Friday, January 23, 2015

Why I don't watch football

 I never knew that "cheating" could be so petty ... and yet so important.
Deflate-gate: Why the media are overinflating the football flap | Fox News: Now I’m not in favor of a team cheating its way into the Super Bowl. And I get why the story has gotten traction on the media playing field. But come on: not properly inflating a bunch of balls is not exactly Ray Rice’s elevator punch or the shame of steroids. Especially since the Patriots clobbered Indianapolis in that AFC Championship game.

For all of my friends who wonder why I don't enjoy spectator sports (as in "FOOTBALL") .. this is why.

Any activity that's more peurile goofy than I am, is just silly!

An Armed society is a Polite Society

About 40 years ago (I'm no Spring Chicken), my father and I went on  Antelope hunt in southern Wyoming.  We had hunted the area before .. we knew the people who owned the land, and we had received permission to hunt the land.

The Section was divided into several grazing ranges for cattle, so there were fences which we had to navigate and gates which we needed to cross through from time to time.

We were in his 1960 Dodge Pick-up truck, and I was driving. I had chosen to drive, so that when we crossed through a fence-line he would be the one who had to get out and open/close the gate.  (We scrambled for the drivers seat, like teenagers! )    This was in an area many miles away from developed roads, so we were traveling on the same rough dirt roads which the landowner traveled to ensure that the stock-ponds were filled, and to move his cattle.  No residences nearby .. it was wild country.

As we approached a gate through one of the fences, we encountered a party of four or five men on foot, coming out of the fenced area.  They had already opened the gate, so we waited until they had exited the gate.  They were on foot, and armed with rifles; apparently they had been hunting the area.

As they came along the side of our truck, we said hello and they replied most discourteously.  In fact, they were not only rude, but they were aggressive.  They made comments to the effect that they didn't have to walk when here was a truck and they could ride home.  It was obvious that they held no good will toward us, although we had never met any of them before and so they had no reason to mean us ill will.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gun-Blog Topics Which Have Become Boring because they are so repetitive

  • Why are Anti-gunners so mean?  (Because they don't like you)

  • Oh, look!  A New Gun!  (Duh)
  • Oh, look!  A New Holster (Double Duh)

  • What's the best way to Carry Concealed?  (see: new holster)

  • Why do people think I'm a dork go crazy in the store just because I open carry?  (Could it be .. because they can't tell whether you are making a political statement, or you're about to shoot everybody in sight?)

  • Why should I believe that "nobody wants to take my guns" is a lie?  (They Do want to take your guns, but they also know that you have guns and .. uh .. well, it's kind of obvious that they want someone ELSE to take your guns but they can't talk them into confronting you, either, because they already think that you're some kind of suicidal freak-job)
  • I think that xmm caliber guns are much better than Ymm caliber guns for Z purposes, because of (a) modern bullet design, or (b) bigger is better.  (Yes, you are correct.  Of course.)

  • There's this new technology which is suppose to make our country safer because it provides a 'tool' for law enforcement to more easily find the bad guys when they do bad things.  But I think it's just going to make guns/ammunition/components so expensive that they will become unavailable.  (Yes, it's only going to infringe on legitimate gun owners.  And your point is?)
  • This girl in Amarillo has posted an anti-gun opinion to Salon, and she's so DUH because she doesn't know anything about guns and yet she's telling us how we should live our lives.   Isn't that a perfect target to dis her?  (Yes, she's a dork. But telling her so won't do any good, because (a) 2,134 gun nuts have already explained the zillion ways she's an ignoramus, and (b) it really helped to build up her stats on Salon when you reply to her article, and (c) she isn't reading anything you said anyway, and (d) she's not your type and you are DEFINITELY not her type, so (e) don't bother fisking her; she will not be impressed.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Veterans View of ... Fear

Folks are talking about the Sniper movie, which seems controversial.

Blogger: Sipsey Street Irregulars - Post a Comment:

Dakota said... I took my son to see American Sniper last weekend. ... . My biggest shock of the movie amazingly came at the end of the movie. The last portion is the funeral of Chris Kyle and it is all actual footage and there are some credits that are rolling as this is happening...... not one person got up early to leave!!! When the screen went to nothing but credits people began to file out of the theatre in very orderly fashion and "NO ONE" was talking, it was this eerie silence that I have never experienced at the end of a movie. This lasted into the hallway and into the mens room. I have spoke to my friend in Albuquerque who said that the theatre stood in unison and clapped but did not speak. I must say that I thought of starting to clap but the somber mood that I was in it did not seem proper at the time to me so I did not and neither did anyone else.     January 20, 2015 at 10:09 AM
Thirty-something years ago, I took my wife to see "Platoon".  I didn't expect the visceral reaction I experienced.

At the end of the movie, while they rolled the credits, nobody moved.  Nobody said anything.  We were paralyzed ... or at least, I was ... by the sound of a man in the front row sobbing uncontrollably.

I couldn't blame him.  I was feeling emotional myself.  Everyone in the theater sat quietly and allowed him a few moments to gather himself; and then we quietly filed out.  He was still sitting there, hunched over, among the two or three people who had attended the showing with him.  I hope they helped him; I couldn't. But I could understand why he over-reacted to the "it's just a story" movie.

The moment in that story which most powerfully affected me was when the non-hero was on ambush watch, and a file of NVA soldiers moved through the night-defensive (aka "ambush") position.  The Young Soldier was too frightened to move, or even alert the men who were sleeping beside him while he was on "night watch".  And that story pointedly did not depict him telling them about the experience after it was over.  Instead, he just curled up and died a small death.

This is a recurring nightmare which I had found myself unable to cope with for years.   It was among the worst fears of many veterans .. finding yourself surprised, unprepared, terrified by the sudden imposition of the enemy in overwhelming numbers.  And there's nothing you can do except freeze in place and pray that they don't notice you.

(There are other fears, just as powerful, and just as difficult to understand without the background of living with Fear sitting in the corner of your mind like a demon who never quite leaves you alone.)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Note to Gun Bloggers: I Don't Listen To Podcasts!

Okay, short note here.   Like most people I'm more visually oriented than (what's the word?) "auditorily" oriented.  So I don't care which very knowledgeable gun bloggers have a lot of very important opinions to offer, I'm not going to listen the them.  Sorry, Michaell I haven't listened to yo since you and I and Sandie shared a dinner at the 1998 Area 1 match in Reno.

I can't think of a more boring/loser way to spend an evening than to listen to someone's podcast pontificating on the Internet.  Do NOT send me emails (or whatever) inviting me to listen to your podcast.       I DON'T CARE!

Oh ...his is too long?  Let me please make it as brief as possible:


Go directly to jail, do not pass go: Fools that they are.

Apparently, someone DOES want to take your guns!  (Who Knew?)   And yes, it's not just the people who elected Biden as their Senator for decades!  Well .. perhaps it is.

Sandy Hook Commission: Ban guns holding more than 10 rounds, no grandfathering (VIDEO):
(January 18, 2014)
A special commission set up by Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy after the Newtown shooting is ready to recommend a total ban on the sale and possession of guns capable of holding 10 rounds or more.
[H/T: Sipsey Street]

There are a lot of issues which might make this proposed legislation "problematic", including the Second Amendment.

Any firearm which is reloaded via an 'external magazine' might be reloaded with a magazine capable of holding 11, 15, 22, 30 ... who knows how many rounds?  So right there, you've "arbitrarily and unilaterally" eliminate everything but Revolvers and Bolt Action rifles.

Which was obviously the goal of this Star Chamber Commission.

French Police Confront Terrorists!

AND the French do what they do best ....

They Retreat.