Saturday, September 20, 2014

NEWS OF THE WORLD: Scotland still in UK!


It has come to my attention that Scotland decided to NOT deprive itself of UK Membership.

Gee .. if this had been an "OPTION" 230 years ago, imagine how much simpler life could have been.  Americans and British both could have saved lives, and saved themselves the 'bother' of 2 wars (1775 & 1812) ... and Dolly Madison wouldn't have had to risk her life to save her picture.

And BTW ... isn't it about time we talk Reparations?

Maybe not.  As long as the Scots are willing to forgive the Civil Rights deprivations of William Wallace, I guess I can forgive the Sassanach.

And there's that whole Haggis thing ... yech!  Maybe it is too soon to loose the Scots upon the world.

BTW .. my Paternal Grandmonther's maiden name was Dildine (Irish), and my maternal Grandmother's maiden name was Cruikshank (Scots).

They married  Germans, and Englishmen  ... respectively.

Sometimes it's difficult to carry on generational wars, when your wimmin insist on consorting with the enemy.
Go figure.

Besides, the English have at least one thing to their credit:  They're Not French!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dreams From My Father

Public statements by President Barack Obama:

This will be the most transparent administration in history.

If  you like your health care plan, you can keep it!
(Repetitive admonitions here ... "pants on fire!"; "... as clear as we needed it to be ...")

"I am not going to take your guns away.  That just ain't true."

I'm not happy with confronting the president of my nation.

But when he's all about "Dreams", and not about "Truth", I lose respect for him.

"Nobody wants to take your guns away", according to the Liar In Chief

Obama renews call for gun control on anniversary of Navy Yard shooting | TheHill:
By Justin Sink - 09/16/14 10:46 AM EDT

Our President renews his push for "Gun Control" and "Common Sense".  His statements cause most legal firearms owners to assume that he conflates both legal and illegal firearms owners as people who are inclined to commit 'atrocities", and that efforts to restrict firearms possession as a step toward "rejecting atrocities".  Words are more powerful than guns, when you're The President.
President Obama called on Americans to renew the push for gun-control legislation in a statement Tuesday marking the one-year anniversary of the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. "One year ago, 12 Americans went to work to protect and strengthen the country they loved," Obama said. "Today, we must do the same — rejecting atrocities like these as the new normal and renewing our call for common-sense reforms that respect our traditions while reducing the gun violence that shatters too many American families every day."

But  be assured, nobody is trying to take your guns away.  If the President seems to be working toward extreme 'gun control measures' (read: confiscation), it's only because gun owners are "fearful" .. otherwise they wouldn't be so extreme in defense of their 2nd Amendment Rights.

And congressmen who are more concerned with the Constitution than their Presidential leadership WILL be punished!

The Pathway To Violence.

The .. 'etymology' of "Mass Shooters" is bizarre, frightening, But perhaps not beyond understanding.

 One author attempts to explore the phenomenon.  Whether he is successful is subject to your interpretation.

But one thing is clear ... if anyone offers a way to predict mass murderers, it bears closer examination.

Everything We Think We Know About Mass Shooters Is Wrong - Esquire:
By  on September 16, 2014

Mass shootings are not unstoppable, and there are people trying to stop them. They are not even inexplicable, because every time Trunk hears of one he understands why it happened and who did it. We have come to believe that mass shooters can't be stopped because we never know who they are until they make themselves known. But Trunk was almost one of them once. He was a heartbeat away. And what he understands is that shooters want to be known, not through the infamy of a massacre, but before they have to go through with it. They want to be known as much as he, years later, wants to remain unknown, walking to the bus stop in the rain.

Want to win a gunfight? Train under pressure

Want to win a gunfight? Train under pressure:
September 16, 2014:
Psychological in Nature Pressure is a compelling sense of urgency that forces you out of a normal mode of operating.
 Pressure puts you into a higher state of arousal. It’s psychological. Pressure changes your mental state and forces you to deal with challenge over arousal, fear, doubt, and other emotions. If you want to reach higher levels of competency and skill, learn to stay calm in dangerous situations; make good decisions while under duress.
You absolutely have to have pressure on a regular basis and learn to thrive under it. Pressure is created by making a test of your skill, your will, and your self-image — a test that you care about and that matters to you. It forces you to question your abilities, skills, and your self-confidence.
 There should be risk of failure and reward built into this test. It can be light, moderate or heavy; depending on what level of training you are at. Above all, it must be appropriate to the skill level of the participants and they must be agreeable to the test. If they don’t want to do it or complain about it all the time, it won’t work out too well.
This post by Ron Avery (one of my personal heroes of Shooting Excellence) provides some valuable insight into the process of developing excellent shooting skills.

My emphasis is on Competition, but in fact this training technique is apparently positioned in the "Self Defense" area.


One of the primary reasons why I became involved in IPSC competition was that .... well, I bought a gun.
I own several guns, but this was a 1911 style pistol which I though would allow me to be 'competitive'    But I had no idea how well I would compare with other people, so I got into USPSA just so I could learn if I was as good as I thought I was.

I was not as good as I thought I was.  I'm better, now, but still not really very good.

The thing is, when you are shooting under pressure, the whole shooting thingie comes down to one thing:

You're not prepared When Things Go Wrong.

I've been competing for over 20 years now (okay, 30 years ... but who's counting?) and the one think I've learned is that something ALWAYS goes wrong.  Your individual performance doesn't depend on how accurately you can shoot, nor how quick you are on the draw.  It depends on how you react when the situation goes into the crapper.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

USPSA’s accountant resigns over un-accounted for expenditures | Gun Nuts Media

For people who didn't happen to see the news in Area 6 website or or Caleb's "GUN NUTS" website,
this is provided as a means of circulating information of interest to USPSA members.
The Geek

USPSA’s accountant resigns over un-accounted for expenditures | Gun Nuts Media: NEWS USPSA’s accountant resigns over un-accounted for expenditures
by Caleb September 17, 2014
 The following was provided to me by an anonymous source, and has since then been posted on the Area 6 FB page as well as other forums. USPSA’s accountant resigned from USPSA, with an effective final day of September 30th because corporate funds were not being properly accounted for. Here is the entire text of her resignation letter:

Monday, September 15, 2014