Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goodbye AlQuida Rose

Is it ... "Civilized" ... to be satirical about the death of another human being?
In the words of Gremlins 2: "Civilized? No, decidedly not ... but funny!"


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Actually, this all makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Do you remember the images of Arabs dancing in the streets when they heard the news that the Twin Towers had been taken down?

This is nothing more ... or less.

I think it's the smarmy looks of the pianist (Is that Martin Short on a bad day?) when he perceives that he is pleasing the audience. It's an expression of gloating, and if Shadenfreud had not been invented before by the Germans, it would have been re-invented now.

Whatever the reason, when we gloat on the death of Bin Laden .... it doesn't exactly put us in the same barbaric league as those Arabs who danced in the street at our misfortune, but it certainly is a significantly similar state of mind.

I, for one, do not care for the comparison.

Yes, I know that Bin Laden gloried over his deliberate murder of 3000 innocents.
Yes, I understand the difference between gloating over the 3,000, and gloating over the death of a single not-innocent.

But I still don't like it.

It was necessary for us to but down the mad dog Bin Laden.
It is not necessary for us to act like irresponsible rabble in celebration.

We're better than that. We had damn well demonstrate that to the World, if we wish to establish the clear difference between 'us' and 'them'.

I don't want to look like 'them'.

I Am Number Four

Watched the movie.

It's more of a pilot for a television series. Think of it as "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer". Except with less sexy girls and less sexy scripts.

Then I put "RODIN" in the video player. No comparison at all; DeNiro made it a practice to appear in movies with good scripts and good directors.

Some people could learn from that.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Courtesy Comcast. Er ... I mean .... XFINITY

Not sure this will work without a Comcast Internet account, but worth a try if, like me, you don't have a TV but enjoy NCIS

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

VERY Interesting -- but Stupid!: Freedom For Cash

YouTube - Video Shows Officer Offering Truckers Freedom For Cash
Tennessee Law Enforcement ... "Give up the Drug Money, and we'll let you go free!"

I don''t know if this is a legitimate law enforcement tactic or not, but the District Attorney General has a hard time deciding how to justify the practice of intimidating truck drivers to get them to give up the 'Drug Money' they are carrying (supposedly, knowingly).

Anything that undermines the profit motive from Drug Running is "A Good Thing", right?

Or is it? I don't know.

YOU watch, you decide.

Hat Tip:

War on Guns

PS: I would LOVE to hear how these drivers explain how they lost a half-million dollars to their drug-dealer honchos.

Wouldn't you?

Especially, after the seizure is posted on You Tube.

Sorry, guys, but I think that the Tennessee cops have just undermined their program: these drivers will no longer be seen, except perhaps as evidence in the alimentary tract of no-longer-starving coyotes in Mexico.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How the Rapture Was One

familyradiocountdown20110521.jpg (JPEG Image, 496x467 pixels)

Greetings, from Rapture Central

Hello my Friends.

Well, here am I in the bosom of Heaven. Yes, the Rapture has come and gone and I find myself among The Taken.

I've been looking for you all ... can't seem to find any of you anywhere. Should we perhaps set up a Bulletin Board system? You know, like:
"Adam; miss you. Meet me by the Old Apple Tree, please? I'm so sorry! All my love -- Eve"

Well, perhaps not.

Actually, I'm pretty lonely here. Having led such a sinful life, I'm amazed to find myself here. Also, I'm surprised to discover that I am allergic to the pollen from Angel Wings.

It's very nice sitting at the Left Hand of God, and all that.

But I do miss my friends.

So having spent 24 hours in Heaven, I plan to abdicate. That's right, I'm turning in my wings and heading back to "Left Behind, Oregon". There I intend to meet my friends at the umpteenth-annual Memorial Day BBQ, song-fest and reunion of the Usual Suspects, where I will open a virgin bottle of Jameson's Irish Whiskey and lead the toast to .... Absent Friends.

I just hope the Irish Dancers, who provided the entertainment at an earlier meeting (2005), were "Taken".

That would make it all worth while.

PS: From now on, no more morbid topics. Back to Blogging As Usual.

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