kill Jews?

Who knew?

Hmm .. I think I read something like this before.  not sure where, though; the MSM isn't paying much attention to the concept that muslims hate Jews more than they hate "The Great Satan" ... (that would be US!"

Why would that be?

No, not RELIGIOUS differences!  That would be just .... trite.

Never mind.  After the Muslims convince the Christians to kill off the Jews, then they'll shift their emphasis.  Christians may not be NEXT on their Hate List, but they're close to the top.

If it's not you and your spouse, in 10 years it will be your children.    Just be patient.  If Jews are Number One With A Bullet, can Christians be far behind?

Terrorists don't run out of energy.  And they don't run out of targets.  Nor do they run out of patience.

They just run out of reason, when they're looking for their next Hate Day.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that the Iran Deal, will help them to like us more, and even better if we can resettle some several hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants into cities and towns across the U.S.

Archer said...

Christians may not be on TOP of their list (that spot belongs to Jews), or even NEXT on their list, but we ARE on the list.

And as such, it's best to assume we're "targets of opportunity". We're not the designated targets (yet), but they won't decline the chance to kill us if it doesn't interfere with their mission destroying the current designated target.

Anonymous said...

All we have to do is win their hearts and minds.